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posted by Beriwan
You`re the one I call my best friend
but do 你 know what I meant
as I said:I like 你 更多 than my life
it was like a cut of a knife
I don't understand how I could live without you
as I saw 你 the first time I knew
you're the one I will call my best friend

You're shining 更多 than the sun
together we always have a lot of fun
this is the reason why I don't wnat to miss you
believe me,my friendship is really true
your 心 is as wide as the sea
你 always was there for me
I don't know how I can thank 你 for the wonderful time
and I hope 你 will forever be mine

I tell 你 my secrets
你 keep them in your heart
our freindship is longer than a million yards
I will never forget 你 whatever you'll make
and if god will someone of us take
our souls will live together til the end
please never forget what I meant
as I told you,you are my best friend!
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 ♥You are my air♥
♥You are my air♥
I just wanna 显示 my all lovely 老友记 that I care about them so much that I could do for them anything. 你 are soooo important to me like nobody else no matter we are from other countries it won't let us 爱情 each others. This is a simply 列表 for them who make my life here just amazing and 你 ALL JUST ROCK MY WORLD

All are not in order only first one just because she's my BFF, but 你 all too veryyyy veryyy important to me

linkI don't know what I do without her, she's my part my life and my biggest love..Girl I 爱情 ya so much

linkShe's really mean to me a lot, I 爱情 ya so much and care...
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日期 of birth
19 July 1982,San Antonio, Texas,USA

Birth name
Jared Tristan Padalecki


6' 4" (1.93 m)

Genevieve Padalecki(27 February 2010 - present)

Mini Biography
Jared started to take 表演 lessons when he was 12. Then, he won the "Claim to Fame" Contest in 1999 and got to appear on the Teen Choice awards. Jared lived in San Antonio, Texas and attended James Madison High School. He was named a candidate for the 年 2000 Presidential Scholars Program. After graduating in the 年 2000, he moved to Los Angeles, California to pursue an 表演 career. He...
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posted by Beriwan
It was a normal and borring 日 for Ieva - borring high school, normal friends, annoying parents. But something was different. It came a new pupil in school! Suddenly every girl was in 爱情 in this new pupil. Without Ieva who even didn't see him, and also didn't want that. because all boy was bothering her with their love. The boys are too ugly,uncool and silly for her! Every of her 老友记 was in this "new pupil". ' " who is he? And why is Everyone in 爱情 with him?" asked Ieva themself in the night. She decided to meet this guy on the 下一个 morning. And she done it. She waited before her classroom....
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Follow your heart

Just follow your heart, for your 心 will know the 爱情 that's meant for you;
the 爱情 that's going to change your world
and last a lifetime through.

The perfect 爱情 that's yours alone
and has been from the start;
the 爱情 that 你 can only find
由 following your heart.

As 你 follow your 心 to wherever it leads I'm hoping you'll find it will be
into the arms of someone who needs you

When I saw your smile...

When I saw you,
When I saw your eyes, they smiled.
When I saw your lips, they also smiled.
When I saw your face, it was surely smiling, too.
When I saw you, 你 smiled at me…
And I smiled back.
你 maked me smiling.
But now…
Nothing is still smiling…
All is crying…
I’m crying.
But when I see you,
你 don’t cry like me.
I’ll cry ,too, in the future,
Because 你 smiled at me when I was crying.
…And you?…
…-You’ll still keep on smiling…
…When I see your smile and still cry
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