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This iCarly 照片 might contain hip boot, thigh boot, 外衣, 上衣, and 户外休闲服罩衣.

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iSam's Mom is the 秒 episode of Season Four, and the 72nd overall. This will be the first time Sam's mother, played 由 Jane Lynch, appears on the show, with the exception being in iMust Have Locker 239 when the back of her head is shown when driving away. A Nick promotional ad has verified that this episode will air on September 11.
The viewers will finally get to see Sam's mom, Pam Puckett.
Freddie is stalked 由 a criminal after recording the criminal in action.
Sam moves into Carly and Spencer's apartment after having an argument with her mother Pam. Sam’s peculiar habits make her a terrible...
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Here's another reason Seddie was meant to be! Here are 20 更多 reasons: link
In iSpeed Date, Sam says that Carly needs a 日期 for the girl's choice dance. Sam tells the world on iCarly that Carly needs a date. Ends up, hundreds of guys 显示 up at the groovy smoothie. so, Carly speed dates each guy. In the process, she met Austin.So, Carly ends up with Austin. He looked like a great guy, but he wasn't. He didn't let Carly say anything. Meanwhile, Carly told Sam to go ask Gibby to the dance. Gibby turned Sam down. Which is embarassing since,...
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It's no secret that Jane Lynch makes any 电视 显示 significantly better. Can 你 even begin to imagine "Glee" without the terrorizing and hilarious Sue Sylvester? Now, the actress, who most recently cracked us up on the finale of the now dearly departed "Party Down" (sigh!), will put her magic touch on "iCarly" as none other than Sam's (played 由 Jennette McCurdy) mystery mom!

Entertainment Weekly reported yesterday that Jane will appear in an episode that is set to air during the show's upcoming third season.

Which begs the question: what will it be like when Sam's mom finally shows her...
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