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KatieK102 posted on Jan 02, 2013 at 07:35PM
These are the cats were made by users and their users either quit Hurricane Clan or their users have decided not to use them anymore. if you re-join or want to re-activate a cat let me know and I'll add them back to the RP list.


FierceWind-(Spottedtail139)-Fiery Tom with black and white swirls and fierce blue and purple hinted eyes[i]

Med. cat:

Med. Cat Apprentice:

[i]Flightpaw-(Dovemoon)-a bright orange she cat with black paws and green eyes

Amberflame-(Spottedtail139)-Beautiful grey she cat with ginger fleck and pretty golden eyes
Frostflower-(Dovemoon)-A black she cat with blue/grey paws, tail tip, and ear tips with white speckles on her ankles and nose like frost with green eyes
Grassflower-(Dewsparkle)-Silver tabby she-cat with white chest, light gray stripes, pink nose, one light blue eye one light green eye.
Obsidianflower-(skystorm101)-Gleaming,well­-gr­oom­ed fur, she-cat with icy blue eyes


Flamepaw-(Rogue475)-Fiery orange tom with flame colored eyes.
Shadowpaw-(Ninano1998 )-a grey shecat with yellow eyes and white eartips
Windpaw-(Ninano1998 )-a white tom with a grey underbelly
Sparrowpaw-(Ninano1998 )-a redish tom with almost black eyes
Barkpaw-(spottedtail139)-light brown she cat with darker brown stripes and light gingery flecks


Icepath-(kitthluva)-Solid white she-cat with blue eyes

Amberflame-(Spottedtail139)-beautiful grey she cat with ginger fleck and pretty golden eyes


(Icepath's litter)
Morningkit-(kitthluva)-Solid gray she-cat with blue eyes
Gorsekit-(Kitthluva)-Solid black tom with Hazel eyes

(Amberflame's litter)
Silverkit-(Spottedtail139)-Grey tom with ginger stripes and stunning silver eyes


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