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KatieK102 posted on Dec 01, 2012 at 05:45PM
Hey guys! This is a new club so I'll need all the members and help I can get to make it a successful rp club.

Anyways, if your new here then welcome! Hopfully your here because you have a love for the Warrior books by: Erin Hunter, and you love to role play! (RP)

So enjoy and have fun! Here are some helpful links that might help you get along in this role play :)

Rules and Guidelines:


Cant Think of a Awsome Warrior Cat name? Maybe this will help ;)


Extra Info
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一年多以前 kittehluva said…
big smile
Oh yeah. I'm icepath and I'm a really loyal senior warrior. I'm a white shecat with really blue eyes. I'm kind welcoming, and I love looking at all the cute little kits in the nursery. And if you have time can you join the spot I made for the 3 mighty clans? It's got 1 follower and that's me. It's pathetic so please?