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house md
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posted by migle
Suddenly she broke their 吻乐队(Kiss) and took a step back. Fireworks start blowing in the sky colouring nicely, but they stood staring at each other. Cuddy took step closer to him again and moved his mask off, taking her mask off too. They both stood staring at each other with surprise, but her eyes were bigger, probably she recognised him just kissing.
“-House...omg...”, she was in total shock
“-Happy New 年 Cuddy..”, he smiled little in the end, thinking how crazy is that
“-You... 你 knew?! OMG 你 knew !”, she shouted on him couldn’t believe
“-I didn’t... I didn’t knew...”...
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 "CruciFICTION." S7-8 "small sacrifices."
"CruciFICTION." S7-8 "small sacrifices."
“Small Sacrifices” continued...

Later that night, a few scenarios that came to mind. Rated G.

Inspired 由 @HLforever’s 最近的
topic suggestions. (hiatus therapy).

Happy holidays everyone!

Message red light blinking: Beeep..
Cuddy’s voice: “House..wait up for me. I’ll...stop by.”
House’s gut reaction: “Oh yesss!”

History repeats: oh nooo..
House’s conscience felt exactly one & a half pangs of guilt for sending a jilted, tipsy Wilson 首页 to cry his sad self to sleep. Quickly convincing himself his best bud is a big boy..he’ll be fine. Tomorrow he’d spring for cafeteria...
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posted by Irene3691
House picks up his things from the office and takes a bus to go to her house. There, he goes back and forth from one side to another of the room and finally puts all his things in his suitcase. When he’s about to leave, he writes a note and leaves it on the sofa with his key’s copy.

After her little encounter with Wilson, Lisa goes to her office and draws the curtains, then sits down on the 长椅, 沙发 with her head between her hands and remains thinking about what she just did.

House gets to his 首页 and leaves the suitcase on the floor. He sits on the sofa and thinks about what has just happened......
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so first of all, I must say.
I did not expect that....
I mean, sure, I read all the spoilers *shifty eyes* but I didn't expect some things.
However, this 文章 isn't gonna be about the episode at all...
I'm gonna focus 更多 on the 粉丝 and the problem that seems to be Lisa Cuddy
[SPOILERS for those who haven't watched it yet]

First of all,
House and Cuddy in this episode are completely the same.
Yes, 你 read well, THE SAME.
Both are trying to be something they're not, and failing at it.
First House.
He's trying to prove to Cuddy that he's changed.
Sure, we see that slight change, but, it isn't that...
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House was sitting in his office, the lights turned off, except for the lamp on his desk. His eyes caught up in the dust particles that filled its spotlight. He had seen Wilson try and fail to recruit a whole hall of Doctors to 加入 him on his experimental quest, which they would all expect House to be the leader of, but not Wilson. After witnessing this, House felt a sense of relief that Wilson only slipped down a hill, and not fall disastrously down it.

Then something changed, he had seen Lucas again. At first he didn’t know where to put the puzzle piece, until another one joined up with...
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posted by HugeEgoSorry
I've been thinking a lot lately and I ended up coming up with this 粉丝 fic story. Titles had been taken from my fave songs and guys, I hope 你 like this. Thanks for reading!

Featured song: link

There’s nothing new this morning but Cuddy find it unusual to feel no body sleeping 下一个 to her. Her eyes would 爱情 to be shut again but she instantly jumped on her feet the moment she learned how late she is for work. She sure does thought of killing someone for not informing her to wake up and get dress for a meeting that was bound to start in 20 minutes.
“You’re an ass,” she 说 as she walked...
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posted by HouseAddict87
Chapter 4
About 30 分钟 later the wedding proceeded and the couple 说 “I do”. House and Cuddy walked to the car with “Just Married” painted on the back and headed off to their honeymoon cruise in the Bahamas.
“I can’t believe we just got married.”
“Believe it Dr. House I’m all yours now.”
“Yes 你 are Mrs. Dr. House.”
She laughed at him calling her that.
“Lisa House has a nice ring to it.”
“Lisa are 你 happy 你 did this?”
“Of course I am Greg I’m just as in 爱情 with 你 as 你 are with me. I wouldn’t have 说 I do if I wasn’t.”
“I was just making...
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posted by Cuddles
Some poems 由 one of my 最喜爱的 poets, Erich Fried.
Some of them are so Huddy, 你 will see ^^.
I hope 你 like them.
Some of them I had to translate myself.
Here's a little selection.



To be able to breathe out
ones unhappiness

to breathe out deeply
so that one can
breathe in again

And perhaps being able to speak out
ones unhappiness
in words
in real words
which are connected together [coherent]
and make sense
and which oneself
still can understand
and which perhaps even
somebody else understands
or could understand

And to be able to cry

This again...
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