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oldmovie posted on Jan 20, 2009 at 05:12PM
So this spot has been pretty much dormant for as long as I can remember, with a few devoted fans who keep it active.

I remembered the spot and decided to take a look around and released its like a ghost town in here, why is it that way? We love the trio, heck half us watch the show solely, aside from the medicine, to see these characters interact.

So I thought I would start a little forum dedicated to the friendship of these characters and start a little discussion to hopefully spark this community back to life.

So *coughs* Discussion

Pick one moment for each character, that you think was their best moment, meaning that they were the best friend they could be towards one the of characters.

Hopefully that's clear.

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一年多以前 oldmovie said…
My moments:

House: When he risked his life, and permanent brain damage for Wilson. He was willing to do anything Wilson asked of him, he wasn't goaded into it, he wasn't forced. Wilson merely asked and House said ok. I was blown away at how selfless House can act.

Wilson: The best moment of friendship I've seen from Wilson actually stems from his interactions with Cuddy. I kind of wrap all of their personal moments into one (cheating a bit but they're similar) because here I think we really see Wilson shine. I think he often tries extra hard for Cuddy because I think he feels protective over her in a way. She doesn't have a lot besides her job, and House can be quite harsh and degrading at times, Wilson is the only "nice" thing in her life and I think he realizes that. I really think Wilson shines as a person with Cuddy.

Cuddy: I truly think the best moment of friendship for Cuddy was when she warmed up Amber for House. Wilson, in his state of panic and fear, was interferring far too much in Amber's case and was tying House's hands because House didn't want Wilson to blame him for Amber. Cuddy warmed Amber up, moving the medical process along and took on the bad role guy for House so that he could cure Amber. She took Wilson's shouting and calmly reminded him of his situation in the matter. So props to her!
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一年多以前 kellinator said…
I love this idea, and I am disappointed in myself for not spending any time on this spot, I mean the House/Cuddy/Wilson interactions is my absoulte favorite element to this show!

House: OM you stole my first one, but I will pick my runner up. When House kept Cuddy's secret about the IVF I have to admit I was shocked at first. He is such a little school girl about gossip sometimes, but when it is something that really matters about someone he deeply cares about, he knows to keep his mouth shut. The fact that he didn't tell even his best friend Wilson, about Cuddy's pregnancy attempts speaks volumes, and I love that it was their "dirty little secret" for a long time.

Wilson: I too think that he is the best he can be in his interactions with Cuddy. I especially loved Wilson's interactions with both House and Cuddy in "The Itch," and not just because he was playing matchmaker. He truly wants both of them to be happy and believes they can find it with eachother. It's amazing how he can be so optimistic about love when he has just lost Amber, and I love that he really wants them to be happy. *Hugs Wilson and his giant duck*

Cuddy: Ok the scene that first made me cry like a baby in "Wilson's Heart" was the scene with Wilson and Cuddy, after he found out Amber was officially dying. Cuddy told him to say goodbye to Amber and he listened to her. Cuddy comforted him and when he broke down and cried in her arms I my heart burst. I love that she was there for him in his time of need.

一年多以前 oldmovie said…
^^ I love that House moment as well. It's rare to see House act so cautiously with another person's secrets. I guess House really does have that inner sensor that can detect the most important things to people.

I always forget about the Amber thing for Wilson in regards to "The Itch" aw he really is such a sweetie. But it might have been protection if you know what I mean. Maybe Wilson needed to see that romance and love aren't dead just because Amber is dead......maybe....or he's just a hell of a nice guy :) God the Duck, how can one man be sooo cute. I swore I swung to Wuddy for a while.
一年多以前 kellinator said…
Yea I agree, I think Wilson really does want proof that love isn't dead, and I think he can see that with House and Cuddy, though they are too stubborn to realize it.
LMAO, yes I had a tiny Wuddy moment yesterday too. Hell, if House doesn't grow a pair and do something about his Cuddy situation, I wouldn't mind some Wuddy.
一年多以前 babybell said…
ladadadadalalalalala *wonders round spot*
一年多以前 Olivine said…
big smile
*drum roll*

I joined the spot!
一年多以前 oldmovie said…

*hugs Olivine* I'm soo happy, you have no idea. I'm trying to get this spot up and running and active!
一年多以前 Olivine said…
Okay, I will help you and try to make a pick :D muha!
一年多以前 babybell said…
*feeds om poppers behind her back* muwhahahahahaha
一年多以前 midnyte007 said…
Ok, this is a great idea. I'll post my favorite moments.

House: I honestly can't think of a time when House has been more selfless than when he agreed to risk his life to save Amber. However, since that was already taken, I would have to say the scene in "Son of a Come Guy" when House tells Wilson to get out of the room so that Wilson wouldn't have to lie to the cops about House telling the POTW's father to commit suicide. He didn't want to push his relationship with Wilson until it breaks. I absolutely loved that line.

Wilson: The scene that comes to my mind with Wilson is in "Finding Judas" when he came into Cuddy's office to comfort her after House told her that she'd suck as a mom. :(

Cuddy: It's basically a tie for me (yes, I know that's cheating) between the scene in "Babies and Bathwater" when she basically risked her career in order to save House and Wilson from getting fired and the scene in "Wilson's Heart" when she looks all concerned at House as he wakes up from his coma and tells him "I'm here." She obviously had been waiting by his side for a long time and it was very sweet of her to stay by his side so that he could have someone there when he wakes up.
一年多以前 HuddyCrazy1331 said…
*feels so lazy* I'll prob come when I has my mooood on XD
一年多以前 HouseJr said…
*agrees with Melon*
do we have to post our favorite moments XP
Oh yeah I just joined this spot too!
一年多以前 HuddyCrazy1331 said…
Ive been 'joined' for months but never came on tht much. *SHAMES*
一年多以前 babybell said…
I'll prob come when I has my mooood on XD
you have no idea how wrong that sounds :P
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一年多以前 HouseJr said…
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一年多以前 kellinator said…
OK, I think that Wilson's behavior tonight in "Big Baby" deserves mentioning here!! I just love the Cuddy/Wilson friendship so much and this ep reminded me yet again why I love them. Wilson was just trying so hard to make Cuddy feel better, and I love how he kept reassuring her despite her insecurity. Also, I must admit that I totally squeed when he called her Lisa(If only House would call her that, then I would die for sure), I mean that whole scene was just so emotional. Wilson totally had me going with that fake picture thing lol, and I love that he kept trying to convince her that she made the right choice in keeping the baby. Anyway, their scenes tonight definitely rank in my top moments for Wilson being a great friend. I also loved him in "Painless" bringing Lord Duckington and telling her that she isn't superwoman :)
一年多以前 HuddyCrazy1331 said…
I squeed when Wilson called her Lisa- but in a friendship way. xD
一年多以前 HouseAddict87 said…
I love the trio and I love the banner it is so sweet.