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Celina79 posted on Jan 10, 2010 at 12:31PM
Hi Girls!:)
I think it would be great to know each other a little more. As we are here talking and sharing great moments about our favorite couple.:)

Here's the list:
My Favorite TV Shows:
My Favorite Music:
My Favorite Color:
My Favorite Animal:
My Favorite Movie:
My Favorite H/P moment(s)(up to 3):
I ship them since:
Something About Me:

Let's start!
 Hi Girls!:) I think it would be great to know each other a little more. As we are here talking and s

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一年多以前 Celina79 said…
Name: Colette
Age: 30
Birtday: March 21st
Country: Switzerland
My Favorite TV Shows: Criminal Minds, Bones, Grey's Anatomy, CSI New York and some more :)
My Favorite Music: Sarah McLachlan, Alicia Keys, Natascha Bedingfield, The Fray, Coldplay and many more
My Favorite Color: Red and Purple
My Favorite Animal: Dolphin
My Favorite Movie: Period Dramas and movies like The Proposal, Love Actually, Amelie, Bienvenue chez les chti's....
My Favorite H/P moment(s)(up to 3): 3x02 the Apartment scene, 4x09 the locker room scene and 5x02 the apartment scene(He has Tommy...) OH AND 5x08 I forgot!:D
I ship them since: Oh well, actually I already saw things in Season 2, but I really started at 3x02.
Something About Me: I'm a mum of a 5 years old daughter. I work parttime as a secretary. The rest of the time i'm mother to my daughter. We love to go outside, biking, swimming and just having fun.
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一年多以前 chouchou22 said…
Name: Marie
Age: 23
Birtday: Oct 22nd
Country: France
My Favorite TV Shows: CM! Grey's, CSI, Frine, 90210, One tree hill, Smallville and more!!!!!!
My Favorite Music: I love absolutely everything!! I mean it: EVERYTHING!!
My Favorite Color: Blue and red
My Favorite Animal: Cat!
My Favorite Movie: Ermmmm I really have NO idea....
My Favorite H/P moment(s)(up to 3): ALL of them!!! but I have a Top 5: the "What? Nothing" Scene (5x06), The appartement scene (502), Minimal loss when Emy gets beat up (403), the locker room scene (409) and All the scenes from 508!
I ship them since: S3!! (well I kinda started in S2)
Something About Me: Ermmm I don't know...erm... I love chocolate (yeah I know what you're thinking Soph) I'm studying law, Im' inlove with the sea, the ocean and the beach, I'm a vegetarian (yeah i know: who cares?? lool), I love reading and writting and laughing. Oh and I want Hotch and Emy to have a baby girl, but I think that everyone on this spot knows that! lool

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一年多以前 ally88 said…
Name: Rossella
Age: 21
Birtday: 18/10/1988
Country: Italy
My Favorite TV Shows: Bones, Criminal Minds, Fringe, HIMYM, LOST, V, The Mentalist, TBBT, Chuck (I know, I'm a TV addicted)
My Favorite Music: I love Augustiana and Matthew Perryman Jones, but I really like everything
My Favorite Color: Red, Pink
My Favorite Animal: Cat (I have one, Penny)
My Favorite Movie: I don't know, I prefer tv shows
My Favorite H/P moment(s)(up to 3): I love every single scene even when they simple stay next to each other but if I have to chose I'd say (not in order): 1)The scene in the locker room, 2)The scene in 5x06 (-What? -Nothing! *smiles*), 3)When they are together in the prison and the Fox says "Must be distracting working with someone so beautiful and Hotch agrees in his mind (I'm sure he did), 4)"I want you on that plane with me" but with "that plane" he meant "my bed", 5)The scene at the hospital (5x01) when he wakes up and she smiles at him, 6)Everytime he calls her "Emily".. Arrgh so many scenes in this season! I love this season.. <3
I ship them since: As I said once, I don't know for sure, I was already in love with them when I realized they were perfect together. I don't really know when it started
Something About Me: mmm what can I say? I'm italian, I study at the university (English and Spanish), I love reading Fan Fictions and making Fan Arts. I love animals but I'm not a vegeterian (I tried, I really did but I'm not so strong), I love sushi.
一年多以前 Seythia said…
Uuuh, I haven't been here in a whiile now (I hate university ight now)

Name: Stefanie
Age: 22
Birtday: Aug 22nd
Country: Germany
My Favorite TV Shows: Most Crime Show, Sci-Fi, some comedy
My Favorite Music: Everything that makes noise. And folk.
My Favorite Color: black, green and red
My Favorite Animal: cats and dolphins
My Favorite Movie: I love movies in general, there are too many to count
My Favorite H/P moment(s)(up to 3):Ugh. The eyes have it, 52 Pick up and ... 5.01 because they heard my prayers when I asked for HER to find him. And stay at his bedside.
I ship them since: I first started watching (I started with S2)
Something About Me: I study chemistry, I'm outgoing but still very very nerdy. I want to go into forensics (that's my childhood dream and I can really see myself getting there :)). I'm a hardcore shipper, so NO show without a ship for me.
一年多以前 ally88 said…
*hides* I just relized I had to write just three moments.. sorry, I couldn't stop ahah
一年多以前 Seythia said…
Don't worry, no ones going to kill you because you've been overwhelmed by the H/P awesomeness <3
一年多以前 Simmy said…
Name: Simone
Age: 19
Birtday: May 21nd
Country: Denmark
My Favorite TV Shows: Criminal Minds, Higher Ground, Prison Break, House, Bones, CSI, NCIS & The X-Files.
My Favorite Music: Pink, Celina Ree, Evanescense, Dido, Kelly Clarkson, Nickelback, Saving Jane, The Fray & Three Days Grace
My Favorite Color: Green
My Favorite Animal: Butterfly
My Favorite Movie: Underwold & The Carft
My Favorite H/P moment(s)(up to 3): '52 Pick up' (the locker room scene), 'Outfoxed' (everything!) & 'The Eyes Have It' (the 'What? Nothing! *smile*' scene).
I ship them since: I started shipping them when I became obsessed with the show in January 2009.
Something About Me: I'm a senior in gymnasium (like High School) and my major is English.
I LOVE to draw and I do it all the time, and I also loves butterflies, green, my niece and nephew, my siblings, fanfictions and TV shows, snow & the sea.
When I were little, I were afraid of many things and much of them were really weird; like Santa Claus, Clowns, ants, the darke, the woods, etc. Some of the things are I still afarid off :P
I'm a NERD and proud of it!!!:D
一年多以前 NCISLOVER said…
Name: Brittany
Age: 15
Birthday: September 29
Country: USA
My Favorite TV Shows: Criminal Minds, NCIS, NCIS: LA, The Mentalist, Bones, Psych, Lie To Me, Big Bang Theory, and many more crime/drama type shows!
My Favorite Music: Anything Rock, Christian Rock, and some 80's.
My Favorite Color: Orange and Black
My Favorite Animal: Dogs and fish. :)
My Favorite Movie: The Italian Job and Speed
My Favorite H/P moment(s)(up to 3): I have to say in the episode "The Eyes Have It" The scene close to the end - Hotch: "What?" Prnetiss: "Nothing" The episode "In Birth and Death" When Hotch goes to Emily's apartment and they talk. And finally season 5 episode 1 (the name escapes me) I love the whole scene at the hospital!
I ship them since: The end of season 4/beginning of season 5
Something About Me: I am a very nice girl who is very shy. I want to get into Law Enforcement. My hobbies are going on youtube, and here and watching videos of my favorite couple on T.V. Hotch and Prentiss!!!
一年多以前 Celina79 said…
Hi Brittany, welcome to the H/P Spot!:) Enjoy it!!!
一年多以前 Celina79 said…
big smile
Come on Girls, introduce yourselfs.:D