Hotch & Emily What is it that 你 want to see?

Dicsi posted on Dec 18, 2009 at 05:23PM
So.. what is it that you want to see next on Criminal Minds for our favourite couple? :)
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一年多以前 Dicsi said…
I would love to see:

- An actual HUG between Hotch and Emily
- A storyline where something with a big impact on Emily´s life happened in the period Hotch worked for her mother. Them not actually knowing each other well there, but him being there and knowing what happened in her past.
- Hotch caring for Emily and her accepting being cared for in the end.
- Emily using her knowledge of different languages and cultures.
- Them sharing (private) conversation on the plane.
- The team unwinding and having dinner/drinks together after a case!

(I'm suuree I forgot a couple of things I would like to see, if more comes to mind I'll add it later :D )
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一年多以前 chouchou22 said…
I would love to see:

- A HUG between Emily and Hotch
- Hotch being more concerned and caring for Emily
- something shoking hapenning to Emily!
一年多以前 chouchou22 said…
Oh and I almost forgot:

- a E/H baby !!!!
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一年多以前 Celina79 said…
big smile
- I really, really want to see a H/E hug, its about time!!!
- Than I want her to call him Aaron ;), I mean he calls her Emily so why can't she call him Aaron? Dave does too.
- A great storyline, involving those two. Maybe Hotch saving her....and after he will take care of her.
- Oh I know, a man coming back from Emily's past--- Hotch getting jealous! Oh, Sean could come back too, grabing Emily and making Hotch jealous, that would be great to see.:D
- A kiss, yes of course I want to see a kiss!!!! :D
- A H/E baby girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
After today's episode, and many times I saw Emily with a little Girl, its just a must that she get's a baby girl with Hotch!