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posted by Celina79
Fanfiction written 由 lairofthemuses on LJ.

Emily walked out of Rossi’s office with a box just as Hotch was coming out of his office. Rossi walked toward him to talk, Prentiss headed for the stairs. Neither of them saw her slip but they heard her fall.

“Prentiss!” Hotch exclaimed, rushing past Rossi and over to her. The other Agent was right on his heels.

“I'm OK.” She said, looking a little dazed. The box was on the ground, files scattered.

“What were doing carrying that heavy box?” Hotch asked.

He helped her back onto the...
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posted by Celina79
Written 由 innerslytherin@LJ.
Note: After Foyet, Emily asks Hotch not to leave the team.

Come to Milwaukee

He wasn't expecting the knock on the door.

It was almost eight. Jack was in bed, having had a bath and two stories, and Aaron had poured himself a glass of 波旁酒, 波本威士忌 and was standing in the middle of the kitchen, staring at nothing. Reid had already been 由 to check on him, and Haley's sister might have agreed to take care of Jack, but she'd made it clear she wanted nothing to do with Aaron. His brother was back in New York, and there was no one else to check on him.

The team hadn't bothered...
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Written 由 Montiese,lairofthemuses@LJ.

Note: Emily is in her 50's and Hotch in his 60's.
They have teenage children.
Sabrina "Bree" is their daughter and about 15 years old.

The One Where Hotch is Forced to Let the Demons In

“Knock, knock,” Bree poked her head into her parents’ bedroom. “Hey Daddy, can we…oh my God, what happened to you?”

Hotch stood beside his 床, 床上 with his back to his daughter. He turned to see the horrified look in her hazel eyes. Sighing, he slipped the tee 衬衫 he’d been holding in his hand over his head.

“What do 你 need, sweetie?” he tried to sound nonchalant....
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posted by Celina79
Fanfic written 由 montiese@lairofthemuses on LJ.
Beware it also contains sexual scenes!

Hotch pulled up in front of the dance studio and cut the engine. It was off the road a bit and could definitely use 更多 lighting. Did the residents of Chevy Chase really think they were that far away from the real life dangers of the world? If they did then they were mistaken. He got out of the SUV, not bothering to take cover from the misty drizzle. The studio front door was unlocked so he went in. The place was virtually deserted but Hotch followed the pulsing 音乐 to one of the smaller...
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posted by Simmy
Where do 婴儿 come from?

By MoneButterfly

Late Marts, 2010, Friday

Hotch knocked on the front door off his old house. A moment later Haley opened the door and Jack ran to his father. Jack wrapped his arms around his waist and 说 smiling, “Hi daddy.”

“Hey buddy.”

Jack let go of Hotch and looked around. “Where is Emily?”

“She is in the car,” Hotch answered and nodded towards the car. Emily waved at Jack and he started to run over to it. “Hey Jack, wait up. Didn’t 你 forget something?”

“Oh!” He turned around and ran back to them and hugged and kissed Haley goodbye. “Bye...
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posted by Celina79
Written 由 rawpotato.
I'm Yours" Song 由 Jason Mraz.

“The hardest part about losing 爱情 is finding your way back.”

Emily Prentiss sat at her desk, surrounded 由 her friends. Will had brought Henry in to visit JJ on one of the rare days that they got to spend in Quantico. They were all at Reid’s 台, 办公桌 where Henry sat, staring at Reid enthralled 由 the magic tricks that the man was performing. Years ago, when she’d asked him if he were thinking about having baby geniuses, he hadn’t 说 anything, but he had taken to the role of god-father quickly, establishing a rapport with the young...
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Written 由 Montiese,lairofthemueses@LJ.

The One With the Undersecretary of State

“Stop staring at me that way.”

“What way?” Rossi asked.

“Like I'm a medium well Porterhouse steak.” Emily replied.

“I was thinking 更多 of a smooth glass of 波旁酒, 波本威士忌 after a long case.”

“Maybe an ice cold 啤酒 on a hot summer day.” Derek added. “You look damn good, Prentiss.”

“People tell me that I dress up well.” She 说 with a self-deprecating grin.

“You're beautiful all the time, Peaches.” Garcia said. “In Donna Karan, you're breathtaking.”

“Thanks, Penelope.”

Emily wore a red...
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posted by Celina79
Written 由 Ilovetvalot.
Note: Spoilers of Season 5!

Santa’s Angels

The twinkling 圣诞节 likes twining around the Douglas fir gracing his living room mocked him. This felt so wrong…celebrating 圣诞节 after she’d been murdered. He knew he had to provide Jack with some sense of normalcy…but this just felt so gut-wrenchingly wrong. But, he knew she would have insisted that he give their son a traditional Christmas. So, he’d made the effort. He’d chosen the 树 as Jack had danced around the lot. He’d bought the decorations amid a sea of shoppers. He’d handed Jack ornaments and...
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Written 由 Montiese, lairofthemuses.

St. Morrissey and the King George 圣诞节 Miracle


“I'm not trespassing.” She didn’t bother looking up; she already knew who she was talking to.

“I know that. The security guard told me where to find you. What are 你 doing?”

“I've been staring at it for almost 20 分钟 and I can't find a single error. I've seen magnificent knock offs in my time but this is amazing.”

Hotch walked further into the dimly lit room. He looked at Emily sitting on the bench and then at the painting that had her mesmerized. He sat down beside her and...
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posted by Celina79
Written 由 Ilovetvalot.
Note: Emily's POV after what happened on 5x09 "100".

Silence of the Tortured Soul

Stumbling out the 厨房 door of Aaron Hotchner’s one-time happy family home, Emily gasped the crisp cool air of the breezy autumn day. God, she couldn’t breathe. She had to get away, escape the confines of a crime scene seared forever into her memory. Casting a look over her shoulder, the two story Cape Cod 首页 mocked her; its every outward appearance deceptively creating the illusion of normalcy. The house was a liar. Hell lurked inside those walls.

Closing her eyes as she bent at...
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posted by Celina79
Written 由 montiese@lairofthemuses on LJ.

Note: Emily is in her 50's, Hotch in his 60's, they have 4 kids:
- Jack (Hotch's Son, Haley died)
- Sabrina
- Alexandra and Dylan (Twins)
They are all teenagers.

- Gregory Prentiss(Emily's Dad)
- Natalie (Emily's Stpmother)
- Alexander, Tug Hotchner (Aaron's Dad)
- Amelia (Hotch's mother)
- Cece (Derek's Daughter)

Emily leaned on the doorframe of the study wearing a pleasant smile.

“Hey, Mr. Deputy Director, it’s bedtime.”

“Hmm?” Hotch looked up from nothing particular and saw the fuzzy image of his wife. “Hello.”...
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posted by Celina79
Written 由 Sienna27.

Cadence & Noise


Emily looked over in alarm at Hotch’s howl.

“What’s wrong?” she looked around their bench worriedly, “did 你 get stung?”

They were sitting in the park having a nice quiet lunch. 或者 at least they were until he started yelling in pain.

Her brow wrinkled . . . why is he holding his face?

Still grimacing in pain, Hotch’s gently palpated the side of his jaw, “I think I just broke my tooth.”

‘That’s just fucking GREAT!’

Furrowing her brow in confusion, Emily looked down at the peels on the bench between them, “you broke your tooth...
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posted by AshlyAtrocity
After the team had got back to Quantico they went to the headquarters. Hotchner told them all to go to the meeting room and they did as they were ordered.

“okay everyone i am so glad to be back and 你 all did a wonderful job today. 你 figured out what this man wanted and found the wife and two kids. Now this is not a suggestion it’s an order go home, rest and I will see 你 all tomorrow.”

With that they all left the room and Hotch went to the locker room to get his things from his locker. He heard a noise and put a hand on his gun, he turned the corner and there Emily Prentiss was with...
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Written 由 Ilovetvalot.

An Act of Contrition

Chapter One

Emily Prentiss was an intuitive woman, able to read the faces of the people around her with an ease that often startled many of her co-workers. It was a talent she’d been forced to develop at a young age, a necessary demand if one was going to be the daughter of a successful Congressman and a Goodwill Ambassador. Over time, she learned to hone her skill subtly. But as she stood on the sidewalk outside their unsub’s latest victim’s house, she didn’t need any of those deductive powers to know that she’d screwed up with Aaron Hotchner....
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Written 由 Ilovetvalot.

To Parry 或者 To Feint

Chapter Three

“Jealous? Of the others?” Emily repeated, furrowing her brows as she studied the angular lines of his profile. He was handsome, that was a given, but she knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that she was 更多 drawn to the man that dwelled with in him rather than his outward appearance. “I’m not sure I know what 你 mean,” she prodded softly, not wanting to cause him to shut down just when he had started to open up.

“The fact that everyone has someone but us,” he murmured huskily, careful to avoid her eyes. Feeling that he needed...
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Written 由 Ilovetvalot.

An Act of Contrition

Chapter Two

There were a lot of unpleasant things in life that Emily Prentiss hated. Dental appointments, rude people, that yearly gynecological appointment…the 列表 could continue for days. But the thing that Emily found most irritating of all was waiting. And in this case, the waiting was mixed with a healthy dose of impending doom. And Aaron Hotchner knew that, and he wasn’t hesitating to use it to his advantage now.

Glancing at the clock on her living room wall, she absently noted that she’d been 首页 for over two hours now. She’d had a hot...
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posted by Celina79
Written 由 MissCrys.
Rated: T

Emily Prentiss was running late for work. She couldn't believe that she over slept this morning. She has never over slept before in her life. Then again she was never kept up all night because of erotic dreams that she was having about a man that she couldn't have 或者 shouldn't want to have. She didn't pay any attention to the clothes she grabbed out of her closet. She just chose randomly and just checked to make sure she had everything on the right way. Ten 分钟 later she was headed out her front door.

All the way to work Emily couldn't get the 图片 out of her...
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posted by Simmy
Baby on the Way

Written 由 MoneButterfly

Mid May, 2010

It was Sunday and Emily was 首页 alone with Jack, because Hotch had been called to the office for a meeting. Emily and Jack had been playing with his Lego blocks on the floor in Jack's room for hours, when Emily placed a hand on her lower back as it started to hurt. She turned in her seat, but was still uncomfortable, so she turned again.

"What the hell. Ow!"Emily nearly yelled grabbing her back.

"What's wrong, Emily?"

The pain was getting worse, but after a moment it subsided and Emily said, "I think the baby wants to-OW! 耶稣 CHRIST that hurt!"...
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posted by Celina79
Written 由 Ilovetvalot.

In a Heartbeat

In a heartbeat, life as 你 know it can be ripped away from you. In a heartbeat, everything can change, leaving 你 shaken and questioning everything 你 ever knew. In a heartbeat, the life 你 had can come crashing to an abrupt halt, irrevocably altering everything 你 see.

That’s how fast it happened to him. Aaron Hotchner.

In a heartbeat.

Now, the only time he ever felt anything comparable to normal was with her. This dark beauty that had been slowly, steadily working him towards his recovery. She wouldn’t give up. Wouldn’t surrender him to the tide...
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Written 由 Sienna27.
Its a chapter,from "Falling in 爱情 with a Girl".
I 爱情 this (long)chapter, its so funny,so I wanted to share it with you.
NOTE: Hotch and Emily are good friends, but they cuddle and kiss, but only like "friends".;)
The Story takes place after The Instincts/Memoriam 4x06/4x07, in Las Vegas.

Under the Influence


Hotch’s words were slightly slurred as he looked over at Emily. She nodded back firmly, “ready,” and they both pounded back their shots. A 秒 later their glasses slammed down on the bar in synchronicity and Emily grinned at him as she wiped her thumb...
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