Written 由 wideyedreamer on livejournal.

#1- Plans

“I’m hiding under your desk. And if 你 爱情 me when JJ walks 由 this office 你 will tell her 你 have no idea where I am.” Emily states marching into Aaron’s office.

He couldn’t help but smile looking up from the never ending stack of paperwork that he was consumed in.

“Why exactly are 你 hiding under my desk?”

“JJ. I made her in charge of helping me plan everything for the wedding. I have never seen her like this before, but she’s a crazed woman. I told her that our 颜色 were going to be blue and silver. Simple right? Wrong. According to JJ there are like 100 different shades of blue and she wants me to look at every single one of them.”

“So you’re hiding under my desk?”

“Would 你 just 移动 already?”

Hotch smiles “Yes ma’am”.

#2- Type

“So you’re saying that 你 didn’t think he was good looking?”

Emily turned her head towards Hotch who was trying to act very casual.

She smiled. “Why? Did you? Because then we need to talk….”

Hotch rolls his eyes. “No. It’s just that all the other girls..JJ and Garcia were falling over themselves for him and 你 didn’t even seem to notice he was in the room.”

Emily shrugs casually. “He wasn’t my type.”

Aaron looks over at her. “Oh? What is your type?”

Emily laughs realizing he’s obviously fishing in that trying- to- be- innocent- Hotchner type of way that he’s famous for with her.

“Well, as it so happens I have had a crush on my unit chief for awhile. Don’t tell him though. It’s not very professional of me.”

Hotch smiles back at her. “I’ll try to keep that to myself.”


Hotch has slowly figured out that Emily has two types of bad days.

The first type is a “Give me 太空 或者 I will kick your ass” bad day. He’s smart enough to not even talk to her unless she says something first.

The 秒 is “I just really want 你 to hold me until I can get myself together.”

Today is the 秒 type.

#4- Goodnight

Emily red almost every book in his room before finally getting Jack to be ready for bed.

She makes sure he’s tucked in just right and smiles.

“There. Snug as a bug in a rug.”

Jack smiles back at her sleepily as she leans over and kisses his forehead.

“Goodnight Jack.”

“Goodnight Mom.”

She doesn’t have the 心 to correct him.

#5- Dress

After hours of shopping Emily finally finds the right one.

She’s positive that she’s tried on every dress in Virginia when she finally finds it.

It’s simple. Strapless with a 设计 down the front. She likes that it’s easy to 移动 in which will be great during the reception.

When she steps out of the dressing room for the hundredth time JJ and Penelope are both speechless.

“Em 你 look…gorgeous. Seriously. Breath taking.”

She lets out a sigh of relief because if she would have had to try on one 更多 dress she might have pulled her hair out.

#6- Room

She’s the first person his eyes find when he walks into a room.

#7- Sneak

Aaron slips into the dressing room and Emily turns around.

“You’re not supposed to be here….”

“I know. It’s bad luck. But I had to.”

Aaron walks towards her and takes her face in both of his hands. He kisses her slowly and the only reason Emily pulls back is to take a breath. She kisses him this time and they pull apart finally.

“What was that for?” Emily asks with a smile.

“I don’t know. I’ve just wanted to 吻乐队(Kiss) 你 all 日 long. I think it’s because everyone is telling me I can’t.”

“Can’t stand not being the boss for once, huh?”


Emily laughs and pushes him towards the door. “Get out of here before JJ comes back and kicks your ass.”

#8- Reid

Spencer has seen a lot of things.

But he’s never seen anything quite like the way Hotch looks when he sees Emily walking towards him down the aisle. It’s like pure joy personified. He’s not sure he’s ever seen Hotch smile like that. He’s not sure he realized Hotch could smile like that.

He hopes one 日 he’ll look like that too.

#9- Vows

“I promise to always 爱情 你 and only you. I promise to protect 你 to the best of my ability. And I promise that I’ll never 个人资料 you.” Hotch says with a smirk.

Everyone laughs.

#10- Phones

“Give me your cell phones.” JJ states with her palm facing up.

“Excuse me?” Emily asks.

“I mean it. Even though you’ll be in another Country I know 你 two. You’ll find ways to keep in touch with us and 你 need to be disconnected on your honeymoon. Cough them up.”

Emily and Aaron exchange a look knowing theres no point in arguing and slip the blackberries into JJ’s hand.


Emily feels him slide back into the bed.

She turns to face him and as she slides closer and he wraps his arms around her. His body is cool, almost cold compared to hers that’s been 安全 and warm under the covers. Water from the 淋浴 is still dripping out of his hair and onto the pillow.

“Let’s stay here forever. We don’t HAVE to go back.” Emily offers softly with a smile.

Hotch laughs and kisses her. “Of course we do. The team would fall apart without us.”

#12- One

Emily can’t help but think, as their bodies 移动 together as one, that Aaron Hotchner was custom made for her.

#13- 首页 Sweet Home

Aaron Hotchner can’t shake the feeling that he’s never been anywhere that’s felt 更多 like 首页 than 下一个 to his wife.

#14- Syrup

The cinnamon 吻乐队(Kiss) from Aaron is something that Emily looks 前锋, 期待 to waking up to every morning before he heads to work.

That syrupy sweet 吻乐队(Kiss) from Jack is something that Emily looks 前锋, 期待 to every morning before he heads to the bus stop.

She never thought that cinnamon and syrup would be her two 最喜爱的 flavors.

#15- Name change

It’s not until Reid points it out that Emily realizes she’s been signing her maiden name on all her checks, emails, letters and official papers.

“I don’t mean to do it. But, in my defense I was never one of those girls who practiced 写作 my new last name. And I have had the last name Prentiss for a lot longer than Hotchner.”

Aaron smirks. “I was afraid 你 were having buyer’s remorse.”

Emily laughs. “Yeah right. You’re stuck with me for life. Sorry buddy.”

#16- Moments

It’s the small moments.

When he slips his hand in hers casually before they walk out of the house.

When they’re all cuddled together on the 长椅, 沙发 watching the same movie for the fiftieth time because Jack can’t possibly choose a different one.

When she comes 首页 and sees her two 最喜爱的 people in the whole world.

Those are the moments that make Emily thankful she gets a lifetime to keep falling in 爱情 with him.

#17- Dreams

Aaron can’t stop the dreams from coming.

He’s almost gotten used to them. Since Haley died. They used to come every time he would shut his eyes. He could see George Foyetts face on the other side of his eye lids.

Then it was just when he would actually sleep. After a few weeks it would only happen three 或者 four times a week. After a few months just once a week. After that just once a month.

This has been the first time since he married Emily. And almost a 年 since the last dream.

He splashes his face with cold water and lets his 心 produce a normal rhythm again. He checks on Jack and listens to the sounds of his son breathing steadily. He smiles and leans against the door before closing it again. He leaves it open a crack the way he knows Jack likes it to be.

He makes his way back to the room and Emily stirs looking up at him.

“Everything okay?”

Aaron nods slowly licking his lips.

“Go back to sleep. Everything is fine.”

Emily smiles at him understandingly and touches his cheek gently.

“You did everything 你 could. 你 know that.”

“Yeah, I know that.”

#18- Mrs.

Self assured charm oozes out of the detective working with them on the case.

He hits on JJ and acts like he’s known all the men on the BAU for years.

He doesn’t take the ideas that JJ and Emily come up with seriously until one of the guys brings it up.

All of this Emily can take.

It’s just the way that he keeps calling her Mrs. Hotchner whenever he addresses her. He makes it a point to call all the men Agent. He gives them respect without any question.

So when he has the nerve to roll his eyes at her when she suspects one of his close 老友记 of being the unsub (she was right), sigh like he’s dealing with a child, and looks at one of his officers and says “Hey, Kevin, Mrs. Hotchner here thinks that Craig is the guy were looking for.”

She crosses the room in three quick strides and shakes Hotch’s grip from her wrist and points her finger at him.

“Listen, asshole. It’s Agent Hotchner. Agent. 你 give everyone else on this team respect enough to call them Agent, and I am so sick of your chauvinistic 公牛 crap. I am good at my job. No, I’m great at my job. So please, cut the crap and let me do what I do.”

He doesn’t call her Mrs. Again.

#19- 日期 Night

Garcia offers to watch Jack so that Aaron and Emily can have their night off to themselves.

Aaron makes reservations at a restaurant that Emily loves.

She spends an 小时 getting ready and clears her throat when she walks into the room.

“How do I look?”

Aaron looks up from the paper he’s flipping through. He knows that he’s supposed to respond with words but instead he feels himself moving forward. He grabs Emily 由 the wrist and they make their way back upstairs.

Emily decides, later that night, that even though she only got to wear it for about ten minutes, that outfit definitely served its purpose.

#20- Tell Me Why

“I 爱情 you” he whispers in her ear. They’re both in a half asleep stage. They’ve been 魔发奇缘 up in each other like this for longer than Emily can remember now.

She smiles and turns in his arms resting her head in the crook of his neck.

“Why. I’m difficult and moody and stubborn as hell…”

Aaron laughs. “I 爱情 你 because of all of that. When I met 你 I realized I had finally met my match.”

Emily sighs. “And here I was hoping 你 would say something romantic like ‘Because 你 make me feel alive.’”

“Well that’s true too.”

“Nope. It’s too late. 你 can’t do anything to make up for that. Not this time Aaron Hotchner.”

“What about sex?”

“Oh. Actually, I think that just might do it.”

#21- 显示 and Tell

“So, how was your weekend away?” JJ asks as they all shuffle into the board room.

“Great.” Emily says as her eyes flick towards Aaron. He always manages to act so cool and collected.

“So 你 guys ended up going to that restaurant then?” Penelope adds.

“Nope.” Aaron says not looking up from the case file.

Garcia frowns. “Oh. So 你 ordered in then. Let me guess, Chinese?”

Emily clears her throat. “Um, nope.”

Reid looks up. “So if 你 didn’t go out and 你 didn’t order in what did 你 do?”

A dead silence falls over the room and Hotch pulls on his collar.

“There ARE other things to do besides eat…” Emily says quietly and Penelope chokes on her water.

摩根 catches the look on Emily’s face and starts laughing.

“Hotch, 你 dog. Good for you.”

Reid looks between them. “I still don’t get it…”

JJ laughs and puts a hand on his shoulder. “We’ll explain it 你 when you’re older Spencer.”

#22- Cook

Emily really has gotten to be a much better cook.

So Hotch promises Jack an ice cream cone if he eats his chicken nuggets, even though they’re burnt.

“Jack and I are going to pick some stuff up from the store.” He tells her 接吻 her quickly.

Emily smiles. “Great. Have a good time.”

When they get 首页 the first thing Emily asks is,

“How was McDonalds, boys?”

Hotch laughs and Jack looks up at his dad sighing.

“Busted, Dad.”

#23- Anniversary

They both use vacation days for their anniversary weekend.

After two hours in the car they get a call from the babysitter. Jack has the stomach flu. She tells them not to come; that she can handle it.

Aaron is reminded of the reason why he fell in 爱情 with Emily Prentiss when she tells him to turn the car around.

They bring 首页 Jack and take care of him until he seems 更多 like himself on Sunday. Emily stands in his doorway Sunday night, completely exhausted.

Aaron wraps his arms around her waist. “I’m sorry this weekend wasn’t as perfect as we had hoped it would be.”

Emily smiles and leans into him. “It’s okay. I don’t need perfect. Perfect is boring. I’d much rather have the Hotchner boys.”

#24- Stomach flu

Emily manages to convince herself that she’s caught the bug from Jack.

But when she keeps getting sick, she’s pretty sure it’s not the stomach flu.

Especially after she takes ten different pregnancy tests and they all read positive.

Definitely not the stomach flu.

#25- Stork

Emily has an undeniable 爱情 for the movie “It’s a Wonderful Life” so when she wants to watch it when they get 首页 Aaron isn’t surprised.

They check on Jack and head back downstairs and put the movie in.

Aaron can tell there’s something off about Emily. She’s fidgety 更多 than usual and she gets up during the part where George Baileys wife tells him she’s pregnant. “George Bailey lassos stork.” It’s one of her 最喜爱的 parts.

When Emily comes back she cuddles up to him and touches his face. “Aaron?”

He looks over at her. “Hmmm?”

She pulls a box out of her sweater pocket.

His 心 nearly stops when he realizes what’s inside of the box. He opens it and the positive test falls out onto his lap.

He looks at Emily who smiles and kisses his cheek.

“Aaron Hotchner lassos stork.”