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When Emily Prentiss showed up in his office, boxes in hand, he went from confused to annoyed in a matter of seconds.

When Emily Prentiss wound up in his office again when they came 首页 from the case Hotch acted annoyed. But really, he was kind of impressed with her persistence.


“Damn.” Emily whispered to what she thought was herself.

“What?” Penelope asked looking up at her.

“Hotch’s eyes. They can really…cut through you.”

Penelope smiled knowingly. “Yeah. He’s good at that when he wants to be. It’s what makes him bad ass. And also a little sexy.”


When Hotch is served with the papers right in front of her Emily doesn’t really know what to do.

“Hotch? Are 你 going to be…”

“I’m fine.” He cuts her off.

She’s smart enough to walk away.

#4- Insomnia

“Why aren’t 你 asleep? I thought I was the only crazy one who could never sleep on this plane.”

Hotch smiles tiredly at Emily who has sat down across the 表 from him.

“I can’t sleep. Since…she left. I haven’t really been able to sleep.”

Emily doesn’t really know what to say so instead she pulls two Dramamine tablets out of her purse.

“Take this. It will knock 你 right out.”

Hotch raised an eyebrow. “How do I know 你 aren’t trying to drug me? Take advantage of a recently divorced man?”

Emily laughed. It was the first time he’s really opened up around her. She hopes it won’t be the last.

#5- See

Hotch spends almost two years with Emily Prentiss before he really sees her.

Of course he can see her with his eyes. He spends almost every 日 with Emily.

But one night when they all go to the bar Emily walks in and she looks drop dead gorgeous.

There’s something about her that makes his 心 get caught in the middle of his throat. She takes his breath away.

He’s got to have her.

Hotch spends almost two years with Emily Prentiss before he really sees her.

#6- Dance

“Dance with me” He whispers in Emily’s ear.

It’s been a week. A week since his grand realization and every single one of those seven days has killed him.

Emily laughs looking a mix of startled and nervous. JJ raises an eyebrow.

“Dance with me. Come on. Are 你 afraid I’ll 显示 你 up in front of the team?”

Emily laughs again and gulps down the rest of her drink.

He holds out his hand to help her down from her bar stool.

“You are on, Aaron Hotchner. I hope you’re wearing your dancing shoes.”

#7- 吻乐队(Kiss) Me

Emily isn’t quite sure how it happened.

They were dancing. They were dancing and laughing and having fun.

Most of the team left but they stayed. They danced. They danced so much Emily thought her feet might bleed.

He drove her 首页 and Emily thought it was probably the best night she had in a long time.

When he pulled up to her apartment complex she smiled at him and 说 goodnight.

He cleared his throat and grabbed her wrist.

She made a mental note of the way Aarons lips taste and prayed she can taste it again soon.

#8- Options

“What does this all mean, Hotch?”

He stares back at Emily and looks up at the sky scratching his neck.

“Well, we’ve got two options here.”


“We could pretend like it didn’t happen.”


“But I don’t really like that option at all.”

Emily smiles.

“Or we could give this a chance. See where it goes.”

“I like that 秒 one.”

“Me too.”

#9- Taste

Emily determines that Aaron tastes like Coffee. Which makes sense, considering how often he drinks it.

#10- Smirk

Sometimes Hotch catches Emily staring at him for a little too long.

Across the conference table. On the plane. In a police precinct.

But Emily doesn’t mind being caught. It means he was staring right back.

#11- Coffee

JJ grimaces. “Seriously, Prentiss. How can 你 just drink your coffee black like that.”

Emily shrugs. “I like my coffee like I like my men. Strong, serious, and satisfying.”

摩根 laughs out loud and Hotch does his best to look casual.

#12- Birthday

Hotch walks into her apartment and the smell of burnt 食物 immediately assaults his nose.

“Emily?” He calls over the beeping of the 火, 消防 alarm.

He walks into the 厨房 and fights back the laughter. She’s waving her arms over the stove 最佳, 返回页首 and looking completely defeated.

“Emily?” He says softly putting a hand on her waist.

She looks at him. “I tried to make 你 dinner. And a cake.”

“I see that.”

“How does ordering a 比萨, 比萨饼 sound?”

He laughs. “It sounds great.”

“Happy Birthday.” She kisses onto his lips.

#13- Present

She wakes up in the middle of the night and gazes at the man sleeping 下一个 to her.

“You never did let me give 你 your present” She whispers in his ear.

He smiles half asleep. “I don’t need a present, Emily.”

“What do 你 need?”


#14- Melody

Hotch has never had a 最喜爱的 song.

But he thinks that Emily’s laughter is the most beautiful melody he’s ever heard in his entire life.

#15- Lilac

He tightens his arms around her and takes buries his face in her hair.

“You smell like coconut…and some…type of flower?”

She laughs. “Lilac. It’s my shampoo.”

“Lilac. 你 smell like coconut and lilac."

#16- Profiled

“What’s going on with 你 two?”

摩根 asks suddenly.

Prentiss looks at him like he’s nuts. “What are 你 talking about?”

“Don’t play dumb. Something is definitely going on here.”

“You don’t have any evidence” Hotch says trying to hide a smirk as he flips through a file.

“Actually, you’ve been smiling a lot lately. And whistling even. And Emily gazes at 你 for entirely too long after you’re done addressing the entire team. There’s definitely something going on.”

JJ laughs and puts a hand on Emily’s shoulder. “You forget you’re working with some of the best minds in the FBI, guys. 你 really thought they wouldn’t 个人资料 you?”

#17- Mother Dear

“I told my mother about us today.”

Aaron looks up from his desk.

“You did? What did she say?”

Emily nods.

“She asked what took so long.”


When he got 首页 the first thing he heard was their laughter and he smiled dropping his keys on the counter.

Jack rounded the corner. “Daddy! Guess what?”

Aaron smiled. “What?”

“Emily is my girlfriend. We’re going to get married.”

Emily rounded the corner 下一个 and Hotch shot a glance in her direction. “I hear congratulations are in order?”

Emily shrugs. “What can I say? I have a thing for Hotchner men.”

#19- Hostage

Even though he’s sure it breaks every rule in the book about agents dating each other, when they manage to get Emily out of that building the first thing he does is 吻乐队(Kiss) her until his body makes him take a breath.

“Don’t 你 ever scare me like that again. That’s an order.”

“Agent Hotchner! Everyone is watching.” She says with a smirk.

“I don’t give a damn.”

He kisses her again despite the whistles from the other team members.

#20- Sleep

He carries her off of the plane and into the car because he just can’t bring himself to wake her up. She looks so peaceful when she’s sleeping.

#21- Whisper

“I 爱情 you” he whispers into her ear at exactly 1:47 AM.

She buries her head into his bare chest so he can’t see the tears that form in the corners of her eyes.

“I’ve waited so long to hear 你 say that.”

#22- Peace

She’s amazed most 由 the fact that even on the worst days all he has to do is touch her and she feels at peace.

#23- Parents

“Stop fidgeting.”

“I’m not.”

Emily smiles. “Yes, 你 are. I told 你 that it’s going to be fine. And it isn’t like 你 haven’t ever met my parents before.”

Aaron sighs. “This is different than before. I wasn’t dating 你 then.”

“It’s going to be fine. 你 haven’t done this whole meet the parents thing for a long time, huh?”

Hotch cracks a smile. “That obvious, huh?”

“Just a little.”

#24- Brownies

He can’t even pretend to be angry when he comes 首页 and Jack is up way past his 床, 床上 time.

Especially not when both he and Emily are covered in flour and Jack holds up a plate declaring.

“We made your brownies!”

How can he be mad when there are brownies involved?

#25- A Proposal

“Marry me.” His eyes look up searching for an answer.

Emily has this problem where her brain is moving much faster than her mouth.

So all she manages to do is nod furiously and 吻乐队(Kiss) him even after all the applause in the restaurant dies down.