Emily:hey! what are 你 doing so early in the morning. Dressed in her blue tights and white t-shirt.
Hotch:Hi!um... I just thought of during some files so that i don't have so much to do on valetines day.
Hotch:well! Bye
Hotch walks back to his office and sits down. Also emily sits down. Then emily gets her ipod的, ipod out and puts the headphones in and starts listening to some music.
Hotch comes out of his office.
Hotch: emily do 你 need help out with your paper work"?
Emily: no
Hotch: 你 okay
Emily:I'm fine.
Hotch:You sure
Emily:yeah(her are hardely awake)
Hotch: okay! but i think 你 should go 首页 and some rest.
Emily:what ever 你 say Boss
Emily is leaving and then JJ shows up
Emily: why are 你 here?
Emily: Do I have to come
JJ: Yes?(confused because emily asked that question)Your part of the team. RIGHT
Hotch comes out
Hotch: it's okay she can go 首页 and get some rest
Emily is going to leave but the rest of the team comes,
Emily:I think im staying
Hotch:Why are guys late
Talking to Reid and Rossi
Rossi:Me and Emily went out together last night.
Hotch punches Rossi for even saying that.
Emily:its ture
Emily goes over to Rossi and hugs hime, then he kisses Emily.
Hotch:Not at work
Emily:Wer'e leaving.bye
All of the other people in the team says "bye"
expect for hotch
JJ:Never that they would go out together.
Hotch:Me too
Very 下一个 day................................
Hotch:come into my office Emily
Emily walks into agent hotchners office.
Emily:whats up
(emily goes over to hotch and kisses him)
Hotch:what was that for
Emily:I 爱情 you
(Emily kisses hotch again,and he holds onto her for a long)
Hotch: 你 went out with Rossi
Emily:To make 你 learn a lesson of not cheating on your girlfriend. duh 你 knew i was going to do a lesson on 你 so why didn't 你 stop me?