1. She wanted to be in the BAU to learn from him.
2. He hired her with little knowledge of her profiling skills.
3. She stood up to him when she felt he was being unfair.
4. He didn't hold that against her.
5. She wouldn't spy on him to get him fired.
6. He wouldn't let her leave the BAU.
7. She turned to him for help when her friend died.
8. He not only allowed her to work the case but bent the rules for her.
9. She volunteered for an uncomfortable interview.
10. He comforted and consoled her afterward.
11. She ran from the team to protect them and him.
12. He vowed to destroy anyone who harmed her.
13. They devised a plan to keep her 安全 from Doyle.
14. The way she looks at him.
15. He's there for her when she's having bad days.

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