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Zak's little sister Hayley arrives in the village 下一个 week and immediately causes a stir in Zak's life.

Not only does Hayley manage to clash with Michaela within 分钟 of arriving, she also has Zak's blood boiling when he catches her in 床, 床上 with Archie!

Ladies man Archie isn't exactly the type of guy you'd like your sister to date, so 你 can imagine Zak's horror at the thought of his sister sleeping with him.

An angry Zak even punches Archie, infuriating Hayley who is adamant she'll live her life the way she pleases.

Can Hayley and Zak mend their relationship, 或者 has Zak taken it a step to far? Tune in 下一个 week to see Hayley arrive in the village.
We can exclusively reveal that Gemma Bissix is set to return to HOLLYOAKS as twisted and conniving Clare Devine!

Just as the summer heat begins to rise over HOLLYOAKS Clare is back with a vengeance, her grudge against Warren (Jamie Lomas) and Justin, (Chris Fountain) too much for her to bear.

Never ones to be done over, will Warren and Justin find that someone finally has the upper hand over them? Will Clare's revenge plot have fatal consequences?

Gemma will return to 青柠, 石灰 Pictures to begin filming 下一个 week and we can't wait to have her back and see Clare back on screen. We'll be catching up with the Gemma to bring 你 all the exclusive details of her return – don't miss it!
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Just when Warren thought his life in the village couldn’t get any worse, he finds himself trussed up, blindfolded and at the mercy of a vengeful Clare Devine! She’s out for blood and she’s not messing around this time. All that’s missing from her plan is Justin.

Meanwhile, Hannah heads to the Loft to stop Justin from going through with Warren’s plan, but she gets caught in the crossfire. Will Hannah be able to take out Clare before she gets the best of Justin and Warren? Find out 下一个 week on Hollyoaks!
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If you're as excited as us about the upcoming 'Hollyoaks Later' episodes then you'll be thrilled to see these sinister pictures...

Twisted Niall Rafferty (Barry Sloane) has been on the run since the church explosion, leaving everyone terrified of his impending return. Here are the pictures from the moment in 'Hollyoaks Later' when Niall seeks out the woman he loves, Steph (Carley Stenson).

As Craig (Guy Burnet) tries to rescue his terrified sister, a vicious fight breaks out between him and Niall, but will he be able to save Steph and Tom (Ellis Hollins)? Tune into 'Hollyoaks Later' all week from Monday 24 November at 10pm on E4.
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Just when 你 thought the McQueens couldn't possibly cause anymore trouble in Hollyoaks, tearaway cousin Theresa will arrive in late November.

Theresa will arrive in true McQueen style when she unwittingly throws herself in the middle of Jacqui and Tony's crumbling relationship.

Following weeks of tension and heartbreak there's been a slight thawing between Tony and Jacqui, giving Jacqui hope of reconciliation. However, when she invites Tony round to talk about the possibility of her getting the lease on Tan & Tumble, she's devastated when he doesn't 显示 up. Tony meanwhile has become sidetracked...
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The rumours have been rife for months now, but today we can 确认 that Roxanne McKee (Louise) will leave HOLLYOAKS in an explosive storyline that will climax this Christmas...

Betrayal and revenge!
As Louise excitedly plans her 圣诞节 wedding, her appetite for revenge is fuelled when she discovers, after weeks of suspicion, that Warren is having an affair with her best friend and bridesmaid Mandy (Sarah-Jayne Dunn). On the outside, Louise is the excited bride-to-be but on the inside she is concocting the ultimate master plan. But who is at the 最佳, 返回页首 of Louise's hit 列表 - bad boy Warren or...
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 Summer Strallen
Summer Strallen
Four members of the Hollyoaks cast are to perform a Marc Bolan medley at this year's Children In Need.

Gerard McCarthy, Kevin Sacre, Loui Batley and Summer Strallen – who play Kris Fisher, Jake Dean, Sarah Barnes and Summer Shaw in the Chester-based soap – are in the process of rehearsing a string of T-Rex songs including the iconic 'Children of the Revolution' to mark the 30th anniversary of Marc Bolan's death.

Speaking of the forthcoming performance, McCarthy told Digital Spy: "I hope viewers are looking 前锋, 期待 to the guys and girls of Hollyoaks performing and 唱歌 live for such a good...
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From the 分钟 Sasha (Nathalie Emmanuel) realised her feelings for resident bad boy Warren 狐狸 (Jamie Lomas), she's wasted no time trying to get her claws into him!

She's spent the last couple of weeks trying to impress Warren 由 looking after his foster brother Spencer, and her efforts seem to have made the difference when she finally gets the 吻乐队(Kiss) she's waited for 下一个 week.

So does Warren reciprocate Sasha's feelings? And what will protective big brother Calvin has to say about their kiss? Tune into HOLLYOAKS 下一个 week to find out.
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Congratulations to Matt Littler (Max) For winning 'Outstanding Serial Drama Performance' at last night's National 电视 Awards.

Speaking of the prestigious award, voted 由 the viewers, Matt said: "I never expected to win and I am totally overwhelmed. Thanks so much to everyone who voted. It's been an amazing end to a brilliant time on Hollyoaks."

HOLLYOAKS Producer Bryan Kirkwood was also thrilled with Matt's win, he said: "It's Hollyoaks first ever National 电视 Award and a sign that Hollyoaks has come of age. Matt Littler is a thoroughly deserved winner of the award for Outstanding Serial Drama Performance and this shows how much Hollyoaks has worked its way into Britain's affections."

Matt left the 显示 earlier this 年 after his character Max was killed on his wedding day. Matt also won 'Best On-Screen Partnership' with Darren Jeffries (OB), at this year's British Soap Awards.
To all Hollyoaks fans,

I thought 你 might like to know that some of our favourite Hollyoaks faces have got involved in a celebrity charity art campaign this year.

The campaign is called ‘Pushing the Envelope’ in aid of the National Literacy Trust - helping disadvantaged children. Andy Moss (Rhys Ashworth) and Anna Shaffer (Ruby Button) have designed an envelope together and also provided words of inspiration. Jennifer Metcalfe (Mercedes McQueen) has also designed a unique envelope. To check their envelopes out go to: www.pushingtheenvelope.com

你 can have the chance to buy their envelopes and inspirational messages via public auction on eBay from the 12th-22nd March 2012. All the money will go the National Literacy Trust... so 你 would be supporting a great cause :) happy bidding guys..xx
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The sexual tension between Justin (Chris Fountain) and Hannah (Emma Rigby) has been building up for weeks, and 下一个 week Justin takes the plunge and kisses Hannah.

Spotting Hannah on her own during Josh and Sasha's joint 18th birthday party, Justin heads over and tells her exactly how he feels before 接吻 her. A shocked Hannah momentarily responds but then slaps Justin straight after!

What will Ash say when he finds out? Will Justin confess to Leila about his feelings for Hannah? Tune into HOLLYOAKS on Thursday 12 March to find out.
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Things are set to really heat in Hollyoaks in the coming weeks when Kris finds himself embroiled in a 爱情 三角形, 三角 with Ravi and Nancy! 爱情 cheats Ravi and Nancy are both completely unaware that they are both cheating with the same person.

After a few too many glasses of wine and a cosy chat at Nancy's flat, Nancy and Kris find themselves in 床, 床上 together

When a guilt stricken Nancy dumps Ravi in the spur of the moment, Ravi find solace in Kris' arms! With Kris behaving like the cat that got the cream, how long before his sexual ventures are discovered? And will this spell the end for Nancy and Ravi?
Coronation 街, 街道 actress, Kym Marsh and partner, Hollyoaks actor Jamie Lomas are expecting their first child together this summer. The couple announced to the press, “We are delighted to be able to announce that we are having a baby. All our family and 老友记 are very excited at the prospect of a new arrival 下一个 summer.”

In March, Kym ended her six-year marriage to Jack Ryder - four months later, at the launch of Inside Soap Awards, Kym and Jamie went public with their relationship.

Marsh, 32, has two children, David, 13 and Emily, 10, from a 前一个 relationship with Dave Cunliffe. Jamie, has a 2-year-old son Billy with his former girlfriend, Hayley Lever
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This year, four our HOLLYOAKS cast members are taking the 《勇敢传说》 (and maybe just a little crazy) step of taking part in the Flora 伦敦 Marathon! But of course, they aren't just doing it for a 日 out, they have each chosen a charity and are hoping to raise thousands of pounds in sponsorship to help their charities.

Junade Khan, who plays Ash Roy will be running the marathon in a bid to raise £1,600 for Leonard Cheshire Disability. 你 can check out Junade's Just Giving page to find out why he's chosen Leonard Cheshire Disability 或者 to donate money.

John Pickard (Dom) will also be supporting...
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 Hannah Tointon (Katy Fox)
Hannah Tointon (Katy Fox)
Hollyoaks actress Hannah Tointon has quit the Chester-based soap after only one year, Digital Spy can exclusively reveal.

The 19-year-old – who plays Katy 狐狸 in the Channel 4 soap – joined the 显示 in April and featured heavily in the 'Who Pushed Clare?' storyline which saw her character being driven over the edge of a cliff 由 evil Clare Cunningham (Gemma Bissix).

Her character was also recently involved in a boiler leak plot which subsequently saved a viewer's life.

Speaking of her decision to leave, Hannah – sister to EastEnders' Kara Tointon who plays Dawn Swann – told DS: "I've had...
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 James Sutton (John Paul McQueen)
James Sutton (John Paul McQueen)
青柠, 石灰 Pictures
Former Hollyoaks actor James Sutton has landed a guest role in BBC One's flagship medical drama Casualty.

The 25-year-old, who played 流行的 character John Paul McQueen for two years, will appear as Eli, a narcoleptic whose condition causes him to spontaneously fall asleep.

Eli's close friend Jenna (Pippa Duffy) asks him to watch her cat while she's at work, but when Eli notices that she's left something behind, he decides to follow her. However, as he waits as the bus stop, he suddenly falls asleep and misses his ride.

Walking along the road later, he is startled 由 a group of...
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Danny Tennant

Danny Tennant will make his first appearance on HOLLYOAKS tonight as new character Natty.

Natty will befriend bad boy, Ste Hay, after breaking up a fight between him and Josh during an ante-natal class. The two lads will strike up a close friendship as Natty offers Ste 建议 about sorting his life out.

We met up with Danny Tennant, who 你 might recognise as Ali Marsden from Emmerdale, to find out about new boy Natty. Danny told us: "Natty's very calculated, he's a nice guy but there's definitely something dark to him and a bit sinister which 你 might find out about later
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There'll be a new student arriving in HOLLYOAKS in March, music-loving Lydia.

Lydia, is also the editor of a 音乐 fanzine and strikes up a friendship with Josh, who is keen to write 音乐 reviews for her. Josh's girlfriend Amy certainly isn't too happy about Lydia and Josh's new friendship, but her mind is put to rest when Lydia reveals she is a lesbian!

Speaking of her character, Lydia Kelly told us: "She's very down to earth. She knows exactly what she wants, where she wants to go, and how to get there! She's also very level-headed."

On getting the part, Lydia said: "It was brilliant, when my agent 说 I'd got the part I didn't believe her."

We can't wait to see what chaos she'll bring to the village! 你 can see Lydia on screen from Wednesday 4 March.
Melissa Walton

Those of 你 that watched the Hollyoaks Later episodes back in November 2008 will remember sweet-natured stripper Loretta.

Loretta will be arriving in Hollyoaks village in February when Ste decides to try and fix her Dom up. Initially thrilled to see each other, they soon become embarrassed when they realise they've been set up and Dom manages to throw a spanner in the works!

Love won't be kept apart however, and the odd pair soon bond over a spot and bird watching and realise their feelings for one another.

We met up with Melissa Walton last week to hear all about playing HOLLYOAKS...
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Kelly Marie Stewart

She made her debut appearance on HOLLYOAKS last week and we'll soon learn just how strong-willed and feisty Hayley Ramsey really is.

Liverpool born Kelly Marie Stewart, has taken on the new role as Zak Ramsey's younger sister Hayley. Kelly and Hayley suffer from Guillain-Barre Syndrome, which makes them wheelchair bound.

Hayley is determined not to let her disability affect how she lives her life and decides to enrol on a course at HCC. Over the course of her first few weeks in HOLLYOAKS, we'll see Hayley clash with Michaela and try to get to the root of her relationship problems...
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