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 黑塔利亚 Bar!!!
Hetalia Bar!!!
This is my first 黑塔利亚 fanfic~ Hope 你 enjoy!!! :D WARNING! WARNING! YAOI! FrCanUkUs!!! (FrancexCanadaxEnglandxAmerica!)
England was starting to regret going to the bar, not because that he knew he would get dead on drunk- no he didn't really care about that. But what he did care about that he came alone on one of the worst days of his life! 4th of July, and he was also a bit flustered that July 1st had past... he knew he should've 说 something to Canada, but he didn't have it in him.

And same thing with today....
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 It's Gilbert!
It's Gilbert!
Pre-read notes:
1: I do not own Hetalia, except for this plot. And none of it's characters, nor you.
2: Please 熊 with me, this is my first time creating a story where the personified country is shipped with the reader! 3:Contains YAOI. Don't like, don't read.
4:Yes, it's exactly what the 标题 says. Don't like? Turn back and read another fanfic. It's written like a diary from both P.O.V's. So please don't get confused.

Chapter 1:Sour

Beep beep beep beep! *click!* My eyes were groggy due to the darkness of the room, and my (h/c) hair shifted on my pillow. I slid my hand from under my comforter...
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Japan: Oh written in stars! A million miles away!
A message to the main! ooooh seasons come and
gooo but IIIIIIIII will never change and I'm on my waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyy *brings head down*
England: let's go!.. yeah you're listening now they say they ain't never heard nothing like
this in a while that's why they play my song
on so many different dials cause I got more
hits then a disciplined child so when they see
me everybody go brrrrrap brrrrrap Man I'm like
a young gun fully black barrack I cried tear
drops over the massive attack I only make hits
like I work with a racket and bat Look at my
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Japan licked Hawaii on the ear making her giggle and shove him away “Japan! Stop!” she 说 instantly 日本 smiled and ran his fingers through her hair again “bad dog now I must teach 你 to know what to carr me now” 日本 说 grabbing onto Hawaii’s breast making her squeal. 日本 began to tighten his grasp “please stop Kiku! I’m begging you! That hurts!!!” 日本 then began to 吻乐队(Kiss) Hawaii on the throat which made her moan he then rolled her over onto her stomach “werr I guess I have to teach 你 the hard way” 日本 说 as he grabbed Hawaii’s legs and lifted them up then...
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posted by videogamergirl
This is not from me. I found this on deviantART. This post was done 由 TheReapersApprentice

Reasons to Ship Ameripan:

1. In Nyotalia, though 日本 is very good 老友记 with England, it is 说 that she actually is in 爱情 with America. (I'm not sure about regular Hetalia, though.)

2. After the bombing on Hiroshima, America helped 日本 out, even though America was the one who bombed.

3. To this day, Japanese people often thank Americans for bombing them, because they knew that they wouldn't change if America hadn't done what they did.

4. Japanese tourists are...
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posted by pumpkinqueen
This was a project me and a bunch of other people were doing on devaintarts, it's still on going and we keep adding 更多 reasons. But I'll post the 50 reasons we got so far. :)

1. They grew up together
2. England grew his hair out like France
3. He got in trouble doing so
4. France got worried thinking England got eaten 由 a caterpiler
5. France helped England with his hair
6. He fixed his hair back to the way it was, saying he looked better that way
7. They raised Canada together
8. England put his arm around France
9. They are always together
10. They work together a lot
11. They comfort each other
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posted by pumpkinqueen
I can't believe it, we now have 100 reasons to support it. I can not take all the credit for this project, I had a lot of help from the 粉丝 on DA. The new video will be out soon, so keep an eye out. I hope to be about to make a third
video in the future. We do have 15
more reasons already down, so
keep your fingers crossed.

51. In one of Himaruya's sketches, the Allies are at the beach. France and England are both wearing the same vertically striped red-and-white trunks.

52. France was one of the only one, who called England "Iggy'' in the manga/webcomic

53. in the movie, when everyone was around...
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1. France x America
2. France x Austria
3. France x Belarus
4. France x Belgium
5. France x Canada
6.France x China
7. France x Cuba
8. France x Denmark
9. France x Egypt
10. France x England
11. France x Estonia
12. France x Finland
13. France x Germania
14. France x Germany
15. France x Greece
16. France x Hong Kong
17. France x Hungary
18. France x Iceland
19. France x North Italy
20. France x South Italy
21. France x Japan
22. France x Korea
23. France x Latvia
24. France x Liechtenstein
25. France x Lithuania
26. France x Netherlands
27. France x Norway
28. France x Poland
30. France x Prussia
31. France x Rome
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posted by missracoon
'No... Not him; please, anyone but him...'

Toris awoke from his dream 由 an insistent chiming. It had been like this a lot lately; nightmares plagued him nearly every night. They were always one of three:

Mr. Ivan coming towards him with his dreaded whip, smile cruel, voice soft and child-like and oh so cold. "You know I do this because I 爱情 you, my little favorite..."

Miss Natalia, pressing a 刀 to his throat, pale porcline face as expressionless and dull as that of a doll…

And then the worst- and most frequent- from which he had just awoken.

Toris groped his bedside 表 for the bothersome...
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posted by hinata3125
Something like a frUK fanfic......

(A/N: ok so this is mah 1st 黑塔利亚 fic nd I wanted to do something different,instead of using countries ima use capitals,which is kinda the same but different.....anyway,on with the story!!! :3 warning: human names used nd of course o obviously own 黑塔利亚 and instead of making a season 5 I'm waisting perfectly good time 写作 a fanficton with OCs >_>")

Grayson Kirkland stumbled through the streets of Paris,drunk as fuck. As funny as it was to see the thick eyebrowed spikey haired 22 年 old stumble around,he was actually quite depressed. He'd just...
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Something like a frUK fanfic part 2

(I do not own 黑塔利亚 warning: capitals and human names used,a bit of m-preg)

"PIERRE GET THE BLOODY HELL DOWN HERE!!!!" grayson shouted curled in a ball on the couch,careful of the bulge in his belly. He wore flannel PJ pants with the British flag all over them with one of Pierre's bigger black shirts,which had a few holes in it.Pierre walked downstairs,since he had to change into his PJ's which involved flannel pants with French flags all over them and a red white and blue shirt. He yawned,tired from the long day."wii?" "Do I look fat?" Grayson asked,pouting...
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posted by pumpkinqueen
 France and England team up to spread rumours about Germany
France and England team up to spread rumours about Germany
Found here: link


Baby England and Kid France (The Middle Ages)

France and England grew up together, with France being substantially older than England (though appearance-wise, France is only 3 years older when they are adults). France poked fun at England calling him 'unrefined' because his hair style was out-of-fashion and unlike France's silky hair. England retorted and called France stupid, but after he ran away, England took the words to 心 and began growing his hair. After successfully running away from the Bishop (who wanted to cut his hair because only women have long hair), he...
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 Another Gilbert image.. 哈哈
Another Gilbert image.. Lol
I think 你 already know the notes from the last couple of chapters, so please continue 阅读 this (in Gilbert's words) awesome fanfic with 你 and ze awesome me!

Chapter 3- Tart

I was riding shotgun in Gilbert's car listening to The Fear 由 Lily Allen on my headphones. Even though she swears a lot in this song, I don't care. She's different from everyone else. She sings songs about what the world is really like... I dream off as Gilbert started to talk.

"Hey (y/n), vhat's your... I don't mean to be rude, but..." He paused for a 秒 as I took off my headphones. "What's your Vater like?"...
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 Another Gilbert Beilschmidt 照片
Another Gilbert Beilschmidt photo
Well I don't think anyone minds me 写作 another one, so... Here it is? Hope ya like!
same notes:
-don't like, don't read
-you belong to Gilbert, and the plot belongs to moi.
-If 你 like 阅读 this series, comment!
-and if you're a girl 阅读 this, just make (y/n) the name 你 would have if 你 were a guy.

Chapter 2-Sweet

Gilbert's P.O.V.

VHY IS (Y/N) 老友记 VITH ZE UNAWESOME IVAN?!?!?!?!?! I mean, Ivan is just plain creepy. He seems as if he'd be a molester... I mean, he always vears zat scarf over his neck, and alvays vears a friggin' trench 涂层, 外套 even zhough it could be 100 degrees outside.....
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posted by EverLastingLuv
I've seen a lot of this and it's starting to get on my nerves. There are a lot of 粉丝 on here who are telling other 粉丝 that there pairing doesn't make any sense and that they "don't have a history". Who the hell cares? It's an 日本动漫 for God sakes!
I understand completely where 你 history fangirls are comming from (yes i called 你 history fangirls) with the whole history thing. But that doesn't mean that 你 need to go off and call a UsUk 粉丝 或者 a Franada 粉丝 idiots because their pairing "makes absolutely no sense". I don't support those couples either but I don't go around and calling...
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 That Was Then....
That Was Then....
I looked at them before me, France with a serious look in his ocean eye'd orbs, holding up one end of the cloth, America, having a bit of a disgruntled look. He was looking to the ground but then immeditatly looked up at me with determined eyes, peircing eyes the color of the heavens clouds holding on the other side, and Canada behind it holding it. Holding it with such a soft, kind smile and a bit flustered looking as well, probably because he put this together. The cloth they were holding up, was my flag. I didn't even know what they were up to, but it couldn't be good. I stepped closer and...
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 Our Happy Family
Our Happy Family
I felt myself coming back from the blackness of my slumber. I yawn and say groggily

"A-America? France... Canada?" I wiped my eyes and saw the three men standing over me... a little too close.

"Will 你 all back up? Bloody hell it feels like I'm a bug under a microscope!"

"Ahh seems like we had anything to worry about~ Angleter is fine~!"

"Yes but France... England, he could've been ill, his stocks have been going down- it also didn't help that 你 and America kept fighting over where we'd take him..."

"Hey dude, he's fine! And at least we took him to your house 你 should be skipping and singing...
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I wake up in an alley sitting straight up, and I see someone in front of me. I cant focus. Ugh. No wait. It's three people. I try to get up. "Agh." I say, as I can't eat my arms to move. I'm tied?! I get scared so I yell, "GERMANY!!" "He ain't coming pipsqueak." One of the men say as he slaps my face. "Ack!" I shout high pitched. "Hey, is this even a guy?" One of the other men say as they crush my back. "Let's check. Hehe." One of the men say as they pull down my pants. "NO!! Germany!!!" I shout, as I start to sob. Then they start pulling on the buttons of my shirt. "Please, stop." I say begging...
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'Today I'll be seeing Italy! I wonder if i should make him some spaghetti.' I thought to myself as i went ahead and dressed myself in clothes for our picnic. Then I looked in the mirror. I still have my hair slicked back. Ugh. "Maybe.." I 说 to myself as I ruffled my hair. Great! I don't look so serious now! Italy should like the way I did my hair today. And especially since the fact I put some cold 意大利面 沙拉 in here! He's such an innocent kid. He's so sweet, cute, and pretty.. WAIT. PRETTY?!?! HE'S A GUY FOR GOD'S SAKE!! Then I shook my head in frustration and clasped my hands around my...
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posted by pumpkinqueen
Written 由 me, please 评论 and tell me what 你 think.

Arthur stares at Francis a bit annoyed and angry, he bit his lip hard, ".....I..I can't believe you!! I heard about your little relationship with Spain.....you fucking....betrayer! I can't believe I trusted you! I thought I would give 你 a chance and finally go out with you, but I guess I was wrong. You're a fucking cheating bastard!!!", He growled.

Francis frowns and shakes his head, his blonde hair swinging in the air, "Mon amour, it's not true! I wouldn't betray 你 like zat!"

".....Don't lie to me!! I saw a picture of 你 接吻 Spain..",...
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