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posted by Nicolicious
Alright hobbits let's begin.

My name is Cara, I'm 13 turning 14 and I live in Western Australia. Feel free to call me NicoL, The Great Leader(as others call me), Cara 或者 anything else as long as it doesn't make me feel sad and unimportant. Examples are; Stupid, 嘿 You!, Creepy Kid Who Thinks She Can Spell etc.
Back to what I'm actually supposed to be doing...
As most of 你 know, I am the creator of this club and a fellow Rper. I've been on 潮流粉丝俱乐部 for two years and I imagine myself as a seasoned veteran when dealing with Trolls and crazy Fandom members.
I live in an average 首页 in an average...
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posted by Blaze_of_Ares
Godmodding and overpowering, something we all hate someone doing it. But I'm sure there are some cases where it's acceptable.

First, what is Godmodding and overpowering?

It is like being too powerful. Not being able to get hit 由 anything another person does. Being able to destroy someone in one second. Basically it is like being a God in full power. It is irritating. How can 你 not get hit 由 thousands of 《绿箭侠》 that block out the light, Leonidas got hit.

An example of an OP character is being a child of Chaos and being able to do anything 你 want. Not getting hit while fight 或者 sparring is...
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posted by Winxclubgirl202
 That's me, Sunny :)
That's me, Sunny :)
My new OC for this spot.

Name: Cesletine Valentine Rogers (nicknamed Sunny)
Age: 15
Gender: female
Godly Parent: Apollo
Earthly Parent: Anna Nicole Rogers
Theme Song: Numb- Linkin Park
Personality: I'm a girl who loves music, and writing. I've written tons of medieval stories (love learning about that period) and I 爱情 coming up ideas for new songs.
History: When I was born my mom told me dad just left, it's been me and her ever since. I don't like talking about the 更多 darker parts of my childhood.
Crush: I have one on a bit named Jacob McGrath, he's nicknamed Jake.
Other: I'm great at archery, and never miss a single shot and close 老友记 with Annabeth Chase and Percy Jackson.
 My boyfriend, Jacob
My boyfriend, Jacob
posted by Spikegilfer1997
Name: "Arik" Arisutea Akira Takahashi
Moniker: Knight-shade, the vigilant, 阿凡达 of the fade
Race: Caucasian
Hair Color: Black
Eye color: Black
Height: 6'0
Age: 16
Physique: Slender
Father: Kirito Itsuki Takahashi, Son of Athena
Mother: Nemesis

Apparel: Black Tartarian Shadow-weave 夹克 *#1* , Yin-Yang headband *#2* Kevlar armor, black cloth pants (Shadow-weave) , leather boots, leather bracers, leather gloves, tape hand-wrappings, Black 瓷, 瓷器 mask , lower face ninja mask (Shadow-weave) , dog-tags, claw and fang necklace, Various holsters (Shadow-weave) Backpack (Shadow-weave) various...
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posted by Blaze_of_Ares
So yeah, since everyone made this.

I'm Blaze. I go 由 Blaze Takumi Phoenix. My real name is Bobby Pal Singh, I'm becoming 15 this September. I live in Bandung, Indonesia. I moved from Singapore 2 years ago. What else...oh yeah, incase 你 don't know, Little Cop's(Cara) nickname for me is Iceman, not the Marvel one, but the one from 最佳, 返回页首 Gun. I still can't believe 你 picked that over Maverick. So yeah, if 你 see Iceman on here, it's probably me.

 I'm a gamer cause I don't have a life. I've chosen to have many
I'm a gamer cause I don't have a life. I've chosen to have many
What I like to do..well I'm always online. I'm a Gamer and an Otaku(Anime Lover)....
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posted by ShadowRanger
Okay so I was bored and I thought maybe i would write one of these. So if 你 know me well enough and long enough, I was known as NotSoPerfecMe but then I deleted the account because of academic reasons. But I couldn't stop myself from not rp-ing so I made this account.

So 你 can call me Nina 或者 SR as some people do. As 你 could have guessed, I'm a girl. I live in a not very big, not very small country in Asia called Malaysia. I will be 14 and a half at the end of 下一个 month. I have 4 猫 and my hobbies are reading, crafting, beading and drawing (when I get an inspiration). I would write...
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added by Alvin2442
added by Alvin2442
posted by Mutaliation
For those of 你 who don't know, I was once darkling_menace, but I left for reasons I cannot really explain, but I assume it is because I'm bipolar and also tend to overreact, so yeah.

But enough about my slew of mental issues, let's get to who I am, for the sake of my individuality, I will not mention my name, I live in Houston, Texas, I am Hispanic (but I know little Spanish), and I have an adorable 奇瓦瓦, 奇瓦瓦州 name Lilly. My hobbies include reading, writing, and talking about stuff, I would write 更多 often, but I am really lazy.

I'm a pretty smart person, get good grades and whatnot, the only...
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posted by goodyb0y55
 火影忍者 Fanatic
Naruto Fanatic
Hola, hello, and Aloha. Its me goodyb0y55, aka, Andrew. This is a get to know. I hope 你 enjoy it.

My name is Andrew A. I live in the U-S-of-A. Im 15 so whats up in a 年 I can drive on my own. I 爱情 with my sister Melony, and single Mom, Joanna. Ive lived in like two different states. Arizona and California. Crazy Sandstorms and some slightly questionable Chiefs.
I am proud to live in one of the centers of the old Cowboy world.
Music: I like all music, but Im a conisour on Classic rock. Steven Tyler, Ozzie, and Bon Jovi. I like some other bands. I 爱情 Paramore. I 爱情 there band. The...
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posted by IstJae513
 超能英雄 Together
Heroes Together
(Know that im using the usernames)(also I wanted to add 更多 But i dont know alot of the peopke here.)
IstJae513: Brick 由 Boring Brick
goodyb0y55: Sound of Insanity
Blaze_of_Ares: 21 guns
Nicolicous:Family Tree
Alvin2442:Bleed it out
Kokona97: Not Afraid
percabeth_forev:Thats What 你 Get
-Soul-Smasher-: Your Gonna Go Far Kid
-LionsMane-:Girl 下一个 Door
Swaggie513489:Never Say Never
Spikegifter1997: Wake Me Up When September Ends
Elements: Dust in The Wind
HestiaRocks:Nobodys Home
_Aphrodite_: Beautiful Soul
(Now songs for the Rps themselves[note: the ones Ive joined so far])
Hereos Together: Carry On My Wayward Son
Reanimated Demigods: Bring Me To Life.
Monster King: Monster
Demigods:Guilded Hereos of Terra: New Divide
Adult Demigods: The War Of Darkness:What Ive Done
Dark Demigods: Revenge of The Half-Bloods:Riot
 Here's to Rping
Here's to Rping
posted by goodyb0y55
(Plz note that The characters in this are from difderent fanfics, so will never meet. This is a fanfic inspired 由 IstJae513(Jaeda) and me(goddyb0y55) also slightly OOC)
The ground was soft because of the recently fallen rain. The two rivals glared at each other. Each wanting to know who is strongest, each strong warriors. Madara lunges 前锋, 期待 Kunai in each hand. Serenity closes her eyes for a moment, then with blinfing speed she deflects, Madara's blade knocking it out his hand.
Madara counters with a high kick, blocked 由 Serenity's left forearm. They disperse, Serenity ignoring the sting...
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