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posted by BlairChuckFan
Hanna's 语录 in Season one! ENJOY :D

1X02 "The Jenna Thing"
Hanna: Maybe 你 still look at me as just a friend. The girl I used to be.

Emily: Maybe I'm not the person everyone thinks I am.
Hanna: Who is?

1X03 "To Kill a Mocking Girl"
Hanna: Mom, 你 don't need to do this.
Ashley: Do what?
Hanna: Squeeze his grapefruit.

Mona: Have 你 guys even done it yet?
Hanna: It's not a race Mona.

1X04 "Can 你 Hear Me Now?"
Hanna: I wish we had a drum roll for this. We are officially A-proofed.

Spencer: That 夹克 is really not you.
Hanna: Then it's perfect.

Hanna: If you're gonna...
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