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This H2O Just Add Water 图标 contains 肖像, 爆头, 特写镜头, 特写, 爆头特写, 吸引力, 感染力, 辣味, 热情, and 上诉火辣. There might also be 皮肤, 肤色, 裸色, 偏下体, 暗示裸体, skintone, 部分裸体, 隐含的裸露, 部分下体, and 隐含的裸体.

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rare planetary alingment can cause the full moon to remove a 《美人鱼》 powers permanetly! 夏洛特 shows immunity and tries to reveal the girls secret. The girls follow and a battle erupts. But who will win?
season 2
episode 36
full episode
full moon
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how too dump some one is quiete hard it seems esay but its not.think about somebody dumping u i woulednt like it so if u think that u need to read this for fun 或者 help help youre self!
1.first get the person youre dumping(by dumping i mean not being girlfrend boyfrend bussnice)
2. get too a place where there is no one there
3. hold his/her hand and have a cute small voice
4. say this (for a boy say the 爱情 word in it so he will think u still 爱情 him){for a girl allways say darling cuz girls 爱情 the word darling)
5. when the talking is finshed u can go and for like 1 或者 2 或者 更多 days u will get upset and sad
6. if u get too sad message me in 潮流粉丝俱乐部 so i can help u ( i 爱情 helping )
7.after that everything will be finshed but just think if u wana dup a person ok(xxxx thank s for reading!!!! youre the best!!!and please message me if anything goes wrong 或者 u need help!xxxxx
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I've got a special power
That I'm not afraid to use.
So come on,this is my adventure
And this is my fantasy.
It's all about living in the ocean,
Being wild and free.

'Cause I'm no ordinary girl,
I'm from the deep, blue underworld,
Land 或者 sea,
I've got the power if I just believe.

'Cause I'm no ordinary girl,
I'm from the deep, blue underworld,
Land 或者 sea,
The world's my oyster,
I'm the pearl,
No ordinary girl.

We've got to stick together
'Cause the best things come in three.
Want it to last for ever
All the magic and fun at sea.

So come on ,this is our adventure,
There's no telling where...
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