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 Girls at the 海滩
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Girls at the 海滩
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This H2O Just Add Water 照片 contains 比基尼, 两件泳衣, 泳衣, 比基尼泳装, and 两件套泳衣.

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When you're a mermaid 你 have to avoid water at all cost but the thing is it really changes your life. Bein' a mermaid, having a power over water,
gettin to swim in the ocean, swim with dolphins
whenever 你 want.

The Trio

She can mold/control water and has the power of wind which she got in season 2. At first she was scared and didn't enjoy havin a tail. But then
later she enjoys it. She is girly and wears a lot of 粉, 粉色 and purple. She always talks about Lewis when she is with her 老友记 或者 even to her family. She forms a relationship as goin' out with Lewis for awhile but then she breaks...
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