• Gumirumi. A bunch of Gumi pictures. XD. HD Wallpaper and background images in the Gumi (Vocaloids) club tagged: gumi megpoid deco*27 vocaloid megpoid gumi.

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    A bunch of Gumi pictures. XD

    密码: gumi, megpoid, deco*27, vocaloid, megpoid gumi

    Fanpup says...

    This Gumi (Vocaloids) photo contains 花束, 胸花, 波西, 香奈儿, 捧花, and 铭文. There might also be 无须虹膜, 无暇虹膜, 胡子拉碴的虹膜, 有胡子的虹膜, 鸢尾, 玫瑰, 玫瑰色, and 复苏.