>”Derek…I um…” Meredith started nervously.
>”Do 你 want me leave ?” Derek asked. “Cause if 你 do, that is perfectly fine, I know its still early for us to be like we used to…”
>”No, I don’t want 你 to leave!”
Meredith cut him. She extended her hand curled it around his perfectly fit waist. He closed his arms around her little frame, feeling 更多 happy and alive that he had ever felt for the last four years, with the exception of the moment when he got in Jay’s and Cassy’s room. Meredith laid her head on his chest and sighted. She didn’t know how to tell him what she wanted.
>”I just think, that this time around we should um 你 know, before Addison showed up, we kind of had..well, I mean, do 你 remember we wanted to make some…”
>”Rules !”
He stated and smiled. Of course he remembers. He remembers everything he had ever been through with Meredith cause the moments he’d spend with her were the most important ones of his whole life. He was content just 由 standing 下一个 to her.
>”Yes!” Meredith continued. “Rules.” She quoted his reply and met his dreamy smile.
>” Ok.”
>” Ok so, um rule number one… we’re exclusive, we only 日期 on another, no 接吻 with others.”
She 说 in a kind of amused tone, to let him know that she is working to get over it and that what’s really important is that they are once again together, this time for good they both hope.
>” Consider it done! “ He said, with a teasing tone, matching hers while he was stroking her hair. She just giggled and let him continue to rule number two.
>”How about we make saying I 爱情 you, rule number two. Any time we feel like it, the morning when we wake up, the night before we go to sleep and any time in between.? “ He asked hesitantly.
>” That is a great idea. “ Meredith answered, she smiled, backed off from his lap a while to meet his baby blue eyes, that made her weak on her knees even 由 just looking in them, placed a hand on his chest and the other tugged at the back of his neck playing with his curly hair, that hadn’t changed at all in four years and he relaxed in her touch. Then she leaned in and kissed him. He was taken aback 由 her action, the feeling of her lips on his was bewitching, and her levander smell simply intoxicating. Once he came to his senses, he answered the 吻乐队(Kiss) with lust, letting her know how much he missed her. They broke of for air after a while and went back to the hugging possition they were on before the heated session.

>” C, sleepovers.” Meredith 说 without any warning that she was continuing their discussion.

Derek was stunned. Meredith, the S&M Meredith, his Meredith had just suggested sleepovers as a rule.

>” I don’t want to spend another night not being in your arms. “ Meredith 说 and sighted agains his chest. While Derek hugged her even tighter in a way of letting her know that he is never leaving her again.

>” I 爱情 you.” 说 Derek and smiled. “And I don’t wan’t to spend another night not holding 你 either 或者 going to 床, 床上 with 你 或者 waking up 下一个 to 你 after that.” He finished his sentence and laughed as Meredith left out a breath even she didn’t know she was holding.

>” Were 你 seriously holding your breath ?” He asked amused while still laughing.
Meredith backed off from his lap only to 拍击, smack, 味道 him lightly in the chest with her tiny inaffectual wrists, causing him to laugh even louder while she was giggling joining him.

>” Oh shut up! “ was all she managed to say while struggling to take a breath. Then all of a sudden Derek started tickling her so her giggle could get louder and fill his ears with delight. She laid in 床, 床上 while trying to avoid his tickling assault and he fall on 最佳, 返回页首 of her. The tension was just extravagant as he was lying on 最佳, 返回页首 of her small frame supporting his weight on his elbows that were enclosing between them her arms. His breath was like hot air that was blowing on the crack of her neck and that was when she realised that the tickling had stopped and that they were 迷失 on their own magical world for what seemed like eternity, and in this moment it felt like nothing bad had ever happened between them as the both locked eyes with each other praying for this moment to never end. Derek was the first to make a move, escaping the breathtaking eyes of Meredith. He slightly leaned in attempting to 吻乐队(Kiss) her but he stopped halfway making her to come to him in case she wants to continue the prosess. Meredith moved 前锋, 期待 and met his lips. She was slightly taken aback 由 his force but quickly met the excpectations of the kissing. Derek groaned roughly as he let a hand hover over the area of her stomach slightly carresing her upper body through the fabric on its way down. Meredith moaned into his mouth 由 the pleasure of both his hands on her body and his tongue in her mouth carresing the surroundings. It wasn’t until a moment later when they were struggling to get some air once their making out was done, that they remebered they couldn’t go any further. It wasn’t the right time 或者 place. It was still early for them, not matter if what they dreaded 更多 was to be inseperable and make love, they wanted their relationship to work so they had to give every activity its time. Furthermore just down the hall, their kids were still fast asleep but could wake up any moment with they slightest noise and barg into the room. Derek backed off leaving Meredith surprised but kissed her lips again softly before sitting up on the bed, in which used to be his side and then helping her sitt up and letting her head fall on his shoulder while on hand went behind her back and around her small frame resting on her upper arm. Meredith let out a groan making him understand that she was frustrated that he ended their scene without any explanation. Derek caught the meaning of it and chuckled only to earn a glare from Meredith that she was now completely pissed of at him. Derek continued to giggle. Meredith stared at him and backed off. Derek grabbed her arm and sat her on his lap. Meredith stiffened and Derek started talking.

>” Mer come on, 你 know I 爱情 you, but we can’t do this right here. The kids are right 下一个 door and you’re confused shouldn’t we wait a little, I want us to do it right this time. “
>” God I’m sorry Der, you’re right I just…. I’ve missed 你 so much that when you’re 下一个 to me I start to lose control. “
>” Don’t worry Mer, I feel the same way. I just, its difficult for me to push 你 away when we were this close to making 爱情 after all this time but I don’t want to damage our kids…”
He laughed as he finished talking.
>”What do 你 mean damage ?” She asked with a teasing smile.
>” Oh come on don’t tell me you’re not loud when…” Derek started but he was cut of 由 a seemingly embarrased Meredith putting her arms on her head….
>”Oh God I didn’t need to be reminded about that…” Meredith groaned as embarrasing memories made her way back to her mind. Just as she finished talking Derek’s phone started ringing. Who could possibly be calling at this time. Probably the hospital thought Meredith. She was watching Derek whose reaction changed and he was washed with obvisous guilt as soon as he saw the name of the one calling him ‘Amy’!

*And here I slowly back away and leave the room... Please don't kill me...xD*