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Friendly Encounters- Chapter 6

This chapter is rated M.

Blair and Serena had become quick 老友记 and she thanked god for that. Blair desperately needed someone to talk to now about everything that was going on in her life.
“Serena, I just don’t know. What do 你 think I should do about Nate and Chuck?” She had told her everything, including how she had fallen for Chuck.
Serena titled her head to the side, while she contemplated her choices. “I think 你 should go for it, Blair. 你 obviously don’t feel it for Nate, so 你 should give it a shot with Chuck.”
She smoothed her headband down which was already in perfect shape, but it showed her nervous she was. “I’m scared though. What if we start going out and then things go wrong? Then I wouldn’t have my best friend anymore. And that’s the only part that’s stopping me 或者 I would 爱情 to with him.”
Serena mulled it over. “You have to decide what’s 更多 important to you, Blair. Being with him 或者 his friendship.”
“Our friendship means everything to me and I never want to give that up.”
She sighed. “Blair, if it means that much to 你 that I guess 你 shouldn’t risk it. But the 问题 is, can 你 go back to just being friends?”
“I don’t think so.”
“That’s the hard part about it, Blair. 你 could lose either way.”
“I know.” She 说 in a small voice, Serena’s words scaring her even more. She had to change the subject. “What about you? How’s your 爱情 life?”
Serena let out a little laugh. “I guess we must be 老友记 if you’re asking me that question. I had been dating this guy, but I broke it off. He was very egotistical.”
“Who was it?”
“Dan Humphrey.”
“What?” Blair screeched. “He’s like the 秒 most 流行的 boy in our class. How did 你 land him?”
She glared at Blair angrily. “You mean how did ratty, disgusting, looking me land him?”
“That’s not what I mean, S.” She had opened her big mouth and instantly regretted it.
“Forget it, Blair.”
She started to cry. “I’m sorry, Serena. I can’t lose 你 too. I feel like my whole life is falling apart. I always planned out how my life would go, but this whole thing with Chuck has just thrown me for a loop. I’m so confused.”
Serena instantly forgave her, because she knew that she was under a lot of stress. “It’s alright Blair; I know 你 didn’t mean any harm 由 it. But 你 have to remember you’re not the only one under stress. My father is pressuring me too.”
“I know, Serena. I am sorry.”
“We’ll get through it, B. It will all be okay, everything always works out for the best.”

“You wanted to see me, Chuck?” She asked, as she entered his suite.
“Hey, Blair.” He replied. He quickly appraised himself in the mirror; he had to be ready to do this in order to win Blair over.
“So what’s up?” She thought it would be awkward, but it wasn’t. Even with all of the sexual chemistry, she realized they still had the most important thing. Their friendship, it was still there.
He went over to her and placed his hands on her shoulder. Well, maybe the friendship wasn’t so much the issue, but the chemistry sure as hell was. As soon as Chuck touched her, she basically melted into a pile of goo. That had to be fixed immediately. She looked into his intensely lit eyes.
“I’ve been thinking about what’s happened lately between us Blair, and I’ve come to a decision.”
He didn’t elaborate. “Well?” She asked impatiently, she wanted to hear what he thought.
“I think 你 should stay with Nate.” He replied with an absolutely straight face.
“You heard me, didn’t you?”
“Yeah, I did.” She shook her head rapidly, trying to get rid of her jumbled thoughts. “I just want to know why. The other day, 你 almost kissed me in front of the whole school and were going on how 你 wanted to try and have a relationship with me.”
He moved even closer. “Well, like 你 said, I don’t want to ruin our friendship. We’re probably better of as just friends.”
“I guess you’re right, Chuck. Do 你 really think so?”
“Of course not, Blair.” He 说 as his fingers wound in her hair and his mouth fastened on hers.
Her arms immediately went to his waist, as his tongue plundered the inside of her mouth. Blair grasped his hair as they ate away at each other’s mouths. The pleasure exploded in her stomach, and she knew that they just couldn’t go back to just being friends. Not when it was like this.
“Chuck.” She moaned, as his hand moved down on to her ass.
“Yeah, baby?”He groaned and she loved the sound of it. She had made Chuck 低音 aroused and they sent an undeniable thrill through her. They continued kissing, their tongues sliding together, and pretty soon it turned hotter than just kissing.
His hand crept under her 短裙, 裙子 and she finally felt his hand on the part of her that she had been dying for him to touch. He cupped her through her panties. “You’re so wet, Blair. I fucking 爱情 it.” His voice came out as a growl.
She became bolder and reached for his erection that was obscenely sticking out from his pants. She caressed him for a few minutes.
“Fuck.” He cursed. He removed her hand from him, and ground his pelvis into her. Things were getting hot and heavy, very quickly.
“I need 你 so bad, Blair. Don’t deny me anymore.” She felt his breath on her face, as he panted into her ear.
Chuck’s words broke her out of her arousal and she quickly detached herself from him. She had almost had sex with him again. It was getting too dangerous to even be around him. “This has to stop, Chuck. I told 你 that I just wanted to be friends.”
He let out a strained bit of laughter. “Right, Blair. 你 just want to be friends, that’s why I felt your arousal dripping down my fingers and 你 grinding on 最佳, 返回页首 of me. Is that how 你 treat all of your friends?”
She didn’t even answer him; instead she grabbed her clutch and stalked to the door. She didn’t need to take this crap, especially from him.
He placed his hand over the door, so she couldn’t open it. “Don’t go. I’m sorry that I 说 that.”
Blair shot him a bitchy look. “I’m not going to stay here if all you’re going to do is insult me and be crude.”
Chuck sighed and moved away from her. “I already 说 that I’m sorry. But 你 get me so frustrated. Why do 你 keep ignoring what is there between us? It’s right in front of your face, Blair.”
“I have to ignore it. I don’t want our friendship to be messed up and it’s not fair to Nate. He’s a good guy.”
“Our friendship is already messed up, Blair. 你 and I both know that we can’t go back to just being 老友记 now, it’s impossible.”
“Well, I’m going to try my damndest to make sure we can.”
Chuck moved closer to her again and he saw her wary eyes. She was scared that if he got too close, that she wouldn’t be able to contain herself around him. That made him smirk. He ran his hand across her collarbone and neck. “Tell me that 你 don’t want me and I’ll leave 你 alone.”
Blair remained stubbornly silent.
“Tell me.” He insisted.
She shook her head, trying to starve off the waves of pleasure that were coursing through her. He dipped his head and sucked at her neck. “Tell me, Blair.” He whispered seductively.
She broke. “I can’t tell 你 that! 你 know how much I want you!”
That was all he needed to hear. Satisfaction roared through his body and he dipped his head to 吻乐队(Kiss) her. Not a passionate kiss. He sipped at her lips and just when she reached for his lips with hers, he broke it off.
“I never thought 你 would admit that 你 craved my body.” Chuck said, with his usual cocky grin on his face.
Blair felt a smile coming to her lips, but fought to fight it off. This was becoming much too complicated. “We can’t keep doing this, Chuck. We’re going to drive ourselves insane. And I do have a boyfriend.”
“Break up with him.”
“What? Are 你 serious?”
He pulled her body back to his. “Yeah, I have never been 更多 serious in my life. I don’t want 你 with anybody. But me.”
“That’s impossible though.”
He raked his hand through his hair in frustration. “Why? 你 want me and I sure as hell want you. I really want to be with you, Blair. And it’s not just about the sex. I want to have a relationship with 你 and all that it entails. You’re the first person that has ever made me feel this way.”
She swallowed hard. She wanted that 更多 than anything, but she knew that it couldn’t happen. At least not yet. “If 你 were anybody else, I would break up with Nate immediately. But, I’m scared. I can’t risk getting my 心 broken 由 you.”
“Why would I break your heart?”
“If we had a relationship, I know I wouldn’t be the only woman in your life.” She held up a hand, when she noticed that he was about to interrupt her. “Let me finish. I know that 你 need to sleep with 更多 than one woman at a time and I do understand that. I really do. But that’s not how I work. I need to be the only person in your life and I know that would never happen.”
He shook his head. “I know that’s what 你 think, but you’re wrong. I don’t want anybody but you.”
“For now, Chuck. After a while, you’ll get sick of me and get 搜索 for another lady to take care of your needs. And that would kill me. So, I will stay with Nate. Not because I want to but because I need too. This thing with him is nice and comfortable, and with 你 it’s just so complicated.”
His face turned hard and cold. “That is the stupidest bullshit I have ever heard. Maybe the problem is that 你 don’t want me as much as I want you.”
She couldn’t have him thinking that, so she moved closer and touched his face tenderly. “You know that’s not true. I want 你 更多 than I want to take my 下一个 breath. I wish 你 could understand Chuck, I just don’t want to risk it.”
He reached out for her. “Blair…”
She extracted herself from his arms. It was time to put her words to meaning. “I’m going to leave, Chuck. And I think it would be best if we didn’t see each other for awhile. Goodbye.”
He watched as she left and he had never felt 更多 alone 或者 pathetic in his life. He wanted Blair so much and most of all he was worried that she would give up her virginity to Nate and that scared the hell out of him. He remembered back to the time, when he had told her about losing his.

“I did it, B.”
“Did what?”
“You know the thing we’ve been talking about. I finally did it.”
Blair looked at him in mock outrage. “Are 你 serious? You’re only twelve years old!” She 说 the last sentence on an indignant tone.
He smirked. “I’m a man now, B.”
She couldn’t help but laugh. “Who was it?”
“Are 你 ready? Blair nodded. “Georgina Sparks.”
“You slept with that bitch? Couldn’t 你 have found somebody better than that to practice with?”
“I didn’t care who it was with. I just wanted to get it over with, 你 know? I have a feeling now that I’ve done it, that I won’t be slowing down anytime soon.” He looked so pleased with himself, that Blair didn’t have the 心 to tell him what Georgina was capable of.
She became curious. “How was it?”
A dreamy look came over Chuck’s face. A look that she had never seen before. “Amazing. But I’m sure I’ll get better at it too.”
“Pick somebody better 下一个 time, Chuck.”
“Are 你 offering your services?” He asked with a playful smile.
“Do 你 know how heinous, 你 are? 你 know that I won’t sleep with just anybody, I want it to be special.”
“It’s just sex, Blair. 你 make too much of it. 你 should just get it over with, like I did. And then you’ll be able to enjoy yourself more.”
“That’s not the life I want, Chuck.”
He laughed. “I bet you’ll be a virgin until you’re twenty-five, B.” She didn’t argue with him on that point.

No wonder she didn’t want to sleep with him, Chuck thought. He remembered how he paraded girls in front of her and he knew that she thought after they slept together that he would be done with her. He knew without a doubt, that wasn’t true, but now he needed to convince Blair of that fact. She was all he wanted and he wasn’t about to give up. It was time to up his game.

She had done a good job of avoiding Chuck. For the past two weeks, she hadn’t seen him at all. Blair missed his company desperately, but they had to spend some time apart. She figured that if she left him alone for a while that his attraction to her would dim and when that happened, they could go back to being friends. And she would lust for him in private. It was a horrible plan but it was the only thing she had to go on.
But a major wrench had just been thrown in her plan. She had forgotten all about the Biology school trip. A few months 以前 her teacher had mentioned that they would be going on a fieldtrip to study composts, and different kind of plants and they had to take samples of all the different things in the woods. She had actually been looking 前锋, 期待 to this since it was a way to get out of a class for a day. The only problem was that she, Chuck, and Nate all had the same teacher, so they would all be on the same charter bus for the trip. This was bound to be awkward.
A short while later, it was time for their fieldtrip. Blair got on the bus and spotted Nate and she took the 座位 下一个 to him. Nate had really been trying to get their relationship back on track and she had to give him credit. She threaded her fingers through his and tried to think of anything but Chuck. It wasn’t working, as usual.
Right before the bus was supposed to take off, Chuck came on. It was just like him to be the last one on. He spotted Blair and he smirked at her. She wanted to wipe that smirk right off of his face. With a kiss. She gave him a small smile and he went to sit a couple of rows back.
This was going to be one hell of a long day. She turned around to glance at Chuck and found that his eyes had never left the back of her head. He was just staring at her. She decided to do something childish, just to get him off of her mind for a minute. She grabbed Nate and slipped her tongue into his mouth, he responded with fever. She threaded her fingers through his hair while they kissed wildly. She finally broke the 吻乐队(Kiss) and noticed that Nate was hard.
“I’m sorry, Nate.”
He grinned and it actually made her sick to her stomach. “I’m not.”
She turned around again to see Chuck’s reaction and she had never seen him so mad. His eyes were hard and angry, and he was clenching his jaw together so tightly that she worried that he actually might break it. His eyes bored into hers, and she had to look away from the power of his stare. She knew that he was going to get her back for this.
The rest of the 日 passed without incident, all the students went to go collect their samples and everybody was led to a different spot. So that the results would be widespread. Blair was circling around a tree, trying to find a particular root, when somebody roughly grabbed her arm. She knew that it was Chuck instantly.
“Do 你 mind telling me what the fuck that was back there? Are 你 proud of your little stunt?” His breath was hot on her face and the rage was still evident in his voice.
“What are 你 even doing here? We’re supposed to be in different spots, Chuck.”
“Answer the damn question. Why the hell did 你 吻乐队(Kiss) him like that?”
She looked into his face and felt the blood drain from hers. He really was angry. “I’m his girlfriend, Chuck. That’s what we do. Did it make 你 jealous?”
“So fucking much. I wanted to kill him when I saw his hands all over you.”
Blair was shocked at his admission and they stared at each other for what felt like hours.
She didn’t know who made the first move, but in a matter of 分钟 they were all over each other. He picked her up and her legs wrapped around his waist as they kissed heatedly. Chuck had one objective and that was to get Blair off. He wasn’t going to let her stop it this time.
“Chuck, I want 你 so much.” She was tired of fighting it and she did not put up a fight when his hand went to her breast and then under her 短裙, 裙子 and straight to her wet panties.
He rubbed slowly and tantalizingly until she was writhing against the tree. He continued to rub her, coating his fingers with her juices.
He whispered into her ear, “I want 你 to cum, Blair. Will 你 do that for me?”
The strength had left her and she could form no words with her tongue, but she nodded her head weakly.
“You feel so fucking good, Blair. Just let go.” She felt her arousal get higher at his words and she felt herself beginning to peak. Just before she let go with a mind shattering orgasm, he thrust his fingers under her panties and felt her bare flesh for the first time. He felt like he could cum, just be watching her face. He rubbed her clit one last time and she exploded, he slipped his tongue into her mouth while she did.
“Oh My GOD!!!!!!!” Blair had to fight to keep quiet, but little noises bubbled out of her throat.
Chuck kissed her one last time with a self satisfied smirk on his face, and then he left her 由 herself. It was like it was all a game to him. She couldn’t let this go on anymore. It was time. She had to lose her virginity. To Nate.

To Be Continued…

A/N: Alright, I don’t want 你 to be alarmed at the last sentence. This is no way going to turn into a Nate and Blair storyline, I just wanted to 显示 Blair’s frustration with Chuck and what she feels like she has to do in order to get him out of her mind once and for all. So, what did 你 think of this Chapter? Too hot? Please leave me a review, that’s the only way for me to know if you’re enjoying it.
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