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Chapter 2: Let the Pens fly.

It was all over. Once the mysterious stranger came aboard it was like every whore on that plane ride was in a trance of some sort. Their minds filled with 问题 as to who he was, why was he going to Hawaii, and most importantly, was he single? 麦酒, ale, 啤酒 had never seen such a beautiful creature in all her life. His eyes alone, looked like something described in a fairytale, so blue that they were merely white in some areas. His lips full and pondering as he looked for his seat. His hair lying across his brow, but of course 麦酒, ale, 啤酒 wasn’t paying much attention. She was focusing on where the handsome stranger was to be seated. That and what type of shoes he was wearing, due to her obsession.
Brand name Sneakers. She approved, because to be honest they looked expensive enough.
Damn it, 麦酒, ale, 啤酒 thought to herself
The 座位 下一个 to her was preoccupied 由 Olga. Ugh!
It wasn’t that she didn’t want to sit 下一个 to Olga, but 麦酒, ale, 啤酒 was pretty sure her follow GGSW would understand, after all there was no doubt in Ale’s mind that Olga was wondering the same thing, at this very moment as well. as she too was checking out Mr. Mysterious herself. As the Mysterious stranger made his way though the plane, passing people, left and right, 麦酒, ale, 啤酒 and Olga watched eagerly to see whom he’d end up sitting 下一个 too. A girlfriend? A friend? A GGSW?! 麦酒, ale, 啤酒 didn’t know what to feel. A part of her wanted a follow whore to at least sit 下一个 to him, but then another part of her knew that if that was to happen, the whore in 问题 would fall for him too, why wouldn’t she? What with his intense blue eyes and that smirk? God, she wished so much that she had her own 座位 下一个 to her. 或者 better yet a empty plane. But no, he would 座位 with someone else, and what would that leave her exactly? Nada.
As the mysterious stranger turned his beautiful face slightly, Olga and 麦酒, ale, 啤酒 quickly turned around. Both their faces turning red as they tried to hold in the giggles.
Shaking his head, confused, the stranger looked at the numbers at the 最佳, 返回页首 of the seats, looking for one that would match the number on his ticket, it took him a moment, but Finally he had found it, and who was seating there? Olga and 麦酒, ale, 啤酒 couldn’t see a face. Which in the end only pissed them both off. It was probably a girlfriend who got on the plane before him. No worst. It was a wife. That slut.
“Nice view right?” Shandi asked 麦酒, ale, 啤酒 and Olga, while she and Sara sat in the 座位 in front of them.
麦酒, ale, 啤酒 nodded.
“Very nice, do 你 know him?”
“Of course not, but it’s not the point, do we know who he’s sitting by?” Sara asked, looking over. Her eyes widening as she saw the familiar face of her follow whore, Who was looking at the stranger in awe as he put up his carry-on.
“OH MY GOD!” Sara gasp in shock.
Olga and 麦酒, ale, 啤酒 nearly stood just to see what Sara was oh my goding about, when suddenly they heard a voice.
His voice was a deep voice. Manly and serene. But not deep enough where it would scare off the children on the plane, and when he spoke he had a honest look to his blue eyes that seemed like they shined even 更多 with each word. He asked how the GGSW was doing but Olga and 麦酒, ale, 啤酒 still couldn’t see who it was.
“Sara, Spill who is it?!”
Shandi looked around and saw all the GGSW around the plane. There was Tiff and Kristin, Mel and Mari, as Shandi was looking at their faces, there was one she couldn’t find.
“Elli” she whispered to the girls as she witnessed the stranger nodding to their friend.
Un-freaking-believable. 麦酒, ale, 啤酒 thought. Figures this would happen to her, not only is Elli looking at him like he was Ed Westwick himself, but she got to see his eyes up close and his chest and his--AHHHHHHHHHHH! If 麦酒, ale, 啤酒 could she’d scream at the 最佳, 返回页首 of her lungs she so would at this moment. But that would cause a scene and she was just to good for that. Looking to see if the other GGSW, 麦酒, ale, 啤酒 was not shocked at all to see that everyone of them had. Well except for Heather, who was to busy zoning out with her beloved music. Her eyes were closed and 麦酒, ale, 啤酒 wanted so badly to say something to the girl for her to notice who was sitting right behind her.
麦酒, ale, 啤酒 didn’t really want Heather to notice to much, just for her to be aware that there was the most amazing hot guy sitting behind her and she should count her blessings, because 麦酒, ale, 啤酒 was sure that all the girls wanted to be where Heather was. Even Mel and that was saying something. Wait. No. everyone wanted to be where Elli was, because 由 the looks of things, she was enjoying herself quite a bit, what with her arm bushing against his.
“Let me throw something at her” 麦酒, ale, 啤酒 said, muttering something in Spanish to Olga. Sara and Shandi shook their heads.
“Not at Elle, what if 你 hit him 由 accident?!” Shandi protested as Olga and 麦酒, ale, 啤酒 reached in Ale’s 钱包 for something to throw.
“Of course not, Heather to get her attention duh, I’m not about to have her sit near that sex god and have her not know okay? It takes the fun out of it”
Shandi couldn’t believe they were doing this. She had to stop this, what if they hit his pretty face? Then what? No eye 糖果 for the trip and talking to him would definitely be out of the picture. For all GGSWs!
She had to think quick. 麦酒, ale, 啤酒 and Olga were on a Mission and she’d be damn if they were going to ruin anything, thankfully Sara was one step a head of her.
“HEY TIFF! DD!!” Sara screamed as a old lady sitting in front of her hissed in a annoyance
Tiff looked up at the sound of her name as her and Kristin 日 dreamed about the man sitting 下一个 to Elli.
“Yeah?” Tiff screamed back confused, as she noticed the stranger looking at both her and Sara with a Puzzling face.
“Tiff, didn’t 你 say 你 dropped something in the 座位 behind you?!”
Tiff shook her head slowly, when Kristin caught a glance at Olga and 麦酒, ale, 啤酒 digging in the huge 钱包 as Sara motioned to Heather and winked. Kristin caught on and elbowed Tiff in the rib making Tiff Jerk in response.
“You dropped your Twilight Book Tiff, remember, 你 brought it to read? Maybe 你 should ask someone to get it for you--you know someone close before the plane takes off, I think it went under his seat?” Kristin said, pointing in the direction of the stranger. Encouraging Tiff to ask him.
“Oh! How silly of me” Tiff said, her face serious, and raising a eyebrow at Sara as Shandi pointed a finger at Olga who now had a Pen in her hand, ready for aim.
Oh my god.
Tiff wanted to bust into laughter, what were they trying to do exactly? Strike someone with it? 由 the look in their eyes. Yes. Yes they were. HA!
The same old lady who hissed at Sara was now huffing every five 分钟 from being disturbed. With every new huff, a glare would come from a different direction.
“Would 你 stop with the huffing already? Jeez!” Tiff heard Mel complaint as she tried to get comfortable.
Tiff had to focus because at this moment, she realized they weren’t hitting Elli. They were hitting Heather, who was right in front of--
“Oh man” Tiff said, in a panic when she found herself tapping the stranger on the shoulder. Her face turned red as she stumbled on her words. Mari and Sandra giggled.
Damn, your so fine. Tiff thought to herself, as Kristin finished her sentence.
“What Tiff, is trying to say there a Book, under your seat? It’s huge 你 can’t miss it. It has a apple”
The stranger then looked under his 座位 and before he could get back up, the pen went flying in mid air. Landing right behind his very seat. When he got back up he shrugged and shook his head, saying something about not seeing it. Tiff nodded and Kristin giggled a little.
“AHHHH I MISSED! How the hell--”
Seeing the pen fly by, Mel gave the girls a look and busted into laugher as she turned around and smacked the empty 座位 下一个 to Heather really hard.
“HEATHER!!!” she screamed very loudly in Heather’s ear.
as a reaction to the sound of her name Heather Jumped right out of her seat, hitting her head in the process 由 the carry-ones.
“Shit Mel. God!”
“Just call me 由 my name Heather, 你 know this” Mel 说 with a smile. Sara and Shandi laughed, but of course Heather didn’t find it amusing. She never found what Mel 说 amusing, and though she loved Mel, it was a love/hate thing. Frienmiess in a way.
“What do 你 want--”
“I want 你 to turn already and Thank God, aka Me that I gave 你 that seat”
Heather rolled her eyes and reluctantly listened to Mel. Which was a first. She didn’t know why she was listening, but something told her it would be a good idea. Besides. All the GGSWs were encouraging her to do so. She had to find out why.
“Okay what is the big--”
And as soon as her eyes laid on his face, she felt like she was going to faint. And she grew speechless.
“Are 你 okay? That didn’t look pretty” he said, looking concerned as Elli kept looking at him from the side. Laughing to herself at the fact that Heather just hurt herself. The girl will literally laugh about everything. It’s unbelievable.
Heather rubbed her head and nodded. Not saying much.
“I’m fine, 音乐 was on, a little to loud. I guess.” she said, and glared at Mel who was smiling and reaching for her personally made traveling Pillow.
The stranger smiled, and when he did Heather felt like hugging him. Not only does he have pretty eyes put pretty teeth too? Gah. He was a Gossip Girl Hybrid if she ever seen one. His eyes even put Chace’s to shame, which was saying something because his eyes were really blue.
Heather was about to ask for a name when suddenly the plane’s captain came on the speaker, to tell everyone the usual, only when he did, he added no horse play. Which was a first to hear. As the lady in the front showed them how to protect themselves in case of a emergency, Sandra and Mari were giggling and eating 糖果 that Sandra had sneaked in, while the rest of the GGWS just relaxed. all of them take a glance at the stranger every now and then of course :))

everything was going to plan. Hawaii was only a few 更多 hours away and well before they knew it, the GGSW will be sunbathing on the 海滩 in no time.