Okay, so I was hanging out on this fabulous spot, when I came across a 粉丝 pick that caught my eye.

"if 你 were stranged on a Island, who would 你 want with you?"
或者 something along those lines. THEN IT HAPPEND.

Ladies...we're all going on a Trip. ^_^ don't worry, we're all gonna live, but there are going to be some funnnyy situations, and In order to do that I have to make us girls 更多 Dramatic. even those of us who are already drama queens hehe :) since there are a lot of us girls in the GGSW, I'm going to try to add everyone on Shandi's list. I'll be true to your character as much as possible, but I wanted to warn you, what 你 see, is NOT how I see you, trust me I'll even be making fun of myself, so don't take this personally okay? I promise, I mean no harm, I think we're all rather mature people and can take a Joke, I Mean...we are Spoiler Whores. LMAO.

so here's the Details

Title: Castaway Whores *May change
Summaries: They all thought they'd end up on the beautiful Island of Maui, spend time sun-bathing, surfing the waves, but when a plane crash lands 16 girls on a unknown Island, with just one suitcase to depend on,they will learn what it truely means to be without. will they make it out sane? 或者 drive each other crazy? esp. now that there's a computer in sight?
time can only tell I'm afraid.
Date: SOON!