(Part 2)

*Tokyo, Japan*

Godzilla: *Smacks a building with his tail, knocking it over*

Nick Roy: *Dodges the building* I need to find Faith! *Runs*

Godzilla: *Spots Nick Roy*

Nick Roy: *Looks behind himself* Uh oh...

Godzilla: *Notices a group of Type 74 Tanks heading towards him and roars*

Nick Roy: *Runs*

Solider #1: Citizen! 你 need to get to an evacuation point!

Nick Roy: I can't right now! I need to find Faith!

Solider #1: Citizen! We need 你 to-

Nick Roy: *Jumps over a blockade* Sorry!

*Tokyo Downtown*

Godzilla: *Fires his atomic breath at the Type 74 Tanks*

Type 74 Tanks: *Destroyed*

Godzilla: *Roars*

Nick Roy: *Notices the Newspaper Office and runs inside* Faith! Takashi!

Faith Lewellyn: *Unconscious, under a load of rubble*

Nick Roy: *Sees Faith and goes to her* Faith! Faith! It's me, Nick!

Faith Lewellyn: *Not responding*

Nick Roy: *Checks Faith's pulse* I can feel it...she's still alive! *Lifts the rubble off her and puts her on his back* Let's get 你 out of here! *Starts to run out of the Newspaper Office*

Godzilla: *Roars and steps on some 更多 Type 74 Tanks*

Nick Roy: *Spots Godzilla, and runs still carrying Faith on his back*

Godzilla: *Turns and spots Nick Roy*

Nick Roy: *Keeps running*

Godzilla: *Prepares an Atomic Breath*

Nick Roy: *Keeps running, not stopping 或者 slowing*

*Suddenly, F-1 CCV Jets start firing missiles at Godzilla*

Godzilla: *Dodges the missiles and fires his Atomic Breath at the F-1 CCV Jets*

Nick Roy: *Sees the evacuation point* Hey! Got room for two?

Solider #1: Yes! Get in! *Opens up the doors*

Nick Roy: *Still carrying Faith, runs in*

Solider #1: *Closes the gates*


Nick Roy: *Tending to Faith Lewellyn*

Faith Lewellyn: *Wakes up* Huh?! Where am I?!

Nick Roy: Faith, you're safe.

Faith Lewellyn: *Gives Nick Roy a big hug* Nick...you...saved me...

Nick Roy: *Hugs back* I don't care if it's a hurricane 或者 Godzilla, I will still stand 由 your side.

Solider #1: *Looks at Nick Roy* That guy went through the line of 火, 消防 to save his true love.

Solider #2: *Nods* I can't tell whether it's courage 或者 foolhardiness.

Solider #1: Courage.

*Tokyo Military Base*

Military General: *Looks around* So, do any of 你 have any ways to stop Godzilla?

Military Sergeants: *Quiet*

Military General: Well...this is not good...does anyone have ideas?!!

Nick Roy: *Walks in* Hi! I have an idea!

Military Sergeants: *Laugh*

Military General: What's your little idea?

Nick Roy: It's a bit crazy...but...