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posted by DaniMF
This 文章 is going to be, as the 标题 says, about my favourite pairs. Hope you'll enjoy it. This is my first 文章 in a while, I want to make some before I start my school term.

Also, don't ask about some pairs in the comments, this is about my favourite pairs, not the most genuine. And yes, 你 can expect Sooyoung in a lot of pairs and Seohyun in neither of them.

My favourite pair ever, they are my perfect couple. They are so dorky together, I 爱情 seeing their moments. They have a lot os pics, 照片 and selcas together, and they hang out a lot together. They've done a lot of...
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Hi, again, S♥NEs! Thanks so much to those who have read all the messages up to this one. It truly means a lot to me. Today is August 5th, SNSD's long-awaited 7th Anniversary! linkGirls Generation debuted in 2007 and now it's 2014. I can't believe time goes 由 so fast. SNSD is not about BEING the BEST, they are about TRYING their BEST. SNSD 你 are the group that inspires me the most.link

I can't really take much credit for 写作 these articles, since it was all of 你 who wrote these sincere and sweet messages. Your messages are also what inspired me to write my messages. Thank 你 ALL....
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Here are the Results for the ' Who looks the best with side bangs? ' Poll

Worst: in no particular order

I think the reason why Yoona was placed in 'worst' was because she usually doesn't wear side bangs. Yoona almost always has her hair parted on the side ( which is perfect for her ). Which is why I think that hairstyle fits her 更多 than having side bangs. Of course I think she looks pretty either way.

Again, the same reason as Yoona as to why Yuri was placed in the 'worst' section. She nearly always has her hair parted to the side. And I think her hair like that is beautiful...
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For this ranking, i had to rewatch the MV, because the scans i found on the internet are pretty bad

Number 9-Seohyun
Poor girl. I admit she looked slightly better in terms of hairstyle but i still think her face was really unnatractive.

Number 8-Yoona
If i found Yoona plain in ITNW, i think she looked even 更多 plain in this MV. Her hair looked extremely oily and i didn't like the makeup. There was something really off with her face

Number 7-Hyoyeon
Drop for Hyoyeon, i thought she looked amazing in ITNW but in this one...geez. what kind of hair was that? This is the first Hyoyeon's hair...
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posted by snsdlover4ever
A while back, I did an Opinion/Rant on Yoona, and if 你 want to read that article, then link

I wanted to do Tiffany first, but 给 link I decided to write about Taeyeon!

Well, when I first started here on Fanpop, Taeyeon was my least bias due to her some of her delusional 粉丝 thinking that she's this perfect goddess who no one can compare to, like shown link But around a 月 ago, I started to see her 移动 up a spot on my bias list. Sorry Yuri and Yurisistables, but now Yuri's my least bias.

But, we have to realize that she isn't perfect. Take it from link (I'll paraphrase and summarize that...
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Let's go to their first hit, Gee.

Gee MV
Best: Sooyoung, Yuri, Tiffany
Okay: Seohyun, Yoona, Sunny
Worst: Taeyeon, Jessica, Hyoyeon

Gee Photoshoot
Best: Hyoyeon, Yoona, Sooyoung, Yuri, Sunny, Tiffany
Okay: Jessica, Taeyeon, Seohyun

Let's start with the MV:

She's last, for once. People seemed surprised when she got last. Well, 你 voted, 你 saw the comments. I can't agree more, her hair was oily and this bangs didn't suit her. Btw, her eyes looked so little.

Bangs, bangs, bangs and 更多 bangs. Plus short hair and a hat. I have nothing good to say about her hair here. Her...
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posted by snsdlover4ever
So, I may 或者 may not have 迷失 some inspiration to write my Opinion/Rants. I want to write them, but I feel like there's nothing else to write other than my feelings about the individual members, so I'll just do that for a while and see if a really good topic strikes.

So this 文章 was inspired 由 pretty_angel92, and I 爱情 her articles, so I decided to make my own. Plus, SNSD has made so many songs that it's really hard to make a 列表 for their many individual songs, but here's the few that I can't stand. Sorry if this offends anybody, but this is just my opinion. Now, let's begin!

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specially made for the sone ^^

>>i can never ever resist this picture

>>shy but cute

>> i really 爱情 the background of this pic

>>most fav pic of her in magazine

>>nice post from her

>> its like the fany's picture <the first one>
i 爱情 that hair ^^

>>nice and fierce

>>very and superb cute

>> cute right??

posted by snsdlover4ever
Opinion/Rant time again! Sorry I've been a bit MIA this week, I'm really busy with school. Oh, and I decided to post Kpop's 下一个 最佳, 返回页首 Model's finale sometime this week, if I can. Sorry for waiting for the finale for so long!

Okay, so SNSD has always been plagued 由 plastic surgery rumors ever since their debut, usually 由 antis. Not surprising, in fact, it's funny to see everyone fighting over whether 或者 not they've actually had it.

Here's what people have 说 that they've had:
Taeyeon- Double eyelid surgery, nose job
Jessica- Multiple nose jobs, jawline surgery
Sunny- Nose job, forehead implant...
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Hyoyeon, sweet Hyoyeon =)

such a strong victim

Girls generation
What's up with that ugly and messy braid?

Kissing you
OH GOD.....no comments

Not a 粉丝 of the side ponytail. And the hat is ridiculous

Hyoyeon with cute hairstyles....NO

This has to be the ugliest SNSD hairstyle i've seen so far. hideous hairstyle and stupid bow

Chocolate love
Just ugly and awkward

Those bangs....whyyyyyy?

Visual dreams
This one makes me cry and laugh at the same time. I don't even know how i should describe this hairstyle

Run devil run japanese version
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Hi! Hello! This is an 文章 that shows to 你 that REAL highest notes of SNSD/Girls Generation:
Sunny-G6 "Whistle Note"
Jessica-D6 "Chest note"
Yuri-C#6 "Falsetto note"
Taeyeon-C6 "Chest note"
Seohyun-Bb5 "Chest note"
Sooyoung-Bb5 "Falsetto note"
Hyoyeon-G#5 "Chest Note"
Tiffany-G5 "Chest note"
Yoona-D5 "Falsetto note"

I just saw this on YouTube,so please,check it out for 更多 proofs and please take note,that I am just saying the truth! So no bashing please! :).

So,based on the facts above,our SunnyBunny hits the highest and the best high note!

But for me, A Singer does not refer on the high notes on how good he/she is,if she/he reaches high notes then good! Nice! But for me,A singer refers on how good her/his tesstitura and timbre is to 显示 to the people how good she is.

So we're now done to our article,I hope 你 like It and enjoy! So thanks for 阅读 this/my article! Thank you! :).
posted by snsdlover4ever
I saw this on the DP club and just had to make one since that was really helpful for me.I think I'll be using this as a weekly thing, and Shoutout to coolsinger198 for this idea! (although I doubt she'll ever see this.)

The dorky kid leader who is actually the oldest out of SNSD is the lovely Taeyeon! She has one of the biggest fanbases out of all of SNSD, and I can understand why. She has the best voice out of all of them, is beautiful, and can be very entertaining in variety shows, but can be sensitive and caring, which is why we 爱情 her!

Here are some 粉丝 that are Taegangers:
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posted by snsdlover4ever
I thought that since I made another 文章 about ranking, and that people actually like my articles, that I should make an 文章 about something that I usually see on this club, TaeNy. I'm not trying to say that 你 should hate this couple, I just wanted to state my opinion since I see it a lot.

Truth be told, I'm not too fond of all the OTPS on here. I like seeing them having interactions with each other and their genuine friendship, but I'm getting a bit tired of seeing them everywhere I go on the Internet, especially TaeNy. Now, don't get me wrong, I like their friendship and all, but...
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posted by snsd_hyo
from an urban dictionary
1. Jessica Jung
the Sleepy head of Girls' Generation. Hates cucumbers. Ice Princess to be defined exactly. Arrogant and high pitched lady. Violent. Believed to be another Shikshin of SNSD. And btw, she's a member of Girls' Generation.

2. Jessica Jung
A lead vocalist in the nine-member group SNSD (or Girl's Generation). Although she has had the most plastic surgery out of nine girls she was and still is one of the prettiest in the group with the most unique charm.


jessica + tiffany = derp cp
Jessica (s.francisco) and Tiffany (l.a) are the two members...
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posted by YuriBlackPearl
I'm try to not being biased but I think Yuri is the beautiful member.I start notice Yul when I'm on instagram .Her 照片 make my 心 melting.Seriously I'm proud of Yuri.Her face also 更多 white now.I very very very very very very 爱情 Yuri 照片 with Lee Jong Suk for No Breathing .They were sweet couple.
Wahh ! Yuri pretty very muchhh

Our face of the group.Last year,she is my 1st beautiful member but now 2nd because of Yul 照片 in instagram .For me Yoona still beautiful but I was very sad that when I 阅读 an 文章 about the prettiest in 韩流 group maybe.Suzy(miss A) being...
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Update from August 24th, 2013:
On August 23rd, Hyoyeon, Yuri, and Seohyun attended an opening for Charles and Keith in Ngee Ann City, Singapore. The three members stunned in their elegant outfits and posed for pictures at the 照片 墙 before watching the fashion show. Coverage and 照片 of the Charles and Keith opening are available on fashionide, xinmsn, Yahoo!, herworldplus, and thenewpaper.

Original 文章 from August 17th, 2013:
On Friday, August 23rd, Hyoyeon, Yuri, and Seohyun will be attending the opening of the new Charles & Keith store in Ngee Ann City, Singapore. Charles &...
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Girls’ Generation’s Yuri has been cast as the lead female role in Korea’s first swimming-themed film, “No Breathing”, which will portray the friendship and 爱情 of youth. Yuri is planning on 展示 an enthusiastic performance in the role of “Jung Eun”, a girl who dreams of becoming a musician. It’s a character who has a variety of charms, from an easygoing personality to an innocent appearance, along with emotion-filled 唱歌 skills.

There will be a 爱情 三角形, 三角 between her and childhood friends, who will be played 由 Lee Jongsuk and Seo Inguk.

Yuri stated, “I’m glad to...
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Tiffany‘s thoughtfulness has gained attention from fans!

On the 3rd, Girls’ Generation left to 日本 to continue on with their Japanese arena tour. The girls were wearing no makeup as they headed to the plane, and most of them covered their faces in front of cameras. Tiffany was one of the girls who didn’t mind getting 照片 snapped, and she instead helped Sunny cover her face. She used her passport to cover Sunny, shielding her with her body and smiling brightly.

Tiffany’s handling of the situation was adored 由 her fans, who 说 she managed to be both adorable and considerate.
posted by shiraz97
1.Yuri used to call Yoona on set so much just to hear Yoona’s voice that Yoona had to turn off her phone during recordings. Yuri was at the Madame B performance for JeTiHyun cheering like a fangirl, and used to stay up at night to tune in to Chinchin & Chunji (with Sunny) and make call-ins as 随意 listeners.
2. When Yuri is angry , she quietly goes into her room and write what she will say and her comebacks. During the argument , when someone gives an unexpected answer , she say ” Wait one 秒 ” goes back into her room , write 更多 stuff , and come backs out.
3. Yuri once found...
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posted by shiraz97
Birth name    서주현 (Seo Joo-hyun)
Also known as    Maknae, Seororo, Seobaby, Gguk Gguk Ee, Hyun, Joohyun, 天使 Maknae, Innocent Seohyun, 牛奶 Seo Joo, The youngest Princess, SEOnoop Dogg, Sweet Potato Princess, Princess, YongSeo, Little Ms. Innocent
Born     June 28, 1991 (age 21)
Origin    Seoul, South Korea
Genres    K-pop
Occupations    Singer, musician, dancer, promotional model, presenter, actress, voice actress
Instruments    piano, guitar, violin[1][2]...
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