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Well,it certainly looks like Sooyoung's finally got some competition with regards of the 标题 of official shikshin of SNSD....

Apparently,our contender is none other than Im YoonA.

Her slim body and small frame actually belies a huge appetite that makes her a worthly recipient of the ShikShin 标题 of SNSD,a fact acknowledged 由 herself,as well as those around her.

Photo sourced from various TV programmes and dramas that showed YoonA using her famous alligator mouth to partake of 食物 were in fact published on an on-line community site to support her bid for the "Food Of God" title.

To that end,Actress...
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UPDATE: Ms. Jung on Wednesday rejected her agency’s statement that she quit voluntarily, saying she was forced out. In a statement released to local media, she 说 she secured the company’s agreement before launching her fashion business in early August. But a 月 later the agency and the group’s other members demanded that she choose either her 音乐 career 或者 her venture, a decision she declined to make, she added. Ms. Jung 说 the agency on Sept. 16 agreed to letting her continue the business activity but was told on Sept. 29 that she was no longer a Girls’ Generation member....
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posted by BlingFanyBling
I just spotted this translated 文章 on th Web and thought that it warrants a re-post....
This is and open letter to the 9 ladies from an unknown SONE who recently passed away form a terminal illness.Full credit goes to the efforts of the various writers and translators,who took the time and effort to bring this piece of extremely thoughtful literature to the attention of the International SONE community.Kamsahamnida.
(Please read it and ponder the words of the original writer because it certainly puts into perspective the 爱情 that us SONEs 显示 to the 9 ladies).

The verbatim post in full:

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posted by snsdlover4ever
 Who is it?
Who is it?
***This is a horror story, so if 你 can't handle the events, just hang in there. This isn't 100% false, since Tiffany and Nichkhun were confirmed to be dating! Yaysies!***

They finally reach the airport.
Taeyeon: Finally! We're here!
Tiffany: Woah, what's the rush?
Sunny: Did 你 not see the time? We only have 10 分钟 to reach the plane!
Taeyeon: Plus, I would do anything to get away from your PDA.
Nichkhun: What's wrong with that?
Sunny: 你 guys did it every single 秒 we were in the car!
Tiffany: Is it my fault that I'm in love?
Taeyeon: It's your feelings, not ours, so technically, it is...
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well its a picture games and there are lots of pretty pictures 发布 there :>link

so made this 文章 to share my favourite pictures of the soshi in I Got A Boy too ^^

Round 1 Yoona

Round 2 Tiffany

Round 3 Sunny

Round 4 Jessica

Round 5 Sooyoung

Round 6 Yuri

Round 7 Seohyun

Round 8 Taeyeon

Round 9 Hyoyeon

Round 10 Group

# Feel freee to 评论 and share your favourite pictures to ^^
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posted by Curlymckay_
So one of the 论坛 games is "Fun New Game!" and instead of listing the results for all the games in it, i'll just have a link to this and update it when necessary.

Link to Game -> link

1st Place - Taeyeon 10/25/13
2nd Place - Jessica 10/26/13
3rd Place - Yoona 10/26/13
4th Place - Sooyoung 10/27/13
5th Place - Hyoyeon and Seohyun 10/27/13
6th Place - Sunny 10/28/13
7th Place - Yuri 10/30/13
8th Place - Tiffany 10/30/13

1st Place - Taeyeon 11/4/13
2nd Place - Jessica 11/5/13
3rd Place - Yoona 11/5/13
4th Place - Sooyoung 11/6/13
5th Place - Seohyun 11/6/13
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posted by snsd_hyo
my ranking for various ranking such as beauty (B) and outfit (O) ,hair (H) , n whatsoeva
based on the picture (link)


O : yoona,yul,sica,fany/soo,tae/hyo/sun,seo
B : yoona,yul,fany,hyo,sica,seo,tae,soo,sun


O : fany,yoona,yul,sica,tae,soo,hyo,sun,seo
B : yoona,seo,yul,tae,hyo,sica/fany/sun/soo


B : yul,seo,yoo,tae,hyo,fany,sica,sun,soo


B : sica,soo,tae,seo,fany,yul,sun,hyo/yoona
O : soo,hyo,yoona,tae,seo,sun, sic,fany,yul




B : yoona,fany,seo,sunny,hyo,yul,sica,soo,tae
O : sunn,yoona,yul,fany,seo,the rest.


B : yoonsic, tae,soo,fany,hyo,yul,sunn,seo...
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1. End Of A Fairytale
2. Angry
3. Legends Never Die
4. Mr. Taxi (Korean Ver.)
5. Blow Your Fuse
6. Hoot
7. Undone
8. Misery
9. Venom
10. No Man’s Land
11. Let It Rain (Korean Ver.)


this is only a rumor and it was not already confirmed :D
this is only a rumor and it was not already confirmed :D
this is only a rumor and it was not already confirmed :D
this is only a rumor and it was not already confirmed :D
this is only a rumor and it was not already confirmed :D
this is only a rumor and it was not already confirmed :D
this is only a rumor and it was not already confirmed :D
posted by animeadd8
Last night was the 音乐 Bank 年 end special, and tonight it is 音乐 Core's turn. Not to be outdone, 音乐 Core had an equally impressive line up of performances. For their 年 end special, 音乐 Core went with a 包, 换行 up of what made 2009 a memorable year. The line up included artists such as 2PM, SNSD, Super Junior, 4minute, After School, Kara and many others!

Gee: link

Genie: link

I Hate You: link

Heartbeat: link

Mystery: link

Bad Girl: link

Honey: link

After School
Because of You: link

Diva: link

Ring Ding Dong: link

Get Down: link

Abracadabra: link

Bo Peep Bo Peep: link...
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Here are the results of my 最近的 民意调查 " who looks the best Oh japanese version.

1. Sooyoung - She was okay, I wouldn't say she looked the best to be no.1. Her hair was nice, make up was good and she did look pretty.

2. Yoona - I definitely don't agree with this one, she shouldn't be in the 最佳, 返回页首 5. She looked pretty plain in this video, but oh well.

3. Jessica - She should be either no.1 或者 2, she looked amazing in this video. 爱情 her hair, her make up and she just looked all round beautiful.

4. Taeyeon - I'm glad she's in the 最佳, 返回页首 5 but not no.1, she didn't look the best in this video, but still...
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Firstly i totally disagree with the vote in the 民意调查 about the beauty ranking for my oh my so i will just make my own . Well feel free to 评论 yours

As 你 know i can only rank their beauty only based on the pictures. So here :


#no bashing
posted by snsdlover4ever
*This will be based on the book called The Fault in Our Stars, and to avoid plagiarism, I'm adding stuff that never really happened in the book, so don't complain! Also, I read this book almost a 年 ago, so I might not remember some of the events that happened 或者 when it happened. Since the movie is coming out in June, I wanted to make this so that 更多 people would know about the hype. Hope 你 enjoy!*

Chapter 1
Sunny's POV

During the winter of my sixteenth year, my mother decided that I was depressed, due to me rarely leaving the house, spent a lot of time in bed, 阅读 the same book over...
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posted by kpop4everlover
This is really similar to snsdlover4ever's article.
But 更多 of a 问题 and opinion type thing. This is probably 更多 to do with SNSD than the club really. Please don't bash 或者 hate.

First I want to ask why Tiffany has so much hate and people saying mean things about her because I think she is wonderful! And she gets 评论 about her saying things like she is rude and things like that but how many out of all the people who say things like that actually know her in real life?

Then I wanted to say that we could reduce the amount of beauty , no-make up and vocal rankings because not in this...
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Update with video:

On May 3rd, Hyoyeon performed on “Dancing with the Stars 3″, dancing a routine set to Michael Jackson’s “Dangerous”, “Ain’t No Sunshine”, and “Billie Jean”.

Though it has been nearly a 年 since Hyoyeon’s final performance on the 秒 season of “Dancing with the Stars”, her dance sports skills were as polished as ever, and she thrilled the audience with three powerful routines.

Download Hyoyeon’s performance on “Dancing with the Stars 3″ from Soshified’s Video Downloads Section 或者 check it out below.

Original 文章 from 13/5/3:

On May 3rd,...
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posted by kpop4everlover
Well I know Tippany just made one but I will make one for every member's birthday so I hope 你 don't mind. Happy 25/6th birthday Taeyeon!

Taeyeon I wish 你 a happy birthday! I know that your leader role isn't as easy as it may look so I hope 你 will always stay healthy and happy! May kid leader Taeyeon stay young forever! hehe. Forever the best leader for me , also remember to always stay as our cutie! 你 have a unique and funny personality , which I love! :) Good luck forever Tae!<333

P.S. I hope 你 will always get the 爱情 你 deserve!

Again Happy 26th Birthday! ♥♥♥
posted by snsdlover4ever
Well, seeing that I've been here for almost 3 weeks and only stated opinions about the SNSD members, I figured I should give my opinions on this club in general. Also, it's my first 文章 I'm putting here, so please don't judge me 或者 ridicule me if I did something wrong! And the 标题 may sound like a rant, like what usernameinvalid did, but it won't be as directive as she did it. (even though I still 爱情 that article)

I am loving it here tbh. I think the people I've met have been the coolest and sweetest people here, even though I've only had like one 或者 two conversations with 你 guys....
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This 文章 will keep track of all the wins and runner-up wins. I do realize that 你 can see who is winning just 由 looking at the 最佳, 返回页首 of the forum, however since the contest will run to be about 100 rounds, I won't be able to fit every winner and runner-up in the description. Thus, I am listing all the wins and runner-up wins here. ヽ(=´▽`=)ノ ~☆

link ―(→ܫ◕ฺ人◕ฺฺܫ◕ฺ)―


P.S. I'll be using the letters RP instead of Runner-up and SP instead of Speed Props, it'll be a lot easier ^^

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posted by joonie4ever
They played a game similar to the game in Come to Play show. “Problem Solving Magical Book” (Read this if 你 have no idea how that game works link)

Sunny’s problem: When will my hair grow long?
She immediately closed the Magical Book without letting anyone to see the answer.
Sica: Her answer is “until she dies, her hair will still never grow”. LOL

Now is Seohyun’s turn.
Seohyun: When will I become a maknae who is loved 由 her unnies?
This time, she also immediately closed the Magical Book similar to what Sunny just did. Seohyun even shouted “AH AH AH~~~”
SONE: What is it? What is it?
Sica using her aegyo voice: Is your answer also “until 你 die, 你 still cannot receive it?”
Four years ago, SNSD made their official debut on August 5th, 2007. In celebration of this milestone, member YoonA left a message on SNSD’s official website.

She wrote:

“S♥NE~~ It’s already been four years since we met!! ^^
Time flies so fast
We’ve been spending busy days performing at concerts and traveling to Japan
We’re so happy that there are still so many people that 爱情 and wait for us.
We’ve made a lot of memories in these past four years, crying and laughing together.
Let’s continue to make 更多 happy memories together ^^
Let’s never foget the moment we first met! hehe
Everything that SNSD achieved was only possible because of our SONES..
So we’re always thankful and apologetic..
Like always, we promise to pay 你 back 由 working hard and 展示 a better image!!

Thank 你 so much for always waiting for us and giving us your 爱情 ♥
This is really har for me but i have to.

1st. I have to focus on school because my grades are really bad.
2nd. I just got a 314 page book and our teacher wants me to read it in 13 days.
3d. My computer has issues and i can't comment, i can't participate in games and i can't do anything (i'm quiting mostly because of that)

This club mae me closer to my biases and get 更多 老友记 so maybe i as weird and maybe i changed my bias alot but this was really an amazing experience and i Will miss al of the SONES here, but i Will still come check the club out trought my phone.

So I'm thankful to everyone who had been nice to me, maybe i wasn't that close with people here but i had fun. Maybe in a couple years when i get a new computer 或者 get this one fixed i ill come here and my account Will make a comeback, but for now