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posted by shiraz97
Kim Tae-yeon (born March 9, 1989) is a South Korean idol singer, TV presenter, dancer, actress and promotional model. She is the leader of Korean girl group Girls' Generation.

Birth name 김태연
Also known as Taeng, Taengoo, DJ Taengoo, Tae-Tae, Umma, Ajumma, Taejumma, Jummataeng, Kid (Ggoggoma) Leader
Born March 9, 1989 (age 24)
Jeonju, North Jeolla, South Korea
Origin Seoul, South Korea
Genres K-pop, R&B, Dance-pop
Occupations Singer, dancer, actress, Promotional model, TV presenter, DJ
Instruments Vocals, guitar[1][2]
Years active 2007–present
Labels SM Entertainment
Associated acts...
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posted by usuitakumi77
2009: Gee, Genie, first Asian tour, and rising popularity

Girls' Generation performing "Genie" at the LG Mobile Worldcup in 2009.
A teaser video was released in January 2009 and the first single "Gee" released soon after. "Gee" topped Cyworld's hourly 音乐 chart on the release day.The song also went number one on all major digital 音乐 charts within two days.The group began its album promotion in January 2009 on MBC Show! 音乐 Core where they sang their new lead single "Gee" and the track "Himnae (Way To Go)", another song from their mini-album. A week after its release, "Gee" went #1 on...
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posted by pearlxashxdawn
MAMA 2013 will be held in Jakarta, Indonesia...
it is rumored that MAMA 2014 will be held in the Philippines....
IS this true 或者 not???? What do 你 think Filipino SONES?? Would 你 like it to be real?? Of course 你 do kekeke~ ^.^
IT IS TRUE that MAMA 2014 will be held in the Philippines it is to be held in SM Mall of Asia Arena at 8:00 pm on November 26, 2014

Girls' Generation
Super Junior
Block B
Other groups are also to be announced plus performances from Taylor 迅速, 斯威夫特 and AKB48
Just got the news from fb and she got it from.... IDK! LOL

Tiffany (Girls Generation/SNSD)
Because It's 你 爱情 Rain OST


Don't say that you're sorry
爱情 isn't over for me yet
If we break up like this
What do I do, what do I do?

* I just have 爱情 alone but I can't even love
I can't even say the words that I really want to say
The 爱情 that is getting farther away
The words that I can't keep - they are making me cry

Don't say thank you
I want to give 你 all my 爱情 but
If we were to truly be strangers like this
What do I do, what do I do?

* Repeat

I 爱情 你 - what do I do because I 爱情 you?

It's okay even if it's a painful love
Even if I erase the last 爱情 in my life
你 are someone that cannot be erased
Even if it's a sad destiny, I can't let 你 go
I 爱情 你 because it's you

Because to me, it's you
Jessica's Perspective

Teaming up with a Gemini usually brings out the best in you. That's because 你 share this sign's desire to try anything once. Whether 你 feel like bungee jumping off the Golden Gate Bridge 或者 trekking through the 亚马逊 rainforest, you'll find a willing companion in Gemini. You'll never be bored with Gemini, either, thanks to their impressive storytelling abilities. The Twins, in turn, delight in the fact that 你 know just what buttons to push to put a plan into action. True, there will be times when Gemini forgets to meet 你 at the park, thanks to their sieve-like...
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Yuri's Perspective

Aries makes a great playmate for you, Sagittarius. The two of 你 have boundless energy and a mutual 爱情 of fun. Nobody throws a 更多 raucous party than the rollicking Ram! 你 adore this friend's spontaneity, while Aries enjoys your sense of humor. Both of 你 are extremely active, too and may enjoy exercising together, whether at the gym 或者 on the sports field. Are there any rough spots to this friendship? Well, you're not exactly fond of the Ram's bossy behavior. On the other hand, Aries isn't crazy about your perpetual lateness. If you're willing to overlook each other's...
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Tiffany's Perspective

Aquarius is your astrological opposite, which makes for an interesting friendship. 你 seek everyone's 爱情 and admiration, while Aquarius doesn't care less what people think. You're warm and effusive and the Water-bearer is detached and reserved. You're emotional, whereas your pal is analytical. Are there any similarities between you? Thankfully, yes! You're both extremely loyal. You'd never 取消 an appointment with Aquarius for the sake of a hot 日期 and the Water-bearer won't spread gossip about 你 to jealous rivals. True, 你 don't know what Aquarius is talking about...
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Taeyeon's Perspective

Your friendship with Aquarius is probably quite refreshing. Neither one of 你 stands on ceremony and enjoy each other's idiosyncrasies. You'll never have to worry what the Water-bearer will think about your desire to go barefoot all the time. Similarly, Aquarius won't have to explain why they keep their socks in the refrigerator. The two of 你 share a humanitarian streak a mile wide and may enjoy doing volunteer work together. Granted, your pal's clinical attitude toward these duties can leave 你 bewildered, while your tendency to cry at the slightest provocation may...
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posted by Sn822007
That's right,Seohyun has been selected as the new model for LG Healthy Living brand The Face Shop,and will be promoting its 'Arsainte Eco-Therapy Tonic Weed Essential' product thi fall.

According to a company spokesperson:

"We chose Girls' Generation's Seohyun as our model because her smart and fresh image fit what the brand is aiming for.We are expected her to add onto The Face Shops's new generation-like fresh and feminine charms.

She will begin filming her first CF for the brand this October,alongside ss501 member Kim HyunJoong.

Honest,they couldn't have picked a better person for the job.When it comes to skincare,maknae knows her stuff alright i.e. skin cells begin to grow at 10pm and stops at 2am.....and 你 better BELIEVE IT because Seohyun says so!
posted by reeginasays
Girls' Generation's Taeyeon and Tiffany revealed on MBC Section TV Entertainment Relay aired on the 5th of February (KST) that they played the role of mothers to the other members.

Taeyeon and Tiffany had to carry a 钟, 贝尔 around the dorm to wake the rest of the girls up and even feed them. From what was revealed last 年 on SBS Strong 心 and KBS 2TV Happy Together, we are not sure if ringing a 钟, 贝尔 would wake Jessica up.

Sooyoung also expressed her sadness over the fact that a 最近的 survey showed that she is the most intimidating out of the 9 girls.

She stated that, "They say that I seem like...
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posted by reeginasays
So we all know that the girls have gotten into accidents >.< recently Yuri and Tiffany have recovered from some. But here are other accidents that have happened to SNSD, 说 由 Taeyeon on Chin Chin Radio:

“Before the comeback Yuri and Sunny got hurt filming a variety show. Got a cut in the knee and… Yoona she was fine just walking then she fell on icy road and got a cut in her palm. Oh Yoona oh dear…So she got stitches oh dear. And Tiffany was doing a sports variety 显示 and slipped and now got a cast. I dearly hope I am the last one hahaha. Early morning yesterday I caught a sudden...
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posted by snsd_hyo
What Do 你 Think Results. It is a 论坛 where 你 can share your opinion on Your 最佳, 返回页首 5 based on the pictures posted. And since its already Round 16, i think i should compile the results in an article. Btw, Thanks a lot for the fans/sones who 加入 and always there to share their opinion.I will start with Round 4 , 5 and 7 first

Round 4 :
-Top 3 who amazed 你 and why?


Round 4 results
Hyoyeon : 5 votes
DaniMF "She's simply killing it. The combination of green clothes, the hat and the blonde her makes her really outstanding and catching"
Sandra311 "Hyoyeon - I 爱情 the clothes I think it...
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This is going to be a review about their first album. It's an 文章 that I wanted to make long time 以前 and now I found time to make it. First of all don't expect that all the songs are ranked 更多 than 7 或者 8, I can't like all songs and this is my opinion. Hope I won't offend you, this is only opinion.

#01 Girl's Generation
This song was a great hit and still a classic. The TaengSic high notes were really good and I loved Tiffany's and Sooyoung's parts. They were so nice.

Result: 7/10

#02 Ooh La-La!
This song has an childish air that I like. 总体, 整体 I liked the song and all the voices fited toguether,...
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This my 2nd Article. For the first article, I already expected negative feedbacks. At least this one isn't about members. It's about their 音乐 videos. My type of 视频 are the ones which have great special effects. The shiny, cute ones. So here are my 最佳, 返回页首 10. I'm still not good at 文章 guys.

10.Run Devil Run
-love the black and white backgrounds
-they looked hot with their clothes esp.Yuri
-fits the song pretty well
-danced hot

Some of the members look bad. But their clothes saved the video.

-very digital
-still 爱情 their clothes
-clothes are like women taxi drivers
-taxi dance great...
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嘿 guys, here is the new ranking about Kissing.

Hyoyeon, my poor Hyoyeon. The great victim of SM. I don't know if I have to cry 或者 laugh against this. I prefer the blond Hyoyeon but Hyoyeon has some good moments in dark hair like Run Devil Run and Echo. Not this time. Braid tails, who the hell thought that was pretty. Her other hairstyle in the MV wasn't that bad but nothing NOTHING can help Hyoyeon and cute hairstyles.

At least she isn't 9. I really think she should be higher. 接吻 你 is a MV based in cuteness, and she ruled it. The bow was pretty, thought, but...
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posted by oliver7423
Well this will be my first article. I am not good but, at least I'm trying. This might ended up being short.


I used to like Tiffany. After watching her in Oh!, she looks innocent and pretty. I usually find black hairs the prettiest. Yeah her clothes were cute and beautiful. And that headband, I 爱情 it. Her jersey number 0, one of my 收藏夹 in MV. Her voice was soft. She was my 4th behind Jessica, Yuri, and Seohyun.

In RDR, she wasn't pretty. Don't like her bangs at all. So were the clothes. But still, I like her voice.

Hoot, I am not sure of everyone there like RDR. I was like whose...
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posted by snsdlover4ever
 Who will win?
Who will win?
*This is solely for entertainment and for your own pleasure. I don't own any of the performance 视频 I post on here and all credits for the 视频 will go to YouTube. Enjoy!*


Sunny: Welcome to the one and only competition 显示 airing every weekend! This is Top...
Both: Talent!
Sooyoung: Honestly, this group is one of my 最喜爱的 boy groups right now.
Sunny: Mine too! I 爱情 their 最近的 comeback, and 你 have to admit, they're really cute!
Sooyoung: Performing their song, Boy in Luv, please welcome...
Sunny/Sooyoung: Bangtan Boys!/BTS!
Sunny: Whoops. 1, 2, 3...
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posted by Yuna1331
Here's my Beep Beep outfit/looks ranking. Hope 你 like it :)

9. Sunny

I'm not a 粉丝 of Sunny's hair, she really looks like Amber especially with her 帽 on!

8. Seohyun

You know what? I really hate Seohyun's super thin bangs, especially if she puts some lipstick. I really hate it!

7. Yoona

Yoona's hair is too messy, like a bird's nest,!

6. Hyoyeon

Her hair is too light for my taste. But she's pretty in this MV. I just don't like the cap.

5. Yuri

Yuri is too plain here. But her hair saves the problem, it's good.

4. Tiffany

I'm a 粉丝 of Fany's bangs, but i realize, with that bangs her face looks longer,...
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posted by sone4life
Hi everyone this may sound boring but It will be fun! I will post pics of snsd members and all 你 need to do is vote for who wore it better. 你 can vote with comments, emails, 或者 on my page. So let the voting being!

1st round: Yoona vs Han Hyo Joo




Round 2: Seohyun vs Kim Min Hee




Round 3: Jessica vs Sulli


Round 4: Yuri vs Park Gyuri


Round 5: Yoona vs Koo Hye Sun

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"Gaonchart" is able to use as 音乐 chart comparison with US billboard chart,Japan Oricon chart,UK 音乐 chart and 更多 流行的 音乐 chart around the world.It is definitely the highest authority of Republic of Korea in various 流行的 音乐 chart.

Claiming "Only the public selected 音乐 chart" slogan,"Gaonchart" based on online-offline sales data as the standard measurement, which expected to solve the 音乐 chart fairness and it's reliability of the 来源 and in the meantime,there won't be any reflection of any subjective sales data.

Currently "Gaonchart" will be based on the mobile music...
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