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After mysteriously not performing Tell Me Your Wish at the 2009 Golden Disk Awards, SNSD is finally performing it again for the first ever Melon 音乐 Awards. And since they did not attend the MAMA, this marks their first Tell Me Your Wish performance for a 年 end award show.

The girls started with a hot dance break which was then followed 由 a shortened version of Tell Me Your Wish and finally ending the performance with their award winning 2009 Hit Gee. With the 浓情巧克力 爱情 performance earlier, and the Girls Generation performance as a tribute to Lee Seung Chul, the girls performed a total of four songs + a dance break. It was almost like a mini concert, 或者 perhaps it's a 预览 of what's to come for their upcoming solo 音乐会 Into the New World.

Watch the 视频 here:

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This will be my opinion of Jessica in regards to her dismisal as well as in her involvement with the group. I set this warning now, many people may not like what I write and I want to let everyone know that I am not sad that Jessica isn't in the group but will explain why

Naturally when I received word about the message on her Weibo many 问题 popped in my mind

""I was excited about our upcoming 粉丝 events only to shockingly be informed 由 my company and 8 others that as of today, I’m no longer a member. I’m devastated - my priority and 爱情 is to serve as a member of GG, but for no justifiable...
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Hey....let me start my 下一个 article.Ok,now its Mr Mr.....Lets start

Her hair is so messy.I didn't even find her pretty.

She looked like an ajhumma.The 痣, 鼹鼠 in her face doesn't suit her either

I am seriously a very big 粉丝 of her but truly others looked better than her.Her hair looked clumsy and the others looked pretty well.

She looked pretty but the straight hair doesn't suit her well.Her fingers are really long too....

The bangs doesn't suit her.And that chain too.But she's still pretty.

She looks pretty but while comparing others she lacks...
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I haven't right 文章 for quite long time so i will try to write a short 文章 and sorry for my poor 写作 . Well, some people do 说 that there are 7 people who do look alike in this world. So,here i try to find and 搜索 about our soshi look alike.

I will start with Tiffany first. One of the main attraction of Tiffany is of course her link =D and also her lovely smile. Its quite hard for me to find 更多 but if 你 do have others 你 can also share it.

1.link Of course they do look alike bec they are siblings.. btw her sister is so pretty. some 粉丝 do 说 that her sister looks...
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After hearing some the song, I think people created a mountain out of a molehill. This are my predictions of the song. Hope 你 enjoy them ^^

Full song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vzrbR7D__Og

0:42 Tiffany
0:53 Seohyun
0:59 Yuri
1:03 Tiffany
1:09 Yoona
1:14 Tiffany
1:17 Sooyoung
1:20 Tiffany
1:22 Sunny

1:27 Taeyeon/Tiffany
1:30 Taeyeon
1:37 Tiffany
1:41 Sunny/Tiffany
1:44 Jessica

1:52 Tiffany
1:54 Hyoyeon
2:00 Sooyoung
2:05 Hyoyeon
2:10 Yuri
2:15 Sunny/Yuri
2:21 Seohyun
2:23 Jessica
2:27 Seohyun
2:29 Taeyeon

2:33 Sunny/Tiffany
2:37 Tiffany
2:39 Tiffany - Maybe alone 或者 with someone, I'm not sure here
2:43 Taeyeon/Sunny...
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Usually, Hyoyeon barely gets any lines, seen in their new Japanese single, Indestructible. A lot of people, 粉丝 and antis, always claim that Hyoyeon's voice is really bad and should just stick to dancing. (This is not referring to anyone on here; I see it a lot outside of Fanpop.) Usually they only base it on the lines that she actually does get, which usually don't sound too great (Ex: Mr. Taxi) 或者 on the fact that she doesn't get any lines at all.

So, I decided to make a 列表 of what I think Hyoyeon's best 唱歌 lines are. Hope 你 like it!


Well, she looked great and sounded great,...
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Oh, I couldn't resist this fanfiction! I decided to start it up again, and hopefully I can keep up with updating like with 最佳, 返回页首 Talent! Since there are members that are dating, I decided to make a fake scenario about how they came to be. Of course, I'll still use the facts, but most likely, it'll be fake. (If it was real, that would just be creepy.) Each story will be two 或者 three parts, so I Hope 你 enjoy!

Part 1: link
Part 2: link

Later that evening, Seunggi enters with 花 and chocolates as Sooyoung and Kyungho are talking.
Is she here?
Kyungho: Yup, and she doesn't suspect a thing....
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Yo!I'm back with a new 文章 so lately there are arguments of 粉丝 of both snsd and 2ne1..Why?Cause they are both having a comeback and of course we 粉丝 want our favourite group to be the most 流行的 and then people start bashing and fighting and sonejacks are sad...maybe not but yeah..
Seriously..how many of 你 are sonejacks?I am!So if 你 guys see any sones trying pick a fight then please help,i don't want a 粉丝 war and i don't want antis..
In my opinion,2ne1's song this time is better than snsd so if 2NE1 wins Daesung,i will accept it like how i accepted the fact that newbies these...
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*Disclaimer: This is 100% completely made up. Don't take this too seriously!*

Seohyun: So, Sunny got out last week. Is it bad that I actually feel good about that?
Yoona: So many things happened last week. First, there was the big fight between Yuri and Jessica.
Yuri: That was just an accident. I don't know why she had to say that to my face.
Jessica: She's taking the situation way too seriously. If anything, she shouldn't have slammed open that door for a mission.
Sooyoung: Then, there's Seohyun.
Tiffany: Does she even have an off button? Before, she wouldn't stop talking...
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Seohyun is SNSD’s precious, innocent maknae. The definition of a prim lady.But some people just find her boring..

Seohyun is 更多 或者 less best known for her manners, intelligence, maturity and conservative nature. Whether Seohyun’s perfect poised innocent image is just an act 或者 not, no one will ever know, but based on stories I hear about her from her fellow members as well as other idols, the facts seem to align for this girl. We remember, for example, SNSD’s telling of a story where Super Junior’s Kyuhyun remarked how sexy Seohyun looked with a particular hairstyle, only to have the...
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I simply 爱情 her...and it seems that Sooyoung is not really the least bias of many people but just in case...

Sooyoung brings out the obnoxious in SNSD. She’s their funny member, the one that makes the tough times better with her lame jokes and loud rambunctious attitude. But underneath the jokes and exaggerated actions lies a girl who we’ve found to actually be one of the 更多 girlier members. Sooyoung is the boy-crazy, flirty girl in class that 你 sometimes wanna roll your eyes at but laugh at her silly antics. She’s a sweetheart too: Having been revealed as one of the 更多 sensitive...
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I believe Hyoyeon is many of your least biases so how know her better,and like her more?!

Hyoyeon, along with Sunny, is one of the 更多 lovable members. But while Sunny is admired in that kind of “Wow, she’s so cool” kind of way, Hyoyeon is a little bit of that mixed with “Ouch, why so mean to her? She’s not bad at all”.

Poor Hyoyeon has been the subject of much male scrutiny over her years: Only until recently, Hyoyeon was constantly bullied for her appearance, with such remarks like “She’s the ugliest SNSD member”, “She doesn’t look Korean”, “Hyoyeon: Least favorite...
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I 爱情 Jessica's ice,cold personality,it makes her special.And for those who don't really like her,read this!

For Sones,Jessica is the awkward, socially-inept girl, shy and quiet around strangers but a great friend for the lucky few who get to know her better. Much of Jessica’s “icy facade” is largely because she’s such a shy person, and doesn’t really know how to be funny and/or interesting. And to those who know this, it makes Jessica all the 更多 adorable, with her lazy dancing, childish humor and s l o w reactions


Appearance: 8.4

Jessica is usually regarded as one of the prettier...
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Elle: 你 finished your first drama as the lead, ‘Dating Agency; Cyrano’. I was honestly surprised at your 表演 that didn’t hint at 你 being an idol.
Sooyoung: I wasn’t expecting to hear people tell me that I did well at all. Because I ran into a lot of limitations while filming.

Elle: I think it’d be difficult for an idol to not act pretty.
Sooyoung: Last year, I took the role of a patient with a brain tumor in my first drama, ‘The Third Hospital’. I was a bit disappointed at first when I had to wear a patient’s 袍, 礼服 and didn’t get to wear a lot of makeup. But after meeting...
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Many 粉丝 and stars 说 hyoyeon got 更多 prettier now days not that she wasn't prettier before just that she got 更多 prettier and refer her as the blonde hair goddness. The changes made was her hair got lighter blonde and the make up include eyebrow change. Hyoyeon herself 说 in Beatle code that she just change the basic parts to match their new up coming album. To antis 粉丝 或者 other snsd member 粉丝 hyoyeon got 更多 prettier,funnier and closer to a goddness so 你 guys just have to deal with that. Maybe not that hyoyeon got prettier just that the make up boss fix his brain. I am not much...
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She brought light to this world on an 灰蒙蒙, 阴云密布 day,
May 15, 1989.
Born into a family of entertainers, she was destined to become
A superstar, one of the divine nine.
So at the age of 9, she began to train for debut,
And with passion and hard work, her talents, they grew.
And after some time, she joined a group of eight
To make Girls’ Generation nine and 密封 their fate.

She’s known as the fake maknae for her very short height
And the gift of CCP*, her trademark.
SoShi’s energy pill, she has a friendly disposition
And 1000-watt smile that drives away the dark.
Fans and non-fans alike tout that she’s...
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 SNSD reaction
SNSD reaction
Girls’ Generation confirmed they will be continuing promotions even if a member gets married.

On ‘Radio Star‘, the girls spoke up about Wonder Girls‘ Sun and congratulated her on her marriage. When the MCs asked, “If a member gets married in Girls’ Generation, will she have to leave the group?“, the girls chorused, “No“.

Taeyeon explained, “If someone gets married, we want to put her own wishes as the number 1 priority.“ Tiffany said, “I saw that the Spice Girls members came with their husbands to the musical press conference, and I really want to do that. It’s my dream to go on a vacation together with our husbands and children.”

Would 你 like to see Tiffany’s dream come true?
The ladies of Girls’ Generation are known for having a strict diet but Tiffany revealed her 爱情 of eating on the February 4th episode of Mnet‘s ‘Beatles Code‘.

On the show, Tiffany, Yuri, Taeyeon, Seohyun, and singer Ha Chun Hwa were guests and talked about their various similarities, differences, and experiences. During one segment, the subject of eating before a performance was brought up. While most female groups avoid eating before a performance due to strict diets, Tiffany revealed, “There’s a big difference (in the performance) if we eat 或者 not before we go on stage, so now all the members make sure to eat before.”

MC Tak Jae Hoon asked, “Who eats the most out of all the members?” and Tiffany admitted, “If I see something I want to eat, I absolutely have to eat it“, causing the other members to laugh.
I'm truly a million percent excited about Girls' Generation's American debut because i'm happy that the girls are finally taking on the American 音乐 market this summer and I know that it's been six years in the making. I am also happy that I will get to see the girls again on TV and also hear their songs for the very first time on the radio. Plus, I know that some of 你 may not like the idea of the girls going overboard in terms of sexiness, but honestly I don't mind it at all. If they are going to be extremely sexy and seductive, sing about adult stuff and 显示 lots of skin, I will enjoy...
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1. Fany’s special habit is cutting her 食物 before eating

2. Fany likes to scratch her body in her dorm (who doesn't?)

3. SNSD once left 首页 without Tiffany 由 accident, and Tiffany actually came running after them in tears. (aww)

4. Fany is the youngest among 3 siblings

5. Fany is the least who washes among the 9 members

6. Tiffany is actually the funniest in their dorm.

7. Tiffany’s dad wanted her to study business.. but she cried and made him change his mind with her ‘magic'

8. Fany is obsessed with the color pink.

9. Tiffany, Sunny, and Go Ara (an actress with SM) once went over to Karaoke...
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