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posted by snsdlover4ever
Opinion/Rant time again! Hopefully you'll enjoy this one, even if I use the same format over and over again... Anyways, enjoy!

We all know that Korea has some standards that seem a bit ridiculous to us. Some examples would be that of beauty. Just because someone has a slightly darker skin color than the 牛奶 white color 你 have doesn't mean 你 have to constantly remind them of it.

Same goes with my topic for today, the so-called "scandals" that Korea frowns upon. I get it if it was something really serious, like murder 或者 sexual assault. But, dating? Falling in 爱情 suddenly became a crime?...
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posted by snsdlover4ever
*These are the results of the 民意调查 that I conducted over the past week called Couple vs Couple. Before starting it, I made 民意调查 to see which member's pairing in SNSD was the 粉丝 favorite, and the entire thing was based on votes, not comments. So, without further ado, let's begin!*

Okay, so this might have been the longest I've ever taken to run 民意调查 rounds to find out the final result, but it was worth it in the end because my curiosity about this 问题 has finally found its answer!

Here are the 最喜爱的 pairings of the SNSD members:

I took out some pairings...
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posted by shiraz97
Kim Hyo-yeon (born September 22, 1989), is a South Korean idol singer, dancer and promotional model. She is currently the main dancer of the 流行的 Korean girl group Girls' Generation, formed 由 S.M. Entertainment in 2007.

Birth name    김효연
Also known as    Dancing Queen, Kim-choding, Specialist HY, Kim Yeolsal, Hyoraengi, Fiona
Born     September 22, 1989 (age 23)
Incheon, South Korea
Genres    K-pop, hip hop, electropop
Occupations    Singer, dancer, promotional model, actress, rapper
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1. Do 你 like the stage concept of 'I Got A Boy'?
- It's been a long time since the last time taking off high heels. I like it ve~ry much. It doesn't feel tireing at all dancing. I admired male singers 'ah, so male singers are like this'. Looks like I will request not to wear heels for our 下一个 album too.

2. What are the similarities and differences between the responses of SNSD and the public to the new song?
- The similarity is that compared to just listening to the song, 你 find 更多 charms when watching the stage performance.
The 评论 on lyrics varied. Personally I like...
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Yes, I'm crazy to be starting a new fanfiction, but I wanted to make this because I couldn't wait any longer! Since there are members that are dating, I decided to make a fake scenario about how they came to be. Of course, I'll still use the facts, but most likely, it'll be fake. (If it was real, that would just be creepy.) Hope 你 enjoy!

September 2013
Yoona(thinking): Oh my, is this actually happening? Is this a dream? I never thought that this would ever become 更多 than what I expected. What should I do? What should I say? Okay, just say, "Of course," Yoona. 你 can do this! (takes a deep...
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posted by Aya_tz
[Seohyun] Mirror, mirror, who is the worlds most beautiful girl? Wealthiest girl?
[Taeyeon] I'm nobody's proprety, no matter how much money 你 bring
(tu tu turu tu tu turu tu oh)
[Yuri] This world is an adventure
[Sunny] But if 你 don't have enough MP, it's game over
[Sooyoung] But you, who is in love, are a capable slider, right? A to Z
[Yoona] Baby, 你 are out of expectations, 显示 me something out of this world sexy trap
[Sooyoung] You've already get this far
[Seohyun] Ready your dream berry ice cream
[Hyoyeon] Come to the sound of clapping
[Tiffany] Hands right now, ah, because

[Taeyeon] I'm a...
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Well i 发布 the 'Do 你 agree' 文章 a long time 以前 and i 说 i will post another regarding it in a week but i'm kind of busy so i was not able to do it,so please enjoy the article!^_^

Okay let's start 由 talking about the first in the 最佳, 返回页首 100 list.
Dara of 2NE1.
I would definately agree she is ONE of the prettiest in the 韩流 idol industry but i don't think she is that pretty to be the first.Personally it would be nice if SNSD members are first but i must also agree their standard is not that high to beat some others.Dara is very pretty but somehow i would find member Bom of 2NE1 prettier.Dara...
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posted by snsd_hyo
credits :

A – AB (Hyoyeon’s Bloodtype – and if 你 think about it, she is very AB – can be shy but also crazy and outgoing; sensitive and listens to others’ feelings but doesn’t cry openly and share her own feelings; looks and acts fierce on stage but likes girly feminine things)

B - Best 老友记 =
Miss A Min
Park Ki Jun
Lee Jong Suk

C - China (she went on an exchange to China for 6 months/a year)
Chris Brown (one of her favourite Western singer/performers along...
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posted by sgsone
Come on!Who doesn't like Taeyeon?!But just in case..

One of SNSD’s 更多 流行的 members, Taeyeon is Girls Generation’s cute ajumma “kid” leader. Yes those two adjectives contradict each other, but both are perfect for describing this particular person. Though Taeyeon has her incredibly immature moments, her dorky childishness is very much balanced with her natural maternal instincts and strong 爱情 for her group. Taeyeon may express her 爱情 a bit differently than other people (i.e. perving on the rest of SNSD, grabbing people’s butts, harassing them), but the girl means well. One...
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Photographer Jo Se Hyun guested on the December 24th episode of MBC‘s ‘Happy Day‘ and praised Girls’ Generation‘s Tiffany for her positive personality.

Reporters visited the scene of the photographer’s 照片 exhibit, ‘The 10th Letters from Angels‘, for the release of his new pictorial on raising awareness for adoptees and single mothers.

The photographer commented, “If we combined all of the fees that the celebrity 模特 should have been paid for for their participation, it would amount in the billions of won (7 figures in USD). If it were not for their support, I don’t believe...
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So, these are the final results "VOTED 由 SONES":

Let's start!

9.Rich Voice YuRi
Really!? YuRi last?, I really 爱情 her low husky voice, It's Unique!, but I respect your opinion guys, and in my opinion, she's my 6th.

Yul's Best 唱歌 moments: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=7OTidaKjJXA

8.Husky Voice Tiffany
I really don't get why Tiffany is so low and I noticed that she's always the 8th place in round 民意调查 and i was like "I think Tiffany and number 8 are really meant to be" but seriously, Why is she in this place? I 爱情 her husky tone and she can reach high notes, her voice is great but she needs...
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posted by sgsone
The visual of snsd...she is cute and pretty but because there are 粉丝 who dislike her,I want them to learn 更多 about Yoona.

Im Yoona is a curious child; one that we find very interesting. A lot of Sones like to imagine Yoona as the resident choding in SNSD. Underneath the “face” image Yoona has, she’s an adorable immature girl with a childish sense of humor that sometimes has us facepalming. But while yes, we do see what a funny girl she is, we sometimes wonder what kind of pain is hiding under such a seemingly carefree girl.

Yoona, as is well known 由 her fans, was abandoned 由 her mother...
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posted by mitsuki963
[All] Mr. Taxi Taxi Taxi jigeum jeukshi jeukshi jeukshi
[Yoona] Ttara ol su itgenni (Oops)
[Yuri] Jabhil deut mal deut aseul
[All] Mr. Taxi Taxi Taxi jigeum jeukshi jeukshi jeukshi
[Sooyoung] Banjjakbanjjak bitnaji
[Seohyun] Neodo mollae ppajyeodeureo
[Tiffany] Nan geurae Supersonic N' hypertonic
[Hyoyeon] Gihweneun jigeum ppun
[Sunny] U take me jjarithae
[All] Mr. Taxi Taxi Taxi jigeum jeukshi jeukshi jeukshi
[Jessica] Sorry gandanhi
[Taeyeon] Nal jabeul suneun eobseo

[Tiffany] Seuchineun geori bulbicheun Shooting star
Jeoldae nan meomchul su eobseo Baby Non stop
[Seohyun] Engine soriman dwiro...
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posted by shiraz97
1.When Yuri is focused on something, she doesn’t pay attention to other things.. (Win Win Ep. 11)
2. Yuri cried most of the time, if she’s talking about members..
3. Once Yuri cried in IY, because she’s talking about Tiff that cares her so much.. (IY Ep 1)
4. Yuri is thinking about the member when she’s 表演 crying in K.Will’s MV (Jeon Hyunmoo’s Freeway Radio – Sooyoung & Yuri cut [07.31.09])
5. Yuri hope Sooyoung would play with her on rest days (Win Win Ep. 11)
6. Yuri got slapping habit

7. Yuri was 说 a member that has the most pride of being SNSD member 由 更多 than 1 psychologist...
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Taeyeon's Perspective

Virgo is your astrological opposite, which makes for an interesting friendship. At times, you'll think of each other as aliens whose habits are utterly incomprehensible. For instance, organized Virgo can't understand how 你 can find anything in that cluttered 厨房 of yours. Meanwhile, 你 don't get how the Virgin can get so upset when their 最喜爱的 bathroom cleanser gets discontinued. The longer 你 know each other, though, the 更多 你 admire each other's strengths. Pretty soon, you'll welcome Virgo's 建议 on keeping your tax receipts straight, while your pal will...
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That's right, SNSD's Gee, which has been seen 由 millions of people, has been declared as the 音乐 video of the 年 由 GOM TV's GOM 音乐 Chart (GMC)!

Nine of the ten spots in the 最佳, 返回页首 10 were taken 由 idol groups, mainly 2NE1, Brown Eyed Girls, and 2PM. From the 最佳, 返回页首 10, eight of the spots were taken 由 girl groups, proving that the 年 of 2009 was indeed the 年 of girl groups.

SNSD's Gee had over 100 million view counts on GOM TV and maintained their first place status over a period of 10 weeks on GOM's MV charts. SNSD's Tell Me Your Wish also ranked 9th in the 最佳, 返回页首 10, which further proved...
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SNSD and Super Junior rocked 2009 with hits like Gee and Sorry Sorry, and it looks like they're going to end the 年 with a bang at the SBS Gayo Daejun (end of the year) show! SBS has confirmed a special stage featuring these two SM Entertainment artists.

"Super Junior will be attending the Gayo Daejun 显示 with an exciting performance. ... Due to their individual activities and Asia 秒 Tour, Super Junior haven't been able to meet with 粉丝 in Korea much," a SBS representative stated. "After Super Junior completed promotions for Sorry Sorry, they began activities like 表演 in dramas, hosting as MCs and being DJs on radios. Super Junior has chosen the SBS Gayo Daejun stage for its Korean fans. Aside from Kibum who is in the middle of filming and Kangin who is taking a break, all members will be attending this event."
posted by animeadd8
SNSD's Taeyeon had Click-B's former member No Min Hyuk on her radio show, Chin Chin Radio today where she got to hear his 吉他 skills live.

For those of 你 who have no idea who No Min Hyuk is, here's a little information. Click-B is an ex-idol group from DSP Entertainment. They had seven members and they were very active and 流行的 in the late 90's and early 2000's. No Min Hyuk played the 吉他 in the group and is now part of another group called AshGrave.

After hearing him sing and play the guitar, the singer gave him a round of applause for his exceptional talent. Taeyeon expressed that she had always wanted to learn how to play the 吉他 so she asked her listeners for 建议 on who she should hire as a 吉他 tutor. Even the radio listeners recommended No Min Hyuk.

Taeyeon then asked him for some lessons on guitar-playing. In the end however, she had to take back her request because of her packed schedule: an Asia 音乐会 tour, a radio 显示 and year-end award shows.
 Taeyeon and No Min Hyuk
Taeyeon and No Min Hyuk
posted by animeadd8
Now that this 年 is coming to a close, it’s time to pick the best artist of 2009! And can 你 guess who won? No, it was not 2PM nor any other boy band. Idol girl group SNSD was picked as Korea’s #1 Artist of 2009!

Today on the airing of MBC’s ‘Section TV Entertainment News,’ SNSD rose to the #1 spot, surpassing the Wonder Girls with their hit song ‘Gee.’ They also garnered much attention from their other hit single ‘Tell Me Your Wish (Genie).’

Following SNSD for the nation’s 最佳, 返回页首 artists included the Brown Eyed Girls in 2nd place with their infectious hip-swaying dance; the...
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