Here's my SNSD fashion ranking....This is not biased. No hates please.

9. Sunny

Her fashion sense is good. But sometimes i don't really like it. It is plain and boring, i think? Every outfits she wears really fits her. 爱情 her jackets and caps. The 颜色 are fine. But yeah, i really don't like it.

8. Hyoyeon

Hyoyeon's style is not my taste. Sometimes i like it but sometimes i don't. But i 爱情 her shoes so much. Sometimes her outfits don't fits her. But black and white outfits really fits her.

7. Taeyeon

This dorky leader dresses like a maknae! 爱情 her sweaters and jackets, it really fits the shirts she's wearing. I 爱情 her style, but i find the others 更多 interesting that's why i put her on this place.

6. Yuri

This girl is a chic. I like her outfits. It is so simple but elegant. I 爱情 her elegants stuffs. Black jeans really fits her. She's very sexy whatever she wears.

5. Yoona

She dresses like a businesswoman. I 爱情 her jackets and heels. I like how she 最佳, 返回页首 jackets on shirts, plus she wears some elegant bags and shoes. Light 颜色 fits her.

4. Seohyun

Seohyun's fashion sense is great. I like how she 最佳, 返回页首 sweaters on polos. I really like it. Shorts also fits her. Dresses don't fit her. I like her fashion taste. But sometimes she dresses like an ahjumma.

3. Tiffany

Tiffany's style is awesome. I 爱情 her tops. It is hard to hide your 苹果 shaped body. I can say that she is very professional. I 爱情 her stuffs, like her shoes,bags, and tops. She had a great fashion sense.

2. Sooyoung

I like her skirts. Maroon colored sweaters fits her. Her fashion sense is awesome. I 爱情 her tops! Long sleeves also fits her, but i don't like her wearing a skinny jeans, i just don't like her legs, don't ask why.

1. Jessica

She very good! I like her fashion sense, just so elegant, really fits her. Her tops is good, her dresses are so simple but really stands out. I like her floral dress. She's a true fashionista. Blue fits her.

That's my short opinion, hope 你 like. Thanks!

Sunny <3
Taeyeon <3
Yuri <3
Yoona <3
Seohyun <3
Tiffany <3
Sooyoung <3
Jessica <3