Here's the final part of my analysis


Much like SunRi, i used to ignore this couple a lot but i actually really like to see their moments now. And i'm still waiting for more.
They look very cute together and their friendship feels genuine to me I wouldn't say they're super close, though.


Are there even moments between these two?
And i'm being serious right now
Cause really, this is probably one of the most rare SNSD pairings.

I really don't have any opinion about these two. Because i simply can't have one.
Please, just...INTERACT, WILL YOU?


I really don't care about his pairing because there isn't that much moments to begin with. And the ones i see, aren't genuine at all, imo. I don't see any true friendship. And their little moments are boring to look at. It's like they're not even part of the same group?
They're almost just as rare as SeoSun


流行的 pairing and i 爱情 them very much too. One of my 最喜爱的 Tiffany pairings, for sure. Their moments feel so gay to me. LOL.
And i sure don't complain.
I always anticipate this pairing's 下一个 moment because they're always so genuine and awesome to look at.


I 爱情 this pairing so goddamn much. I just 爱情 the fact that they're always complementing eachother's beauty. That's so cute.
Plus, they're so confortable around eachother and i 爱情 how Fany wants Sooyoung's attention and gives her such sweet backhugs 或者 lovely smiles
I think they're so close. And they always go to church together so, i assume they have lots in common it just me who finds it super cute how Tiffany hacks Sooyoung's instagram all the time? xD
I mean, she could choose Tae, Fany, Sun 或者 Hyo but she decides to go with Sooyoung instead.
eh eh


This has to be one of the non-genuine pairings in SNSD. Their moments are basically non-existent and even the little ones they have are boring to look at and seem extremely fake. They're similar to HyoFany in that aspect.
I can say once again that i feel like these two aren't even in the same group. They're always so distant.


As for this pairing, it reminds me of SeoSic in one thing: Tiffany cares very much about the maknae but sadly, there isn't many moments.

However, unlike SeoSic, i don't see a true friendship between SeoFany. Even in TTS, i see much 更多 TaeNy and Seo is left behind.


爱情 THIS PAIRING. it's so awesome. Their moments are always so funny and let's be honest, how can people NOT SHIP the two main dancers? They're so close and there's tons of moments lately. So many moments, that people are asking for a HyoRi unit. Most of the selcas Hyo posts on her instagram are with Yuri. That means a lot, imo. I think Yul might be Hyo's closest member now.
I wouldn't mind a HyoRi subunit, tbh. They're so fierce and they would slay with the right concept.
There's just this one tiny little problem: i want Sooyoung on that subunit. lol
SHY <3333


This pairing used to be 更多 流行的 in the past but not so much anymore. I can actually see why, even though they still share some awesome moments, they're not as much as before and the 爱情 for this pairing is slowly decreasing between sones.
I still 爱情 them, though. They're hilarious together and always 爱情 to prank eachother. Plus, they have very similar personalities and they totally understand eachother. they're very close, for sure.
Still waiting for the ultimate return of this cool pairing...


I really dislike this pairing. Their friendship screams the fakest and non-genuine to me. Sorry, but that's how i feel. Everytime they share a moment, i always feel like it's SOOOOOOO forced.
I noticed they seem to be closer this 年 but that doesn't change my opinion.
I just have this strange feeling that despite having moments on-screen, they probably have so many fights inside SNSD' dorm.

And maybe i'm overanalysing but it's not the first time Hyoyeon shades Yoona on national tv. Even though many people see it as a joke, other people like me, don't feel that way. Because tbh, we never see Hyoyeon shading the other members. At least not as much.

I'm saying this because on their most 最近的 interview in 日本 (like...5 days ago), Hyoyeon says that Yoona's 识骨寻踪 are very lady-like. Upon realizing what she just said, she quickly tries to make up for it, 由 saying "physique, i meant physique"

I know it sounds funny at first but i can't help it to have this huge feeling that she was calling Yoona skin and bones, deep inside. Because we all know she's too skinny right now. almost anorexic, i might say.

The other time i saw Hyoyeon 表演 similar to this, was on Win Win show. The girls were ranked from 1st to 9th as the prettiest members without makeup. Yoona complained in the end because she ended up being in 6th. Hyoyeon replied "the maknaes always hear from others that they're pretty and now they think they're actually pretty" was a variety 显示 but when i look at Yoona's reaction, it doesn't feel like just a simple variety show. Yoona actually looked quite pissed off and her smile was really fake, when Hyoyeon 说 that. Plus, all the other members applauded Hyoyeon's 评论 或者 gave a thumbs up. It was a VERY AWKWARD moment.

Anyway, this is just my interpretation.
I just don't like YoonHyo. And i seriously doubt i'm ever going to like them as a pairing.


So genuine.....So true....This pairing is really sweet. Hyoyeon is definitely Seohyun's closest member and they have many, many moments. And it's fascinating because their personalities are so different, yet, they have one of the most genuine friendships i've ever seen. Hyoyeon is extrovert and "agressive", Seohyun is innocent and calm But they suit eachother so well.
I just really 爱情 this pairing. And i'm anticipating their future moments.


The gag couple
Every single moment is so gay, LOL
They just need to look at eachother, to drive me crazy. Cause it feels so genuine. Once they look at eachother, there's that INSTANT smile.
Their backhugs are also the cutest thing ever.
And the way they hold hands.....*sigh*
And they're just so pervert for eachother, just....OMG.
Have 你 seen how many times they 拍击, smack, 味道 eachother's butts and SO MUCH 更多 THAN THAT? LOL
There's no words to describe these two.
I'm so sad this pairing isn't 更多 appreciated. For god's sake, are people blind 或者 what? They have an amazing friendship ever since SNSD' debut. They even had a drama together-
They're so freakin' close. And they understand eachother so much. These girls are always talking about eachother on interviews. Even Yuri 说 Sooyoung is the only one who truly understands her. She also 说 Sooyoung only needs to look at her, to know what's going on.
This is true friendship <333
Sad that many people can't see it. 或者 just don't want to see because they're too blinded 由 fake and fanservice pairings like YulSic and YoonYul (yes, i 说 it)


This....isn't for me
To me this is a perfect example of a fanservice pairing from beginning to end
When YoonYul was insanely popular, they had moments all the time. I could tell most of them were forced.
And it 你 notice, ever since YoonYul's popularity faded out.....we don't see that many moments anymore.
I don't think so.
So many sones still complain to this day, that there isn't YoonYul anymore and that they miss this pairing very much.
YoonYul have been pretty much distant for a couple of years already.
True, they still have some moments but...comme on, it's like 1 moment in every 3 months (or more)

When i first met SNSD, i was obsessed with YoonYul and i thought they were so real. Truth to be told, i was following the majority's opinion. Since YoonYul was popular, i followed the trend.
Yeah,...i was really stupid back then

Of course i changed my mind after like....5 months of loving and loving YoonYul?
Because i suddenly felt like their moments weren't genuine. i started to compare YoonYul with SooRi 或者 YulTi and the difference was so big.

Oh well....


I'ts been a while since i last saw a moment between these two. It's quite obvious that they used to be so much closer in the past.
But now?
Uhhhhhhhh......not really?
I can't remember their last moment, tbh.

And i think i rest my case. They're just an ok pairing.


Oh, i used to dislike this pairing, LOOOOOL
But i started loving them in 2013. I saw how close they become and i felt the true friendship between them.
2013 really was their year. It was so full of SooNa, that the pairing gained thousands and thousands of fans.
And i think they do understand eachother.
First of all, they're both the shikshins, ah ah. Most of their moments involve food.
Second, they're so supportive of eachother: acting, singing, japanese language....they're always there for eachother.
Third, they can discuss about their boyfriends, and since they're both from the maknae line, they feel 更多 confortable, instead of talking about this with Taeyeon 或者 Tiffany, imo.

Anyway, SooNa is really sweet


Probably the most rare Sooyoung pairing but tbh, they still share many moments. Over the last few years, there has been quite a lot of these two. They were both featured in many magazines in 2012 and 2013 and they also became closer because of that.
And i really think Sooyoung is one of Seohyun's closest members. Seohyun is confortable around Sooyoung and that's so cute.
I'm hoping to see 更多 and 更多 of them


Very cute pairing but i feel like they were closer in the past. They still have moments once in a while but for some reason, it doesn't make me feel anything anymore.
或者 maybe i'm saying this because there hasn't been that many moments this year.
But i do think they like eachother very much.
And since they're the youngest members, they're obviously very close.

anyway, hope 你 enjoyed 阅读 this article. i apologize if some of 你 爱情 the pairings i dislike xD

Side notes:
最喜爱的 SNSD pairing- SooRi
Least 最喜爱的 SNSD pairing- YoonHyo

最喜爱的 friendship trio- HYOSICSOO. These three know eachother for 更多 than 10 years and they're the oldest trainnes in SM. They sure have an amazing bond