Some of 你 may 或者 may not agree with me on this so I give fair warning ahead of time...I don't care...jk. But seriously SNSD is a fun fanclub for me for the sole reason of figuring out which SNSD is most liked, hated, underrated, 或者 overrated.

I won’t bore 你 with my long story of being introduced to SNSD but i will say that only one member got me into this group and it is Sunny. I saw her short blond hair on a YouTube video and was hooked ever since.

My point of 写作 this is because a lot of people keep trying to help me understand who is pretty, who is not pretty, 或者 my 最喜爱的 "This person can't be prettier than " " ". So with that I have decided to explain who I think is prettiest for me and give a perspective on how Westerners may think.

If 你 can remember a long time 以前 I did a pick on whom American audiences would consider their ideal beauty and here are the results. There is a reason why the 最佳, 返回页首 4 are in the places they are in.

First place: Sooyoung 由 37%

Well this is a shock to me considering America is trying this whole size "F" concept and people are always talking about nothing wrong with a little body fat, it makes since that this result shocked me the most
No one really gave me a "good" reason for why she came in first. Once person 说 that it’s because "she has a unique beautiful face that easy to recognize than the other members". Well so does Hyoyeon but let me see if I can understand this

Well let’s see Sooyoung, may appeal to a demographic that may appreciate her 更多 than Koreans do. One is Sooyoung has a very distinct look from her skin tone to her strong bone structure and Americans like a person that is unique and can stand out from the crowd. 秒 is her tan skin, though not many people talk about, for me, that is something I always appreciate is a celebrity with a nice skin complexion.
Last would be her body frame, although Americans appreciate a 更多 “child-bearing” figure I think honestly her figure is perfect for clothes like a model. I always say that everybody frame can fit somewhere and hers is in fashion.

秒 place: Tiffany 由 30%

Again a bit surprised since but a bit like Sooyoung I proably won’t understand. Again no one gave me a good reason why they picked her so I could try to understand this too.

First and foremost Tiffany is not high on my “list” nothing about her sticks out unless she opens her mouth and sings. Sorry she has nothing that I can say is what makes Tiffany, “Tiffany”.

Some other 评论 from other 民意调查 have 说 she has a nice “Fany” which I will say yeah that is true she has an asset that no one else in the group has. I could also say that Tiffany has a very long face and while it’s nothing unique, it is for the group. Something and I know someone will mention it is the “eye smile” well I saw other members do them to so that is not signature for “Tiffany”.

I don’t mean to sound harsh but 熊 with me, she cakes way too much makeup on for me to judge how good her face is. Don’t get me wrong she is not an ugly duckling, she has a nice figure but nothing special. She may appeal to audience just based on a good 照片 not necessarily what she is in person.

Third place: Sunny 由 28%

Now don’t think because my Sunny Bunny is in third place I will gloat….well not as much. But come on what is not to like about her, she is sexy as heck and as cute as a bunny. I like the fact that she has 更多 “meat” on her than the other members. I think she has 更多 assets then everyone in the group combined.

I am American I pay attention to those things to. Its no coincidence she caught the attention of both Teddy Riley and Quincy Jones…just saying. She has full lips, and a curvy body I can understand why she is in the place she is….now lets be serious

Ok, if there is one thing I hate about Sunny is how she is being marketed as this cute little thing that makes 你 want to hug her. Everyone in the group is over the age of 20, so why is there still this “cute” aegyo thing going on. The thing I think is the reason why Sunny isn’t in first is simply her marketing and her lack of height.
Be honest people like at least 5’5 in height for a girl and Sunny she doesn’t fit the bill. Her waist isn’t slim and she has short limbs, that is enough to turn a person’s head away in fear of being attracted to a little kid. Harsh but true

Fourth place: Hyoyeon 由 31%

Well ladies and gentlemen this is the final number..everyone after fourth place don’t have enough distinctive features for typical Americans like me to be impressed with.

First off I will be honest I was surprised that Hyoyeon wasn’t in the 最佳, 返回页首 3. I mean she isn’t ugly and her feature are very exotic but why 4? Well we could say that she isn’t as pretty as the 最佳, 返回页首 3, 或者 we could say that her body type is 更多 on the athlete side of the coin, all of which are valid answers. Hyoyeon is tricky for me because it’s a hit-or-miss with her. She has moments that she is really pretty (Time Machine) and moments when she is not very pretty (Gee).
Honestly I think people like Hyoyeon because of her aggressive 或者 powerful dance moves, that is when she is most beautiful and most present (Dancing with the Stars anyone. She looked great). SM doesn’t really market her as this cute and pretty person…because she isn’t. HYOYEON ISN’T CUTE!!! I don’t know how many times I must say this, her and Sooyoung aren’t cute, nothing about their faces remind me of a baby 或者 even a younger person.
They are fierce and I 爱情 it. They may not shine when everything is “sugar coated” but its no surprise that since SNSD’s image is now 更多 mature and confident that they outshine all the “pretty girls”. Sm as weird as they are, aren’t stupid everyone has their own season and this season is hers. They did the best thing for her 由 dying her hair but even when its brown she still looks fierce.

Side note and 你 may hate me for this but Hyoyeon needs to work on being a but 更多 happy and smile with her teeth cause that whole “smile with my lips and don’t 显示 my teeth” look really bugs be because it makes her look very unattractive.

Fifth place: Taeyeon 由 27%

Well now we are moving on to “Asian” beauties, nothing wrong with that it’s just what it is.
My goodess does she have a pretty face…and that is where its stops. Nothing special about her looks really, 你 would like her 更多 if 你 compare her to the other “Korean” looking people. Lets see…her face is really feminine but not too girly she is really just cute. Don’t get me wrong she can be diverse in her look from being hard rough to sweet and elegant but her main quality is in her voice not her body…sorry

Sixth place:TIED Yuri/Yoona 由 32%

你 all couldn’t make this easy for me could 你 but this was not surprising. I find it funny that they are tied at 6th place not 1st 2nd 或者 3rd .

Lets start with Yuri, lets be honest she is pretty and sexy to Asian people really not me. I mean anyone can squint their eyes and its looks sexy but its nothing special 或者 signature for Yuri. Her features in her face aren’t really special, now her body that is something different. She has a nice athletic body and it still has sex appeal which I really appreciate. Its not that Yuri isn’t likeable but when people see 你 they see your face first then body later (I hope). I don’t really know why she didn’t beat Taeyeon because her body is way better if 你 ask me.

Yoona looks too young and I feel like she will never grow into her age sorry. I know Koreans like this whole “look almost an elementary student” but that doesn’t fly well with me 或者 most Americans for that matter. Her body is skinny and her face is too cute…what else has a skinny body and looks like a child…so if I find Yoona attractive…that means….no not a pedophile but I still think it is weird. Her does eyes are her greatest assets and that is IT. She lacks a mature body sorry, she is like Sooyoung except in Yoona’s case I will say she has some hips to her so bravo. This may sound

Seventh place: Jessica 由 54%

I don’t care what anyone says if she had 迷失 to Seohyun, I would have cried BIAS!!!!. But no, I am kind of surprised she isn’t higher, I mean her face is way prettier than Taeyeon’s and she has some assets to her. She has some “stuff” on 最佳, 返回页首 and she is very slim and has long limbs for her height. Have 你 seen her in fashion magazines I mean she is very beautiful. I think the problem is that everyone else was just most like, not that she is ugly but everyone else was most liked.

Last: Seohyun

Well there is no shock there, neither here 或者 there does anyone think her beauty is radiant enough. Let me be honest, her figure is something to be feared and I mean in a good way. Modesty aside she has a great figure like Yuri except 更多 to it. I know how hard it is to find a sexy 或者 serious pic of Seohyun and finding them is like looking for a 4-leaved clover. I think her face though is not as great as her body.

When she is wearing a full outfit 或者 suit 你 can see her body lines and their quite nice but her face for some reason just seems different. I like to think of Seohyun with a body like Yuri but a face like Hyoyeon. Maybe in time we will see a 更多 fierce side of her but for now we are content in saying that she is just “pretty”