This oneshot was written for Quizilla as step one in a series of George Weasley oneshots I'm 写作 using my updated OC.

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The summer holiday was finally coming to a close, and Cora Collins was 更多 excited than ever to return to Hogwarts. She was a 6th year, which meant she would finally have frequent breaks between classes and even some off periods. She was looking 前锋, 期待 to these breaks mostly because she wanted that extra time to spend with her friends, 费雷德 and George Weasley and Lee Jordan. As if that weren’t reason enough, something exciting was taking place at the school this year, and everyone was on needles wondering what it could be.

Using what little information Cora had gathered, she effectively planned out the entire first term before even boarding the Hogwarts Express car, and it wasn’t until she was securely in her 座位 and discussing these plans with the devilish trio that she thought she might have forgotten something.

“Cora…” George said, waving his freckled hand in front of her face. “You kind of spaced out for a 秒 there. Are 你 ok?”

“What? Oh yeah, sorry. What was I saying?” Cora asked, physically shaking the thoughts from her mind, causing her shoulder-length dark brown hair to tangle towards the ends.

“You were just telling us your theories on what’s going on this year. 你 sort of trailed off mid-word.” 费雷德 was smirking at her with curiosity.

“I feel like I’ve forgotten something important. I can’t place what it is though.” Cora’s face was scrunched in thought. Through all of the excitement of the new term, her packing had been a little less than organized. It was possible she forgot a lot of things, which wouldn’t be too devastating. She could always owl her parents. But this felt 更多 serious, somehow.

“Never mind that, 你 can worry about it when we get to school. I liked where 你 were headed with the plan for this year, let’s go back to that.” 费雷德 said, as he moved from his spot 由 the window to sit 下一个 to Cora, as if him being in closer proximities would help her stay focused.

“It’s Henri!” Cora exclaimed, nearly shaking the car as she jumped in her sudden realization.

“Interesting theory,” 说 George, stroking his chin in mock thought.

“I see what 你 mean,” 说 Lee, mimicking George.

“No, not about that! I forgot Henri, my cat.” Cora sat back down between the twins and put her face in her hands and her hands on her knees.

“Oh…” the three boys replied, not nearly as upset about the fact as Cora.

Henri was Cora’s Turkish Angora cat and no one seemed to think he was as perfect, loving, and intelligent as Cora did. In fact, ask the majority of the Gryffindors what they thought of him, and they would tell 你 that on 更多 than one occasion they’ve ‘lightly nudged’ the cat with their foot when he was in the common room. No one would ever admit this around Cora.

“That’s no big deal. I’m sure 你 can manage being without him until 圣诞节 break. Then 你 can go 首页 and get him.” Lee was proud of this logic, and was ready to brush the topic off and 移动 on. Cora wasn’t satisfied.

“It’s not going to be easy. I’ve had that cat since 1st year. He’s part of a tradition.” Cora looked from one face to another and quickly realized that it was pointless to continue the conversation. It was obvious 由 their vacant expressions that the boys didn’t understand and couldn’t care less about her feelings for Henri.

“Just forget it. We’re almost at the castle. Let’s change into our robes; I expect we’ll find out what the big surprise is soon.” Cora pulled down her 树干 from the overhead bin, and the group excitedly made their preparations to enter Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry once again.

Over a 月 had passed since the start of term. The cool autumn air was setting in and excitements were high as the start of the ‘secret surprise’ of the 年 drew near. During the start of term feast, Cora, the twins, and Lee learned along with the rest of the school that Hogwarts would host the Tri-Wizard Tournament, an event that was finally reinstated after years of being discontinued.

Delegations from Beauxbatons Academy and Durmstrang Academy had arrived at Hogwarts to determine who the champions would be. Once chosen, the champions would then participate in a series of contests to determine who the Tournament winner would be. For the first time in tournament history, there was also an age limit. Champions must be 16 years of age to participate.

Between 更多 advanced classes and homework, the excitement of the upcoming tournament, and Fred, George, and Lee trying to develop an aging potion to trick the Goblet of 火, 消防 which would pick champions, Cora barely had time to miss Henri. It was 更多 of a nagging ache in the pit of her stomach, but in the late nights and early mornings it was worse.

One Saturday night, Cora had stayed up late in the common room, tutoring Neville Longbottom in potions. Most of the other Gryffindors had long gone to sleep, and as Cora nodded off in an oversized armchair, she subconsciously began stroking the 枕头 in her lap. It must have been a ridiculous sight because 费雷德 teased her for three days afterward, even though Neville had tried to take the 枕头 away before anyone else saw.

A Wednesday morning she woke up bright and early, wandered into the 4th 年 boy’s dormitory and practically tackled Harry Potter to the ground trying to get his Marauder’s Map. She wanted to use it to sneak into the kitchens before anyone else woke up so she could grab some 牛奶 for her cat. It took several 分钟 for him to remind her that Henri wasn’t there, and the 牛奶 would most likely curdle before making the trip to London.

Things were becoming increasingly hectic for everyone at Hogwarts. The champions had been chosen (unfortunately 费雷德 and George’s aging potion was a disastrous failure), and Harry Potter was among them despite the fact that he was only fourteen. With everything that was going on, it looked like Cora wasn’t going to be able to make it 首页 for the holidays, which meant that she would not be able to pick up Henri. Something that would be so simple and unimportant to most people was starting to wear on her nerves and her good mood.

If nothing else, 费雷德 and George could be trusted to cheer up a friend even if they didn’t completely understand why that friend was so upset. It was a rainy 日 and Cora could hear the twins before she could see them. She had taken up her post in the chair 由 the 火, 消防 in the common room, and 费雷德 and George were running down the corridor outside, Filch hot on their feet for dripping mud through the castle.

“Cora! We have a surprise for you!” She heard 费雷德 yelling as he crawled through the Gryffindor entrance.

“It’s brilliant, you’ll 爱情 it!” George 说 after his brother. Both twins were in plain view now and they looked a mess. Cora laughed as she stared from Fred’s muddy nose to George’s matted hair. It was several 秒 before she noticed what they held in their hands.

“Awww…” Cora 说 (read squealed) as she spotted the matching ginger kittens, one in Fred’s hand the other in George’s.

费雷德 and George just smiled. “I’m not even going to make fun of 你 for that disgusting display of girly affection,” 说 Fred, cuddling the kitten in his hands. “George did the same thing when we first saw them a couple of weeks ago.”

Cora grabbed the kitten George was holding and started rubbing it against her face. “You guys knew about these weeks 以前 and didn’t tell me! They’re so adorable, where did 你 find them?”

“We didn’t tell 你 because we wanted it to be a surprise,” 说 Fred.

“Yeah, we wanted to wait until they were old enough to leave their mother. So 你 could have them,” 说 George, now smiling bigger than ever.

“You mean…these are… mine?!” Cora could barely contain her excitement. Two twin kitties and they were all hers. “You never answered my question, though. Where did 你 get these guys?” Cora sat on the floor as 费雷德 and George followed to form a 圈, 圈子 so the 小猫 could play with each other on the inside.

“Hagrid actually found them near the edge of the forest. Apparently there are a few feral 猫 that live there and one had a litter,” George said, removing his finger from the painful grip of a kitten’s firm jaw.

“Hagrid was caring for the litter and we saw. That’s when George here had the idea to pick one out for you, only when we saw that there were two that were identical, we thought they’d be perfect.” 费雷德 said, as he picked up one kitten and handed the other to George.

They held the 小猫 close to their face as George 说 “The resemblance is uncanny, right?”

Cora laughed. It was true; the ginger 小猫 looked and acted a lot like their human counterparts. She couldn’t believe how thoughtful her 老友记 had been, and even though Cora had no intention to let the 小猫 replace Henri, the sentiment was very nice and she would give the 小猫 a proper 首页 until summer, and then it would be up to her parents as to whether 或者 not they could be hers permanently. “Thanks so much 你 guys,” she said, hugging them both. “They’re perfect! What are we going to name them?”

费雷德 and George looked from each other, to Cora, to the 猫 playing on the carpet.

“Well, we sort of thought that was obvious, isn’t it?” 费雷德 asked.

“Yeah,” 说 George, “That one there is 费雷德 and this one’s George.” He pointed to Kitten 费雷德 then picked up Kitten George and lovingly kissed the 最佳, 返回页首 of his head.

“That could get confusing, don’t 你 think?” Cora asked, raising an eyebrow at her friends. “I was thinking 更多 like Thing 1 and Thing 2. I used to read the book a lot when I was a kid and I think those names are perfect.”

“What book is that?” George asked, feeling dejected and not very pleased with Cora’s name choices.

“You know, Dr. Suess,” she said, matter-of-factly.

“I don’t get it. Is he a doctor 或者 a cat?” 费雷德 asked, holding tightly to Thing 1 (read Kitten Fred) as if he was regretting his decision to give it to Cora.

“All right, fine. But don’t yell at me when I tell 费雷德 to stop licking George’s tail and people get the wrong idea.” Cora said, laughing.

“That’s just what we were hoping for, actually.” 费雷德 gave his trademarked mischievous grin.

“Exactly,” 说 George.

Later that night Cora smiled as she saw 费雷德 sprawled out on the sofa with 费雷德 asleep on his chest. George was still awake and was playfully jumping out from behind tables at George. This was definitely the happiest Cora had been all year.

Cora walked to where human George was sitting and sat 下一个 to him. “Hey,” she whispered, trying not to wake the Freds. “I just wanted to thank you.”

“You’re welcome, Cora. And you’ve thanked us loads enough already. Besides, these guys are cute and funny, so really it worked out for everyone.” George smiled and nudged Cora’s shoulder playfully.

“Yeah, I know. But I wanted to thank 你 specifically.” Cora 说 slowly.

George furrowed his brow. “Why me specifically?,” He asked.

“Because it was your idea. Fred’s great, but I know this would have never happened if it weren’t for you. So, thanks,” and with that she stood, pet Kitten George on the head and walked towards the girl’s dormitory.

Kitten George wobbled to follow her, and as she turned to pick him up she caught a glimpse of George Weasley, staring into the fire, a giant smile on his face and his cheeks a little too flushed to be a product of the flames.