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posted by Geoissonice123
Milli Geo 你 are so rude
Geo shut up Milli Geo 说 in a rude voice
Milli i thought 你 loved me as a sister
Geo no i hate 你 go to F##king hell B##ch
Bot i heard that Geo go to time out now
Milli running to Bot
Bot yes Milli
Milli Geo 说 i had to go to hell
Geo shut up bitch
Bot go to fucking time out now 或者 i will whoop your ass
Geo shut the fucking hell up Bot
Bot that's it turn around 或者 i will slap your face hard to make 你 cry
Geo ooh I'm scared
Bot Noww Geo then Bot slapped Geo with his left hand
Milli Bot stop your hurting Geo
Bot shut up 你 don't get 晚餐 2 night
Milli plz Bot plz...
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posted by Geoissohot123
One 日 Geo wakes up to a stomach pain and he thought it was cramps 或者 something he tried to sit up but he couldn't sit up due to the pain in his stomach so he slowly fell of the 床, 床上 he hit his head on his drawer owe he 说 so Milli his older sister went to give him his medicine Milli 嘿 Geo i have your medicine do 你 wan't to take it now ? Geo yeah sure Milli Bot watering his plants Bot lala hi there umifriend it's me Bot , Geo groaing Milli what's wrong Geo ? Geo nothing Milli , Milli i heard 你 groan that means 你 started Geo covers Milli's mouth don't even say it Milli , I won't Geo...
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posted by Geoissonice123
Bot Geo get your 屁股 in here now
Geo fuck 你 Bot
Bot that's it I'm going into your room and spank your 屁股 now
Geo fine faggot
Bot your so dead I'm going to abuse 你 bad
Geo crying okay I'm sorry Bot please don't hurt me
Bot sorry doesn't cut it
Geo fine 婊子, 子
Bot young man come here now
Geo no 婊子, 子
Bot nowwwwww Geo
Geo fine 婊子, 子
Bot put's his left hand up and slaps Geo's left cheek making it swell up a little bit and turn purpleeo crying in pain i F##king hate 你 Bot i thought 你 loved us Bot
Bot i don't 爱情 你 neither Milli
Milli crying i heard that Bot i hate 你 too that's it we are going...
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