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posted by r260897
RECAP: Sinned left snow kids and meanwhile he searched for a job so that can take good care of me. On my birthday he gifted me biggest happiness that he got job. But months rolled and he came after 4 months to take me from the snow kids and Rocket willingly sent me with him.
(Hope 你 remember that the character ‘I’ is the reader himself/herself)
Sin 说 “hey what happened?” with my head down I replied “nah nothing.. but I wonder 你 didn’t try to contact me for whole four months I was in despair ( looking @ him) and I thought you’ll not…” “oh shut up how you...
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( Hi I am here with a story. In this where ever is ‘I’ please consider yourself there )
Mei was busy with her laptop, Tia and Rocket were sitting in a corner D’jok and Thank were enjoying funny performance of Micro Ice. Ahito was sleeping and I was sitting in one corner waiting for Sinned. There was a loud sound coming from another room. Arch was scolding Sinned for his deeds he did in match. When he came he was a bit angry but when I went there he looked with his caring eyes and 说 “hey l’ll sis I’ll come to take you. Till then live here coz my life is kinda unsettled…” like...
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