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Nova:Isac come here please
Isac:Yes Nova?
Nova:*Kisses Isac*
Deana:I don't wanna know *walks away*
Nova:Well that was..awkward
Isac:Lol 你 can say that again
Nova:Hey wanna get some pizza
(5 分钟 later)
Nova:That was good.Now what?
Isac:Wanna go to this arcade I saw yesterday?
(A 分钟 later)
Nova:I thought 你 说 this is an arcade.There's not too many games here 你 know.
Isac:Oh I forgot to mention that part.
Deana:Awkward *giggles*
Nova:Oh and 你 know where we should have real fun?
Deana:Follow me
(3 分钟 later)
Nova:I 爱情 this place!!!!
Isac:Me too.Nice park.
Deana:Yep :D
The End.