Note: 《冰雪奇缘》 is owned 由 Disney, not me.

A week had gone 由 since Anna and Elsa's accidental visit to the public lake. The 2 sisters wanted to actually swim. Thankfully Anna had a plan.

Anna walked into the living room of the kingdom and stated "We should go swimming today."

Elsa 说 "But I don't want us to make another embarrassing mistake."

Anna tried to calm Elsa down 由 saying "I went to a nearby private lake yesterday so I know how to get there. Plus it's not that far away."

Elsa asked "Are 你 sure it's not a public lake?"

Anna replied "I hanged out there for hours yesterday. Nobody came by. Please trust me."

Elsa 说 "Okay."

Anna grabbed the towel bag. She and Elsa started walking to the lake. The Duke of Weselton saw them and asked "What are 你 2 monsters up to?"

Anna replied "We're going to the lake."

The Duke 说 "You're probably going to go to that ugly lake nearby. Everybody avoids that plain looking place."

Anna 说 "I'm thankful for that." Anna and Elsa continued walking while the Duke angrily stared at them.

About 15 分钟 later Anna and Elsa were near the lake. Elsa 说 "Thankfully the river is close enough to home. I hope 你 brought our swimsuits this time."

Anna replied "I count on 你 to remember these things instead of me. Don't worry. Nobody uses this lake. We don't need swimsuits."

Elsa asked "Are 你 completely sure nobody will be there?"

Anna replied "I've been at this lake 6 days in a row and I never saw people. I promise we'll be okay."

Elsa 说 "Okay."

The 2 sisters were almost at the lake so they got undressed. They put on the towels and started running to the lake.

Anna 说 "I'll get to the lake before 你 do."

Elsa replied "I might beat 你 there this time."

Anna and Elsa arrived at the lake. They took off their towels. Elsa heard noises. People were starting to hang out near the lake. The Duke of Weselton had lied to the people about the lake area being a great place for picnics. There weren't any tables for the people to have picnics on, but the area had a good view of trees and even a 彩虹 so the people stayed.

Anna was about to get into the lake. Elsa whispered "I heard people." Anna and Elsa looked around and saw the people. The 2 sisters were so scared they could barely move.

Anna and Elsa managed to run to their towels and put them on before the people saw them. The 2 sisters breathed sighs of relief.

1 woman saw the 2 towel clad sisters and 说 "It's the princess and queen."

Elsa nervously 说 "Hi. It's nice to meet you."

A different woman 说 "You 2 should 加入 our picnic."

Anna 说 "I'm sorry, but I'm afraid we're underdressed for even that. Please excuse us."

Anna and Elsa walked out of the lake area and got dressed.

On the walk 首页 Elsa 说 "Most embarrassing 日 ever." The Duke of Weselton overheard her and laughed.

Anna 说 "Stop it 你 weasel."