Note: 《冰雪奇缘》 is not owned and created 由 me.

A 年 after they had a prank battle at a faraway city Anna and Elsa were at the same city again. They did some 更多 trade business.

Princess Anna 说 "Do 你 remember the last time we were here?"

皇后乐队 Elsa 说 "Of course. It was a only a 年 ago."

Anna giggled and 说 "It was fun."

Elsa 说 "But we got chased 由 bees and 迷失 our pants."

Anna 说 "Yeah. That was a great day."

Elsa 说 "Well I'm glad that the Duke of Weselton isn't here this time."

The Duke of Weselton 说 "I'm here this time." The Duke saw Anna and Elsa and 说 "It's time for revenge, but this time I will be the winner. Ha, ha." The Duke decided to increase the danger level this time 由 using 2 bee hives instead of 1. The Duke quickly put honey on Anna and Elsa's pants.

1 group of bees chased Anna and the other group of bees chased Elsa.

Anna 说 "Bees are after us again."

Elsa 说 "I hate repetitive 粉丝 fiction."

Anna 说 "We gotta lose our pants again."

Elsa nervously 说 "Can't we think of something else?"

Anna 说 "We're about to get stung 由 like 50 bees. We can't risk having that actually happen."

Elsa sighed and 说 "You're right."

Anna and Elsa threw their pants off. The pants landed on the Duke of Weselton. The Duke 说 "I could sell these and become richer than ever. The stores will battle over having wardrobe worn 由 royalty." The bees came after the Duke. The Duke 说 "I could escape the bees if I give up the stolen pants, but I can't risk actually losing such valuable items." The Duke stubbornly held onto the pants while bees stung him.

Anna giggled and 说 "Poor Duke of Weaseltown."

Elsa 说 "Darnit. Our travel money was in our pants."

Anna 说 "I guess we'll have another pantless 船, 小船 ride and it's Fall. My legs are going to get so cold. What about yours?"

Elsa smiled and 说 "I'll be okay."

Anna and Elsa went on their 船, 小船 and went home. The 下一个 日 they arrived back to their 首页 city.

Elsa 说 "We better hurry 首页 before people see us without pants."

Anna 说 "Lets run."

Anna and Elsa ran, but that helped them get 更多 attention.

1 woman 说 "I except this from Anna, but I thought the 皇后乐队 would dress 更多 modestly."

Elsa 说 "Could this get any worse?"

Anna 说 "Elsa 你 shouldn't say that."

Suddenly Elsa's 衬衫 got stuck on a store's door. Elsa tried to get free, but she accidentally got her 衬衫 ripped. Elsa 说 "I have to go 首页 in my underwear?"

Anna 说 "You could tell people you're a big Captain 内裤 fan. That might save your reputation of being the mature queen."

Elsa was so embarrassed that she ran faster than she had ever ran before. Anna 说 "It seems like she has 2 powers: ice and fast running. I hope Mr. Freeze and the Flash don't sue us."

Meanwhile the Duke of Weselton returned to Weselton. He had 100 bee stings on him. The Duke 说 "The monster and her sister will pay for this!"