Notes: The characters and locations are owned 由 Disney. This story is a sequel to the story Anna's Drama.

Anna 说 "Oh Elsa."

Elsa 说 "Oh what?"

Anna 说 "A fellow super hero wants to meet us. She's part of some team called Large Hero 6. She's meeting us in the 浓情巧克力 cave today"

Elsa 说 "Okay, but what's the 浓情巧克力 cave?"

Anna 说 "I had Kai make it. It's based on the bat cave."

Anna and Elsa got on their costumes. Their costumes are inspired 由 Captain 内裤 so they only wore underclothes, boots, and a cape.

20 分钟 later Honey 柠檬 showed up. Honey wore the same super hero outfit that she wears in Big Hero 6.

Anna 说 "Welcome to my hideout. I'm Super 浓情巧克力 Lover."

Elsa nervously 说 "I'm Super Icicles."

Honey 说 "It's nice to meet 你 2."

Anna 说 "Your costume is really cool."

Honey 说 "Thanks. Your outfits look comfortable."

Anna and Elsa heard the Duke of Weselton say "Monsters come and stop me. Ha, ha."

Elsa 说 "He's up to something."

Anna 说 "We'll stop him."

Honey 说 "I'll help."

Anna 说 "Alright."

The 3 girls chased the Duke. They went to a mysterious store that wasn't open. The Duke brought his henchmen and Hans to help him. The Duke 说 "It's time to pay for running my trade business 你 monsters."

Elsa 说 "Let it go."

The Duke 说 "My helpers are going to beat 你 up until 你 give me my Arendelle trade business."

Anna 说 "You're so crazy 你 weasel."

The Duke 说 "I'm a Weselton, not a weasel."

Hans pointed to Honey and 说 "Who are you?"

Honey 说 "Honey Lemon."
The Duke 说 "You should leave. This fight is about me and the 2 immodestly dressed monsters."

Honey 说 "I'm their new friend and I'll fight 你 if I need to."

The Duke 说 "Helpers get rid of the monsters."

Elsa 说 "It'll be easy to stop these fools with my ice powers." Elsa froze the Duke's henchmen. While Elsa froze them Hans punched her. She fell to the ground. The Duke had a evil smile on his face.

Anna 说 "You're going down." Anna punched Hans again, but this time he didn't fall in water. The Duke threw knock out 果汁 into Anna's mouth which made her pass out.

The Duke thought he won. Honey kicked the Duke. The Duke tried to fight her, but Honey easily defeated him.

After the fight the girls took the Duke and his helpers to prison.

Elsa 说 "Honey thanks for the help."

Honey 说 "It was fun."

Anna 说 "I'm tired. Lets hang out in the cave."

Honey 说 "I'm kind of jealous of you. I'm heating up in my costume."

Anna 说 "Maybe 你 should fight crime in your underclothes like us."

Honey 说 "Oh no. I'd be made fun of if I did that. Um no offense."