The Cast!
Hi guys, I will be 写作 about Wicked and 《冰雪奇缘》 about how familiar they are. In terms of character, songs, story, are 你 ready?

The Characters

Yes, 4 characters have something in common. Especially Elsa and Elphaba are both misguided characters, ironically they are played 由 the same singer, Idina Menzel. But it's not just her though, Hye Na Park (Elsa's Korean 唱歌 Voice), Willemijn Verkaik (Elsa's Dutch and German 唱歌 Voice), Maria Lucia (Elsa's Danish Voice) and Mona Mor (Elsa's Hebrew Voice) played Elsa in their respective productions.
Anna and Glinda both tried to persuade Elsa and Elphaba respectively, only Glinda and Elphaba sadly part ways in the musical!
Fiyero is a combo of Hans and Kristoff, mainly because Fiyero is also a Prince. Unlike Hans, Fiyero is turn into a scarecrow, and in the Wizard of Oz the Scarecrow helps Dorothy. Just like how Kristoff helps Anna in Frozen!

The Story

Although I haven't seen the famous musical yet, but I have the original Broadway cast with Idina in it. The story eerily reminds me of Frozen, especially on the relationship between Glinda and Elphaba, just like how Anna and Elsa in Frozen.

The Songs

Defying Gravity reminds me of For the First Time in Forever Reprise, mainly because of 2 characters 唱歌 in it! No Good Deeds reminds me of Let it Go as I considered it as Elphaba's theme, very much like how Let it Go is Elsa's theme!

Defying Gravity

There 你 go, my personal observation and I hope to see Wicked soon if I have the opportunity!
I wanna see this musical so badly!