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In this article, I will compare Elsa and Anna in various categories, telling my preferences. Let's start!


I dream to have Elsa's hair color; Anna's pale wisp is unique, but her 草莓 blonde doesn't strike me so much. Moreover, Elsa has better hairstyles. While I like only the bun of Anna's hairstyles, I 爱情 every Elsa's hairstyles, especially the coronation bun and the childhood braid with hairband.


Both have beautiful well-defined eyes, but I prefer Anna's ones; they are 更多 blue, 更多 saturated. I also think Anna has better eyelashes. However, I really like Elsa's make up after the transformation.


Actually, their lips are practically identical, but I don't like Elsa's lipstick after the transformation; too red for her pale skin.

Overall Beauty:

While Anna is just cute, Elsa is really beautiful and full of womanliness. She has prettier traits and her skin is perfect; I'm not a 粉丝 of Anna's freckles. I think both look better in 2D.


Anna has a normal body, it's just ok. Elsa's body is very sensual, especially in her Ice 皇后乐队 Dress. I really like her posture and her motions.


None of Anna's outfits strike me a lot. Maybe it's unusual, but my 最喜爱的 Anna's outfit is her black dress from the King and the Queen's funeral. It's very elegant. I also like a bit her green gown, but the skirt-part is too detailed in my opinion. Elsa's outfits, otherwise, are all stunning. My 最喜爱的 is obviously the Snow 皇后乐队 dress. I appreciate also her teen purple dress, so sad that it appears just in one scene, Elsa looks good in purple.

Speaking Voice:

I find Elsa's speaking voice a little boring, maybe because her dialogs are depressed for the most part of the movie. Anna's voice is funny and dynamic, it instills vivacity!

Singing Voice::

Actually I'm not particularly fascinated neither of the two voices, but Elsa's voice is 更多 powerful and engaging. She's definitely a better singer.


I'm really indecisive about this point because, again, I'm not attracted 由 neither of the two personality. I thought I would have loved Elsa watching the trailers, but, when I saw the movie, she disappointed me. I find both irresponsible: Elsa let the whole Kingdom in a deep winter and ran away from her Queen's responsibility; then Anna let the task to role the Kingdom to a man who met a few hours ago. Neither of the two understood the sister's feelings. I chose Elsa because she's 更多 mature.


... if I have to choose, but I'm not really relate myself with neither of the two characters. I haven't so much in common with them. I chose Elsa again because sometimes, like her, I feel free to be completely myself just when I'm all alone.

So, generally, I prefer Elsa! Tell me what 你 think about my choices and thanks for 阅读 my article!