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posted by WesWesROX
I honestly think personally that they should make a remake of the famous movie Outsiders directed 由 Francis Coppola himself. The Outsiders made 25 MILLION dollars in the box office! It was a complete hit! While Francis is already at the point of his life with 电影院 like The Godfather, I think they can make a new Outsiders! The technology back then was OK but now with the AMAZING technology used for Rise of the Planet of the Apes and Real Steel, they can make it SOO realistic. I don't know about a cast but I'm sure they can think of something back as Darry he looks exactly the same as he did maybe a LITTLE older. Plus in the book they didn't mention Sandy (Sodapop's girlfriend) at all! How he thought of marrying her and her being prego and it NOT being Soda's and her moving to live with family in Florida! They could TOTALLY pull it off. I saw... BRING BACK THE GREASERS EVERYBODY LOVED!