T'was the 日 befor Easter
the house was so busy
the 老友记 worked so hard
one got dizzie....
Eduardo:"Frankie! I think she's comming around!" Holly(suddenly waking up)-"Uhhhhh, what happened? Where am I?" Frankie(enters the room and gives 冬青, 冬青树 a glass of water)-"It's okay Holly. 你 just fainted when 你 smelled my cheese appetizers while cleaning the kitchen".Coco complains in the only language she knows:"cococococo" Frankie-"I know Coco. We all have been working hard these two days. Who knew it took so much work to make a party? Oh well, at least wer'e almost done. 你 gyes just need to colour the eggs now. Me and mr.H. will take care of the rest." Yup, tomorow was easter, and madame Foster would be comming back from her vacation just in time for her party. There's only one thing that made her laugh SO much, her favourite thing about Easter-the easter bunny. Thats the last thing the house needed. So Frankie and mr.Herriman told Mac yesterday to bring Goo with him when he comes here today at three o'clock as usuall. Only Goo had the "talent" to create the perfect easter bunny. Bloo would get out today when Mac came. So everyone was waiting for him.
Three o'clock. Mac came right on cue. Along with Goo. Goo to frankie and mr.H. in a very serious voice-"Alright lets get on with it. What do I need to create?" Frankie-"the perfect easter bunny." Goo-" Hmmm...When 你 say perfect, do 你 mean romantic and charming...(pops an easter bunny with 花 and 浓情巧克力 and hands them to Frankie and winks at her)" Frankie(weird look)-"Uhhh...Thanks...I guess" Goo continues-"...or adventurous and bold(pops an easter bunny with army clothes and begins swinging on the ribbons in the house like they were vines in a jungle)...or how about the perfect daddy(pops an easter bunny wearing dad clothes-"Howdaly Doodaly. Isn't it the perfect day?)...or do 你 mean a perfect musician easter bunny?"(pops an easter bunny with a trumpet and starts playing a tune. Frankie and Mr.H. cover they're ears) After a little while the house is full of different kinds of easter bunnies. Goo continues brainstorming when Frankie pushes her to the door out of the house. Frankie-"Thank 你 Goo. I think thats enough!" And slammes the door. Then pops a very serious looking easter bunny holding a sign that says-"You're welcome!" Mr. Herriman-"Alright I think this is 更多 than enough. Wich one do 你 think will satisfy the madame most?" Frankie-"Oh, 你 don't wanna know what I think(Frankie wanted Mr.H. to be the Easter bunny just so he could embbarese himself). Ask Mac. I need to settle things here". Mac-"Well.... how about this one?" Mac pulls out a bunny whoo's jumpping around, skreaming "YAAAY". Mr.H.-"Well he seems chearfull enough, full of colours and positivity. Alright master Mac, he'll do just fine. Now go see your friend, it's his time to get out now.*sighs* Pitty. I was beggining to like the house without master Blooberguard. 更多 calm and quiet. Good day." Mac runs up the stairs. Poor kid, misses his friend. It's a very rare and beautiful moment when two 老友记 who haven't seen each other for a long time meet again. Mac opens the door-"Bloo!!" Bloo-"Mac!!" they hug. Then Bloo sees something and almost faints at its beauty. Bloo-"TV!!!" And hugs a nearbye television. Bloo-"Oh how i've missed you!" Yes, a beautiful moment indeed. Mac rolles his eyes and yankes Bloo-"Come on..."
After Bloo meets up with the other 老友记 in the living room, they all start colouring the eggs. Eduardo makes the prettiest eggs in the house. All ping and purple with lots of glitter and sparkles and feathers and hearts and flowers... Wilt paints the eggs as basketballs and coco just writes her name in the eggs so she knows wich eggs are hers. Smart idea! Mac isn't really good at colouring so he sticks stickers in the eggs. And Bloo? He's watching TV very close to the screan like a zombie, go figure! Mac-" That's enough TV Bloo. Come 加入 us!" Bloo-"Colouring eggs is really not my thing Mac." Mac-"Bloo, I dressed like a baby in front of my hole school as a distraction so 你 could sneak in and get you're video game from the teachers lounge while everyone was laughing at me. 你 owe me!" Bloo-" Oh alright.(closes the TV and comes to the 表 with everyone elese)and it wasn't JUST a video game Mac. It was the very rare "Slammer Super Troid 3" from China! How could I have survived without that game?" Mac-"whatever Bloo, just colour the egg." Bloo looks at the egg doubtly and dipps it in red paint. Then the fatherly easter bunny comes in the room-" Howdy neighbors! Oh no no, not red paint!(grabbes Bloo's egg from his hand) 你 should dipp it in green paint. Green is good! So when the egg hatches, the baby bunny can be fresh,lucky and wealthy. So he/she can have a good, happy life. The sort of things a father would want for his baby. Look at this(grabbes Coco's egg) 你 already named you're baby? Thats good parenting. Coco huh? Good name." Coco looks proud." That reminds me, I'm in the mood for some hot coco. Anyone want to 加入 me?" The 老友记 all nod theyre heads and before 你 know it, the room is empty. Bloo-" okay...Mac, do I even HAVE to ask?" Mac-"He's one of the Easter bunnies. Goo came today and made to many for madame Foster." Bloo-"Mr. Herriman should be the easter bunny. Just to embarrese himself. Grrrr Herriman!" Bloo turns red from anger-" 你 grounded me for two weeks for no reason. 你 shall pay for that Herriman! 你 SHALL PAY!!!" Mac-" Bloo, 你 set the living room on fire. 你 deserved to be grounded!" Bloo-"IT WAS AN ACCIDENT!" Mac-" 你 shouldn't have played with matches." Bloo-" how could I have done my flaming paddle-ball without fire?! It was such a cool idea- a flaming paddle-ball". It didn't accure to Bloo that paddles made out of wood catch on fire! He freaked out, dropped the paddle-ball and the room cought fire. Duh. Mac-"Oh man, I ran out of stickers. Come on Bloo, Lets go find some".
Bloo and Mac searched for a while but could'nt find any. The only room left was Mr. Herrimans office. Mac wasn't shure about this but Bloo insisted.
They enterd quietly. Mac-"I don't think this is a good idea Bloo. If Mr.H. catches us in his office, he'll kill us! I'm not even joking!" Bloo-" Will 你 relax? And start searching for some stickers over there. I'll look over here." They both start searching when Bloo's eyes meet the main plugs for the lights in the room. Bloo makes an evil smile in his face and starts laughing deviously.Mac-" I found some stickers Bloo, lets go now." Bloo(to himself)-"Oh we'll go now, but I'll be back! Muahahahaha!!"