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posted by FluroUndies
Jai's Point Of View

I saw Shaun walk out and leave. I dont know why, but meh im here to have fun Right?? I walked up to Lewis. "Get me another drink boy" I 说 jokingly. "Ummm sure 你 havent had enough all ready?" "Not even close" I 说 cheekily. "Umm okay.." We walked off. I was having the time of my life. Too bad Shaun is missing out. Lewis handed me my drink. I sculled it in one go. "Whaoo easy down there" Lewis 说 "Meh" and jumped on him and gave his a kiss. Lewis just looked at me and smiled. I walked back over to Bradie. We still were dancing.

--Two Hours Later--

Andy came over "Hay...
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posted by FluroUndies
Jai's Point of view

The strong hold made me feel safe. I had no idea who had stopped me, But i hugged it, very tight. "Shhh Shhhh" The person said. I looked up. "Andy?" i 说 "Jai its okay" He brought me to my feet "Thank you" i said. Its okay lets go home. As we were walking i saw Bradie in the car. As i got into the car i looked the other way. We didn't speak the whole way back.

Shaun's Point of view

I drove.. I drove to my place. Were me and Jai stayed. I felt embarrassed. I thought she felt the same way. I sat on the 长椅, 沙发 and went on twitter. "Ooops" I posted. I got alot of reply's from...
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posted by FluroUndies
Shauns Point Of view

Her lips were cold. I liked it. It felt good, it felt like this kiss, told her everything, How i felt, what i wanted to tell her... What i have been meaning to tell her

Andy's Point of view

I got on Twitter. haven't been on for a while Might do some reply sprees.. @andyclemmensen: Im gonna do a reply spree for a bit :D give me you're Best excuse why i should reply to you. I did some replys. But not as much as i wanted to Bradie pulled me of Twitter and he wanted me to come with his to find Jai and Shaun. "Do i have to?" I wined like a little kid "Yes i have to find her and...
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posted by FluroUndies
Bradies Point Of View

I was so embarrassed. Jai Was one of my best friends....And we just had drunk sex. I dont remember much of last night. Witch kinda made it better, Not remembering much made me feel better. But i did remember some of it. Witch made me feel happy. I mean i wasn't a Virgin but for some reason had a feeling that.. It was ment to happen

Andy's Point Of View

'I tolled them' thats all i could think of. For once ANDY MAN was right >:). "Well bro u just Fucked a pretty awesome chick, Good catch" I 说 jokingly "It wasn't meant to happen, We were drunk.. I-I" I cut him off "Hay...
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posted by FluroUndies
Andy's Point Of View

As we piled into the car i couldn't stop looking at Jai. The black dress she was wearing tightly cuddle her body and sat perfectly on her hips. Bradie nudge me "Dude" he said. I looked away embarrassed.

Bradie's Point of view

Andy couldn't stop looking at Jai, She was beautiful and that dress complemented her so much but she was one of our close friends. He'd have to get over this faze, i mean he has no respect for girls. 或者 he would find some of the loopiest girls. His last girlfriend Grace, well everything was an act. She was a MASSIVE crazed fan. Andy found out after 1...
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posted by FluroUndies
Okay last one cut out so here it is :)

Shaun:Lead Singer of the band and Lead Guitarist
Andy:Back up Vocals of the band And Bass
Bradie: 鼓手
Jai: Friend Of the boys

Okay here we go :)

Jai's point of view

"Jai get up" Shaun 说 as he poked me on the cheek. "Uuugghhh" I moaned. "We have to go meet up with Andy and Bradie" I looked at my clock, 10am... Ugghhh. "Okay okay ill get dressed" "Okay 你 got 10 minutes" Shaun demanded. I chucked on some pale blue skinnies, My White lion 衬衫 and a jacket. I walked out and Shaun was tapping his foot at the door. "Lets...
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posted by ppbmj1234
A big black car was in the driveway and people with cameras surrounded the house. I stopped in confusion and wondered who was at the house. Why would Dinna have someone famous at the house? That's extremly impossible! She has no connections! I shrugged my shoulders and walked on. I pushed my way through the people, who started taking snap shots of me. I rather not have my white tanktop and 篮球 shorts on the internet, but who would care. Except Brian, who always watches out for me.

When I finally got to the door, someone tapped my shoulder. I turned around and saw an anchor woman. I...
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Nicole(16)Prince(16)Paris(15)Blanket(11)Dinna(Foster Parent)Brian(17)

"Maybe if 你 had a friend 你 wouldn't be stuck in this messy room," Dinna said. She's always nagging. It's not just about 老友记 though. It's about school, grades, money, and my social life. I really don't hang out with people because the people in my school arent to be trusted. There is so much drama from all the rumors and gossip. No one wants to even be be near me anyways. I sit in the corner of the class room and the teacher won't even...
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posted by FluroUndies
(princes point of view)

mmmmmmm.... 1 年 and nelly 1 month. Thats Not Very long, since my dad died. It been tough but were going strong. Were having fun and playing around. Just Like daddy wanted it.

I went outside to play some basketball. I was just playing around when Jaffar come out and 说 "First one to 20 wins?" "Your On!" i replied "You start" He 说 "Oh no but ladies first" i replied. He gave me an annoyed smile. "Fine Then. But 你 dont know what a great advantige 你 just lost" He ran off with the ball. I chased after him. But i wasn't quick enough. He sunk the ball in. "Thats...
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