Skipper woke up and saw how Lucile was making everyone’s breakfast.
Skipper: You're up early, I'm usually the first one.
Lucile: Yes, I thought I'd make everyone's breakfast before they woke up. Here's your breakfast 由 the way.
Skipper: Thanks, smells delicious.
Lucile: You’re welcome. Now I'll have to make Private, Gallis and Chad's breakfasts, they'll be waking up in an hour.

At 10:00 everyone was sitting around the pond, enjoying their meal, giving Lucile lots of compliments on her cooking skills.
Lucile: Thank you. Got them from my mother.
Private: 由 the way, when did 你 have your breakfast?
Lucile: Before I made Skipper's, 20 分钟 after I woke up.

Chad: I'm going for a swim, anyone want to 加入 in
Private: I will, I haven't had a swim since we left the zoo.
Lucile: Before 你 go, I have an idea for tonight. How about we share each others life stories.
They all agreed, but Chad, Gallis and Courtney looked a little uneasy.

3 pm: In their tent
Gallis: What do we tell them, we can't make up a story in just 4 hours.
Courtney: And we can't tell them the truth. We promised to keep it secret.
Chad: How about we tell them our story but change some things so that we don't tell them the real truth.
Gallis: There's too much to change, we'll have to think of a another plan.
A brief moment of thought.
Gallis: How about we just them the whole truth. I mean they are our friends.
Chad: Are 你 crazy? We promised mom to keep it a secret.
Courtney: He's known them for a long time now. He knows they can be trusted.
Chad: 你 have a point. We'll have tell them the whole truth to avoid any problems. Agreed?
Courtney: Yes.
Gallis: Agreed.


Skipper: 嘿 Chad! Bet I can swim faster than you.
Chad: Oh, yeah, let's race!

Kowalski: Courtney, Gallis told me 你 mastered time travel without problems. How did 你 do it? I never succeed.
Courtney: Do 你 use Magafium 239?
Kowalski: Yes, but it never works!
Courtney: Biggest mistake. 你 should use Magafium 100, the oldest kind. Magafium 239 works at first, but it causes problems later on.
Kowalski: But that's the rarest kind, it's only found in Denmark and the Alps.
Courtney: And the Rocky Mountains. Me and Chad went to an unexplored area and dug through the ground until we found it. A few months later the machine was operating perfectly, into the future and back to the past. Remember the travel back bracelets.

Chad: Yes! I told 你 I would win.
Skipper: 你 really are athletic.
Chad: Yes, me and Gallis got that from our dad.
Skipper: What's he like?
Chad: You'll hear that when we tell our story.

The night came ...