Hello Fanpopers,
I welcome 你 to the last stage before we begin the Annual Fanpop’s Got Talent 2014 . Now, each and every 问题 about FGT 2014 will be answered as I don’t want 你 guys to live in confusion when the annual contest starts. So in this 论坛 I will tell 你 the basic rules for each category decided 由 our selected judges and after my examination. If 你 have any problem with any particular rule, don’t complain around instead just send me a private message so we’ll look upon it again. FGT 2014 Committee really respects everyone and we all want peace in the contest. Thanks, now let’s 移动 to the rules.


◘Song must be appropriate
◘ Must be able to understand what 你 are 唱歌
◘ Send us the lyrics
◘ No Lip Syncing
◘ Must credit the artist of the song and mention lyric writer in the 评论
◘ Must state genre of music(pop,country etc)
◘ Must where a relevant costume, which is suitable and relates to the style of music.

Get Ready Fanpop's Talented Singers for FGT 2014


•Must state which style of dancing is being performed
•Song used to dance to must be appropriate
•No inappropriate dance moves
•Must wear an outfit 或者 costume 你 can dance in
•Use facial expressions (optional)
•Must state the choreographers name
•List how many years dancing for accurate judging

Get your steps prepared for FGT Dancing Contest 2014

Thanks for 阅读 this if 你 got any doubt 或者 问题 你 can ask me link

Judges for 唱歌 and Dancing Contest:

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