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So last night, August the 2nd/3rd, depending on where 你 were, I witnessed a phenomenon I have not seen on the internet for quite some time, I've seen glimmers of it, hints and comments, but I've not had it so blatantly thrust in my face until last night. I am, of course, talking about unity. No, not unity against a 'common enemy' 或者 a 'troll' as many people on the internet assume is unity, but genuine "I can just click something to make someone feel a little better" kind of unity.

You see true believer, I have a faith in one thing, 'The small things count'. Whether it's just a passing 'hello',...
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posted by Temptasia
Here is a little poem (if 你 can call it that) that I wrote about fanpop. Believe it 或者 not this actually took a long time. It is really difficult to find words that start with P. Let me know if 你 guys come up with anything better :) Ok Dave, Papa, Cliff, and Michael this one's for you!

 Dictionaries are a handy tool.
Dictionaries are a handy tool.
One thing that's becoming 更多 and 更多 prominent as time goes on, is that people online don't feel the need to use good grammar and spelling. Now, despite the fact that when on IM 或者 whatevs, it's really fine to use all of these little abbreviations like "jk" "lol" "atm" etc. etc. etc. Before I get any farther into this uncontrolled rant, let me just say that I do use some internet slang. Most of this, however, are words that I make up. So, whatevs, deelie, yuppers, wazhappenin, etc. etc. etc. I'm not one to use mainstream slang other than "lol" because there is NO replacement for LOL. No,...
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Ah props. They used to be a way to acknowledge on a peer to peer level that someone has 发布 something good. Back in my 日 we used to give 支持 if someone 发布 a good video, 或者 说 something intelligent but now they're thrown out like...condoms in high schools? *shrugs*

What are props?
Props are small 奖章 that 你 can give to other users if 你 see them post something good.
eg; User_X posts a good video, User_Y gives User_X a video prop!

How can I give someone a prop?
You can give users 支持 由 going to their 个人资料 and clicking on the "Give Props" button, then type them a short message...
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As most of 你 know, there is a special holding pen for newly-created spots -- the link arena. Spots remain there until:
a) they have a significant amount of links, 视频 & images
b) there are enough 粉丝 to deem it 流行的 ... 或者 at least raise its status out of the 'geek stuck in the trash can' level.

Often I roam around, looking at these new creations, trying to help out those poor spots that have no videos, links, picks, 或者 图片 to their name. But there are still spots there that were born over a 年 以前 with little to no 链接 to make it interesting enough to join.

So I would like...
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 Plugging away at our laptops
Plugging away at our laptops
It was just about one 年 以前 that link and I were having our regular lunch meetups downtown in the Financial District of San Francisco. Years 以前 we shared a cube in Santa Clara at Yahoo! where we first met. Now we were being reunited just a few blocks away from one another and having lunch like old times. We decided to pay a visit to our 最喜爱的 hole in the wall, the International 食物 Court on the corner of 衬套, 布什 and Kearny Streets. Most people would never have spotted this joint and even if they had they would pick up their pace and keep on walking. Being the adventurous (and cheap) guys...
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Hi everyone,

I’m 写作 this 文章 because I believe the new 墙 system has real potential of improving the way people use the props. I realize that not all fanpoppers will follow my advize, but I still feel the urge to write this.

I’ve been on 潮流粉丝俱乐部 for quite some time now, and I’ve received and 给 quite a few props. However, only a small amound of the 支持 I received were ‘real props’. To clarify: 由 ‘real props’ I mean 支持 received for actual content I’ve submitted. All the other 支持 were ‘thanks for being a 粉丝 – props’ 或者 ‘happy whatever 日 你 came...
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Reason For This Article

Recently i finally found how to screencap a page on the internet. I had been looking for ages and finally i found out how to.Naturally i was very pleased and was waiting for a chance to use it.
 My Joy was short lived
My Joy was short lived

Days went by,days turned into weeks and after a 月 and a half i found nothing. For the times i had been on 潮流粉丝俱乐部 i had read the funniest, silliest things in spots and now that i could finally share them ,everyone became sensible?
 It felt like that unfortunately
It felt like that unfortunately

After my long wait i got a message, but it wasn't what i was hoping for. I was expecting...
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This is a little game I made up just because I was bored. I enjoy it, so I figured I’d share it.
Just a warning: This game is only fun if there’s a spot you’ve added a lot of 图片 to, but enough have been added 由 other people to make it challenging.

So, the object of the game is to... get lots of points? And to encourage proper image etiquette.

Be sure to keep something handy to keep track of your points! (Paper and pencil, blank word document, calculator, etc.)

Step 1: Maneuver over to your 最喜爱的 spot (or preferably, the spot you’ve contributed the most 图片 to)

Step 2: Look at...
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♥♥This is my third tutorial on this so I won't be giving 你 anymore 链接 或者 letting 你 know how to make bold, italic, 或者 underlined font 你 can click either 或者 link 或者 link to see resources and how to do these things♥♥

Part 1: This part is the 'Name' part what I did with my name was- ♥♥♥♥••• נσнαηηαн •••♥♥♥♥ - just 编辑 and past the keyboard symols and do the same with the name which 你 can find out how to give your name that font 由 checking out my 前一个 tutorails.

Part 2: For the 秒 part which I liked to call the 'Favorites' part I used...
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Duplicate 图片 tend to really bother me in certain spots, and I’ve observed that I’m far from the only one. I know it’s difficult sometimes to know if an image has been uploaded into a spot 或者 not when there are 999,483,937 uploads, especially when they’re lacking in the 密码 department.

Google has this nice new feature called a Reverse Image Search. With a reverse image search, 你 are able to 上传 或者 link an image into the 搜索 bar and you’ll be 给 a 列表 of web pages containing your selected image.

(I’m about to walk 你 through the steps. I’ll be using a picture...
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The Fanwhore: Have 你 ever been added 由 someone, and then when 你 went to their 个人资料 to possibly add them back, saw only posts with things like "Thanks for the add!" as far as the eye could see? Congrats, you've just met a Fanwhore. This person is pretty much just obsessed with getting fans. They can spend hours adding people, and will usually add back anyone who adds them. They tend to have obscenely large numbers of fans, and to get them obscenely fast. Can go ballistic if they haven't gained at least five new 粉丝 in the last hour.
Also, some Fanwhores tend to reform after a while,...
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 Why are 密码 so important?
Why are keywords so important?
What are keywords?

Why should I use them?

How can 密码 help me?

Keywords are 标签 that 你 place on the content 你 提交 to 潮流粉丝俱乐部 so that other 粉丝 can find it. 你 don't need to use a lot of them, just the relevant ones. You'll want to use words that describe what's in the content. Who is in it, what episode it's from, etc.

 supernatural, dean, 4x18, the monster at the end of this book
supernatural, dean, 4x18, the monster at the end of this book

This example is very simple. It's an 图标 from the 显示 邪恶力量 [keyword], the subject is Dean [keyword], it's from episode 4x18 [keyword] 'The Monster at the End of This Book' [keyword]....
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posted by caramelmilk
or: "Basic information about removing your account"

Special thanks to link, our 潮流粉丝俱乐部 guinea pig. (or should I say lab rat?)

Removing your own account is a pretty new feature, many people may not be aware of it yet.
If 你 go to Edit Profile and scroll all the way down, you'll find:
If you'd like to remove your account, click here.

Now what does this mean?

If 你 删除 your account, 你 must know that:
Your contributions will not be deleted.

All your images, links, comments, 论坛 posts, 墙 posts, 回复 remain on fanpop, 下一个 to your username.
If 你 click on that 用户名 however, 你 will be...
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posted by ginei_werewolf
On some 俱乐部 this is not a problem. However in 更多 active spots people tend to check mark the box so people will view their pick more. It is VERY stupid there is three types of picks spoiler, not spoiler, and ones that need to be marked spoiler. I shall now give some examples of each.

Ones that are marked but shouldn't be

1 link

2 link

3 link

AS 你 can see these when opened are just normal 最喜爱的 character 问题 not spoiler.

Ones that need to be checked but aren't

1 link

2 link

3 link

Yes I created these in case
you were wondering.
They are innocent however i forgot to check the spoiler box so...
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Sign your name in the 评论 if 你 want to old 潮流粉丝俱乐部 back!

That means we don't want a stupid wall!!

that means put it back the way it was!!

that means we hate the new thing!!

that means the 图片 will 显示 up again!!

that means are computers will run faster again!(yes, if 你 haven't noticed, the walls make our computer run slow on fanpop)!

that means we don't have to get used to the new way!!

that means WE WANT OUR 潮流粉丝俱乐部 BACK!!!!!!!!!

people who've signed:

may 你 also send 潮流粉丝俱乐部 a message telling them we want old 潮流粉丝俱乐部 back.
posted by caramelmilk
Breasts are pornographic and should only be shown on porn sites.

Girls must be careful when looking in the mirror, the sight of their own breasts could easily aruse them which in most cases leads to a heavy masturbatory response.

Knowing this we are sincerely happy that the danger that was the breasts spot has been deleted shortly after its creation.
Our thanks go to the 《勇敢传说》 粉丝 who have reported that inspired-by-the-devil-spot and were not stopped 由 the fact that no pornograhpic material was allowed over there. They were not fooled 由 the image of it being a nice place devoted to a pretty...
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posted by want2watcheroes
I Was Thinking About Ways 潮流粉丝俱乐部 Could Be Better (Not That It Isn't Good How It Is) And I Thought That 更多 Personalized Would Be Great. I'll Explain What I Mean.

Profile Info

I Thought It Would Be Good If 你 Had An Option To Write 更多 About Yourself On Your 个人资料 Page.

Profile Design

It Would Also Be Good If 你 Could Give Your 个人资料 Different 《皮囊》 或者 Themes 或者 Something Around Them Lines, But Made 由 潮流粉丝俱乐部 So That Bad Un-Neat Pixelated 《皮囊》 Don't Get Put Up.


Having Applications Would Be Great, They Should Be On The Page The App Is Linked With e.g For The 潮流粉丝俱乐部 Spot, There...
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So we, as users, take a lot from 潮流粉丝俱乐部 every day. We watch videos, we take quiz's, share awesome links, etc. We all have gained something from Fanpop, whether it be a funny video, 或者 a cool new website. So I was thinking that perhaps maybe once a month, if even that, a mass majority (as many users we can get) would all add one thing. Whether it be a video, a quiz, a soapbox, 或者 even just a link, we would all be giving back. I was thinking that it could be the first of every month. Maybe even a time could be assigned to that date, which would allow other users to get to know each other and thread the community together. Perhaps at Four PM EST, we would all add something to Fanpop. I know many of 你 add items everyday but this would let less-contributing users thoughts be heard. These users could become hooked on 潮流粉丝俱乐部 and then that's +1 更多 dedicated fan. I don't know if this would take off, but if it does, it could be great. Please just leave a comment.
In the past few months, we've all received many different gifts. I've saved the best for last.

Happy New Year!

I sincerely hope the past holiday season was celebrated 由 你 and those 你 爱情 safely and happily.

My 最喜爱的 gifts this time of 年 are the simple ones. Gifts that never go out of style and always fit right - friendship and love. the holidays have a way of reminding me I should be sharing these gifts, not only during these special times, but all 年 long.

It is within my power to make two persons happier in the 下一个 few minutes, simply 由 telephoning someone who has blessed and...
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