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*tears* Gaz break my arm back in "stop moving cry baby" she 说 not even caring if I was hurt "you heal...". If your saying how this happen... Well that's for a new time from the past when I started fighting the 3 worm baby's... "ok this will do for now so rest" Gaz 说 in Lil anger for the 3 worm baby's doing this to me... "see bad I told you, 你 suck at fighting those 3 girls... Hmm" yeah she's right I didn't knew how powerful they were "maybe if we think of a plan to take them out but for now rest"

I can't even 移动 my broken arm... I look at Gaz.. She was very pretty for a human... But I'm a alien.. Heh a Irken I don't think it likely go well with humans... 或者 do they?... Hmm

Gaz look at me for a long time thinking of some thing.. But what... I notice she was sharing at my below body part where hmm human males have if 你 get what this mean "uhh Gaz can.. 你 stop looking down there I don't think 你 find any thing down there any ways" Gaz look at me In anger of what I 说 "yeah I know..." she just didn't wanted to say it... She's in 爱情 with me.. ha! I have no feelings to 爱情 "I don't know it's just funny..." she rub my bottom low body "uhh Gaz"

I blush blue and look away... What the in Irken she doing.. I'm to weak to even stop her... Damn guess she got me in this round "mhh.. I can't stop now!" I look in shock as she pull down my pants and saw that I was lying "uhh!?" Gaz look at me up "you lier it looks like a male dick" I blush us really hard "ahh... I don't know what 你 mean... Nasty human.." she grab it and started going up and down slowly

"what are 你 doing.. This is 粉丝 pop I think they won't allow this.. Ahhh" she started to go faster and put it in her mouth "whyyyy... Ohhh" I started feeling really funny down there "uhh... St...op I'm... Feeling... Funny" she kept going and i came in her mouth "uhh... My... Irken.." Gaz got up and left with a evil smrik and close the door "oh no... This is bad... Now I'm going to turn Tina crazy human sex thingy 或者 whatever they call it.... Ima go crazy.... Doing every female humans..." I sigh in anger till I had grain my muscle to 移动 I pull up my pants and pass out on the 床, 床上 "damn.... 你 Gaz...." I 说 sleepy... "why do I feel sleepy... I'm Irken... I never feel sleepy" I was knock out... Than...

Gaz was playing with 吉尔 with a evily smrik still....

Sorry for he rated M going on but it's Fanfiction I guess no one don't mind I I change the story 更多 um crazy nasty humans....
“Okay, that doesn’t look very nice” the doctor said. Jeremy was sitting on the examination table, Alaric was leaning onto the closet. “I’m afraid I’m going to have to stitch” While she prepared her stitching material she talked to her patient. “So, how did this happen? Were 你 involved in a fight?” Jeremy looked how she pierced the stitching scissor in his hand. “No, it wasn’t like that. It was an accident” he answered. “I broke a cup, two cups. Cut my hand” The doctor nodded. “Are 你 vaccinated for tetanus?” Jeremy looked up at Alaric, who helplessly raised...
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ignitus 说 ''well ill leave u to play now'' spyro went over to cynder and wispered ''i promise to my new mate that i only go out with u... mate''then he walked away.ember came up to spyro and said''helo im ember ho r u'' ''im spyro'' ''well spyro i like u wanna be friends'' ''ok... but no mushy stuff'' ''ok'' ''shall i 显示 u around'' ''id like that'' ''here are the rooms heres the vison pool room and this is the lake'' thanks for 展示 me around spyro'' ''come over here spyro''cynder 说 suddently ''comin 说 spyro'' ember went over to spyro and cynder and 说 ''hey u girl stay away from my new boy friend'' she said''wat hes already mine'' ''oi ember i just met u iv knon cynder from wen we wer kids and besides i dont like u that way go talk to the other boys'' ''okay'' she 说 glomily she went over to flame who adores her like crazy and 说 ''wassup'' '' oh nothin''
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Jeremy turned his computer off when his phone rang.
“Hi, Elena. Did 你 get the results? It’s not something bad, is it?”
“Jeremy, I need your help” Elena 说 quickly. “I’m not in the hospital anymore”
“What? Why not? Where are you?” Jeremy asked confused.
“I don’t have time to answer that” Elena 说 nervous. “You have to do something for me”
“Okay, what?” Jeremy asked.
“I need 你 to go to the cops and ask them what they’ve done with Damon” Elena said.
“What? Elena, I don’t get it” Jeremy said.
“He’s had an accident” Elena explained quickly....
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Run, that’s all he could think about. He had to run before she would catch up with him. And as he ran, he felt the aching coming back. His back started burning again, his head bounced and with every step he took it was as if thousand needles stung in his feet. But he had to keep running, for he had to stay ahead of her.
A few yards further he heard two voices argue. He recognized the voices. He wouldn’t count on the male one, but the girl would listen to him, she would understand, help him.
“Elena, wait!” Stefan yelled. After his proposal she had jumped out of the car and ran away.
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Bonnie put her hand on the latch and pushed it down. She opened the door and watched Jeremy tossing and turning in his bed. She stepped towards the 床, 床上 and sank down at the end. She saw the tortured expression on Jeremy’s face and wondered what he was dreaming. Her glance slide from his face to his chest going up and down. There she noticed the drops of blood. Jeremy tugged his 衬衫 as if there was something on his chest that wouldn’t get off. His eyes opened and bulged, but he was still stuck in his dream. He gasped for air, seeming to choke. His hands went up to his throat, his fingers...
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Spyro awoke that morning and went to see cynder , when he found her he was suprised to see cynder making a lot of breakfast and 说 'cynder...did u do this?' 'yes i did' 'why' 'well since i told u last night about...stuff i felt better 由 confessing' 'well cynder lets eat our breakfast and go to the lake' 'that would be nice' so they ate their breakfast and went to the lake they were having a great time until somthing lurked in the bushes spying on cynder and spyro but they were 更多 intrested in cynder all of a suden 狼 and apes jumped out and grabbed cynder and put her in a cage spyro was 下一个 but he evaded them and used his electrick breath and forced them into the water they all drowned and spyro saved cynder he 说 ' cynder are u ok!' 'im fine spyro but there must be 更多 evil afoot probably tryin to avenge the dark master and lookin for me as well' then we must be careful'
“Open the door now, Stefan! I need to talk to my sister!”
Stefan opened the door after Jeremy had banged it about twelve times.
“Alright, alright, don’t get all up tied” Stefan 说 as he opened the door, a blood bag in his hand. “Now, what brings 你 here? Something about Elena, I assume?”
“I need to talk to her” Jeremy repeated. “And 你 know why”
Stefan shrugged. “Why didn’t 你 come here last night?”
“Because I knew Elena wasn’t here. I knew she was with Alaric and her friends, I didn’t want to make a scene” Jeremy explained.
“And 你 were also chicken that...
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Meg was standing in front of a modern looking building. She pressed the intercom 下一个 to the door.
“Yes?” a female voice answered and Meg recognized it.
“Good evening, …ma’am” Meg said. Politeness was something new to her. “We met this afternoon, outside the temp job office. 你 说 你 might have work for me”
A short silence followed.
“Of course” the woman 说 slowly. “Why don’t 你 come in? Just up the stairs” The woman hung up and a buzzing sound was heard. Meg pushed the door open and walked up the white stairs which was right in front of her.
Upstairs the woman...
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Damon and Elena were lying on the bed, Elena’s head resting on Damon’s chest. “I believe we’ve been here before” Elena mumbled.
“Hmm” Damon confirmed. “Do 你 remember what 你 说 back then?”
Elena relegated on the 床, 床上 and closed her eyes. “I 说 I wouldn’t leave you, that I would stay with 你 until the very end”
Elena felt a teardrop on her head, but she didn’t look up. “Promise me 你 won’t leave now either”
“I promise” Elena whispered and she pinched Damon’s hand. She knew it was a lie. She knew that no matter how much medication she was taking, the...
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Elena, Jeremy and Ric were sitting at the 厨房 表 having dinner. Well, Jeremy was eating. Elena was stirring in her 食物 and Alaric was looking at her.
“If 你 wanted mashed potatoes 你 could’ve asked” he said. Elena looked up distracted. “What? No, it’s good. It’s really nice” she said.
“How would 你 know?” Alaric asked. “You didn’t eat yet”
“It looks really nice” Elena 说 shrugging.
“If you’re not hungry, that’s fine” Alaric said. “You don’t have to eat. But if there’s something else, I want 你 to tell me”
Elena looked down at her plate,...
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I close the door behind me and saw Gaz and 吉尔 playing together on a video game "hey Gaz" Gaz look at me than back to the tv "hey bad.. Oh yeah the tallest wanted to speak to 你 about how things going" I close one eye "um yes I will call him when I get my plans settle to rule this world "yeah whatever" I bite my bottom lip not to yell at her.. So I walk to my base but

When I can I turn around and saw 吉尔 having fun with Gaz on the video game *i never saw 吉尔 that happy like that before* I went down to my base and 座位 in a chair and look at all my plans I did but fail 由 those dibs worm baby's...
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I woke up with the same clothes I had on last night. I felt disoriented for the first couple of 分钟 when I awoke, with my head feeling like it was going to explode at any minute. I looked around me to see everybody that attended the party either knocked out, asleep 或者 dead on the bedroom floor. "Bedroom?" I thought, "What am I doing in the bedroom?" I turned my head to see someones' head facing the opposite direction so I couldn't see the face but I knew it was boy due to the body shape. I noticed that I was on the 床, 床上 but thankfully my...
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The look of love
There he was as bright as the sun,
Giving me the look of 爱情 and grabbing my attention.
We fell for one another’s charm as we spent time alone,
Days and weeks past and we were as happy as ever before,
He 说 he loved me and there was nobody else for him.

But there she was as beautiful as ever,
Staring at him from the other side of the room, giving him the look.
He fell for her charm and beauty which I didn’t own,
I saw him slowly slipping away from me and drifting apart,
He 说 he liked her and there was nobody else for him.

They went out every night and spent time alone,
I saw...
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