The fanbase: Like any long running tv 显示 Family Guy's 粉丝 are very unpleasable because the older 粉丝 over praise the first 3 seasons while the newer 粉丝 praise the later seasons while both sides bash each of Family Guy's season eras.

The characters: I 爱情 all the characters despite their drastic over the 最佳, 返回页首 character flaws and dynamic changes, but most of the 粉丝 have a hard time accepting those changes because they feel that all the characters should've remained the same since the late 90s based on overrated nostalgia.

The plots and cutaways: Alot of people always say that the cutaway gags are repetitive and outdated. Maybe the cutaway gags should disappear forever. The plots need overarching themes and undertones.

The wacky vs edgy concept: Personally the wacky 90s antics need to go and the darker edgier tone needs a smarter cynical realistic perspective of intellectual story arcs.

Action over Comedy: Comedy is sorta dead to Family Guy. The Griffin deserve a serious upgrade of stronger character arcs to flesh out the characters into 更多 detailed reconstructed characters.

Redeeming qualities of Badassery: This 显示 should take on life threatening subjects like inciting real world topics that will put them in all kinds of trouble.

The Animation: 3D HD Quality should be interesting. I bet the audience would 爱情 to see what the writers could do.

Social Commentary: Every episode needs a serious lesson which has to follow through.

Continuity: The writers seriously need to fix the biggest problem with the show. The status quo is God trope. It's so useless and pathetic.

Maintaining Quality: The 显示 itself needs a new format of character designs like transforming the characters into something 更多 appealing.

The writers should stop pleasing the fans: Obviously the 粉丝 think they know exactly what they want, but it's like the Sonic and Spoongebob fanbases. God awful.

Bring Seth back: The creator of the 显示 needs to come back to write the 显示 again.

Avoid Nostalgia pandering crap: 粉丝 who praise the older seasons and hate the later don't deserve shit.

Mature rating contents: Family Guy needs to go beyond South Park's badass level of controversial topics and do something that will give the FCC a long overdue fuck you.

Two 电影院 only: An original and sequel movie that blow the movie critics out of their assholes that the 粉丝 will love.

Fuck 狐狸 and Disney: 狐狸 and 迪士尼 both fucking suck that in the 1st movie the characters should blow up the 狐狸 network for fucking the 显示 over twice and selling it out to 迪士尼 and the 2nd movie should destroy the 迪士尼 corporation for the bullshit put the network put it through.

Avoid forums: 论坛 sections about discussing Family Guy unlike truly suck balls. They're nothing but trolls.

Popularity: The current state of the show's decline is in desperate need of rebuilding. It needs to avoid the overrated popularity status.

Better structured writing: Building consistent well-written stories can help redeem the show's quality and characters.

The music: Updated rock n roll 音乐 and emotional hardcore grunge 音乐 is very essential in Anime. It probably might help this 显示 out with original ambient soundtracks.